The Study Of Facebook, A Report On Education Of The Russian Marketing And Advertising About The Advantages Of IPhone

News in the field of advertising and marketing over the last week. Facebook conducted a study on how to create a mobile advertising. Experts of areas of Marketing Science and Creative Shop, spoke about storytelling, content consumption and experiments with new formats. Google has provided marketers with free access to the Google Attribution, intended to analyze the behavior of users in the conference Marketing Next Google.

“Yandex” will start testing ads in mobile application “Yandex.Metro”. According to the company, the advertising service will be a first. Partner testing has become a network of pizzerias “Papa John”. Until the end of may in apps “Metro” for Android and iOS should have a button with a picture of a pizza. When pressed the user will be in a special section, where you can get the promo code and go to the website of pizza to order.

Google has become a domain owner, according to the service WhoIs. The website was registered in 2003, the Russian web-design Studio “”. “Yandex.Metric” integrated with two call-tracker — and Calltouch. Now both services can transmit data about the calls to “Metric”. This is a free option, this infusion which will not require much time.

Also data calls can be used in “Direct”. Google launches new design reviews for hotels. Now the reviews from third party sites can be displayed in the carousel view and are grouped by type of journey (single, family, steam room, business trip) and categories, and also added the filters (the most useful, recently published, and so on). In June, “Yandex.Direct” will disable the option “Show on the lowest possible position”. Right now the feature is available in manual rate management.

For those who are already using the option and nothing will change, “Direct” will allow the maximum available traffic based on the exposed bids and other campaign settings. Blog advertising technologies warn that “this does not mean that pay per click you will be high — ads with a good CTR move to a higher position without an appreciable rise in price of cost per click. And receive significantly more traffic”. Google has announced that soon for announcements of YouTube will be available in the extension. In addition, these extensions will allow you to add in the classifieds hours, directions, photos and other information.

In “Yandex.Direct” has the opportunity to add and clarify key phrases directly from the search queries. The update is intended to facilitate work on the semantics of the campaigns. No longer have to separately look at the statistics and only then proceed to the list of keys. Google AdWords will start targeting interested buyers (in-market audiencies) for search campaigns. Now available in AdWords more than a dozen audiences interested buyers in categories such as clothing, goods for children and other.

The timing of the launch of innovations is not specified. Google AdWords has updated the report “Advertising and the normal search results”. Now when it is loaded, advertisers will be able to choose the segmentation of the data on the device. So they will be able to see how paid and organic traffic are complementary to tablets, smartphones and desktops. During the month myTarget advertising platform will launch new ad formats, Lead Ads, call banners and AutoPlay video to mobile app promotion.

Lead will allow Ads after clicking on a banner instead of switching to third-party resources to show the user in a special form over the social network, containing personal data. The form will be populated automatically. It is also planned to run the function calls from the banner. When you click on the banner the user will see a button “Call”, which will allow us to contact the advertiser. Adindex and consulting company Agency Assessments International conducted a study and found out where he studied digital marketers.

The most popular were the universities of Moscow state University. University, Higher school of Economics and REA im. Plekhanov. Top faculties made up journalism, Economics, sociology, computing mathematics and Cybernetics and the management. Apple has released a series of commercials to explain the difference in operation between conventional phones and iPhone.

“Life becomes easier when you switch to iPhone,” reads the description of the promotional video. The commercials are played like that feature iPhone-like speed, data privacy and ease of transferring music from one device to another. Brazilian real estate website Zap suggested, the way out parents whose adult children refuse to live separately. The Agency FCB Brasil came to three books for different groups of young people who continue to live with their parents. Waiting for marriage, eternal students and not understand how to take care of yourself.

The manuals offer practical advice on household activities, simple recipes, information on how to pay their bills, and so on. The book can be ordered in print or downloaded for free on the project website. In the promotional video campaign used treated with humor famous works of art from the Metropolitan Museum of art. Send your speakers and case studies about advertising and marketing on [email protected]

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