The tour of the office, the discussion started and other signs that an interview went well

You can be one of the few successful applicants for the post of. “This is an encouraging sign that you are a serious contender, says Taylor. — The Manager wants to take the final decision came to him along with the heads”. The transition from weight issues to promote their own company — a sure sign that you want to hire.

“Attention to the personal life means that the managers treat you seriously — they show that their interest extends beyond the resume,” says Kerr. It should be remembered that you dont always have to answer questions of a personal nature. Some of them may be illegal.

Maybe its just friendliness, but if you notice a warm and positive attitude, this could be a good sign. If the conversation goes longer than planned, or Manager invites you to continue the conversation over coffee or lunch, you can relax. “Most interviewers form their opinions about the candidate in a few minutes after the start of communication, and if they understand that they are not perfect, I try to finish the interview as soon as possible,” says Kerr.

This is a great indicator that you are likely to receive a formal proposal. “Discussion of pay or any benefits is conducted only with serious candidates,” says Taylor. If the Manager asks about recommendations from past work or announces that it intends to check your professional background, according to Kerr, “this means at least that you are considering for further conversations”.

If the Manager asks, do you consider other options, or trying to present in the best light the company is a good indicator of employment. “Probably in the firm worried I could lose you, and I understand that you need to make an offer as soon as possible,” explains Kerr. “If managers switch from the hypothetical to the affirmative tone, so I can already imagine you in the company,” says Taylor.

“Mostly it is a formality, and, most likely, a conversation will take place together with discussion of other final questions, continues Taylor. “If you hear the phrase “Employee must be at the workplace such and such a date”, this is good news. Most employers dont start talking about it until then, until will not be interested in the applicant — they dont want them deluged with a bunch of questions,” agrees Kerr.

“If the employer is aware of you not just some basic info and he already had time to communicate with your former boss, then you are very close to getting the position,” says Taylor. “Of course, such privileges do not apply to everyone, says Kerr. — It is unlikely they will introduce you to other employees, if in doubt, you get them”.

When the company invites you to walk around the office, this means that “its leaders are proud of their environments and want to impress”. If instead of the formal “we will call you” the Manager wondered how to get in touch with you the fastest way, so he really is going to do. Sometimes it pays to trust your intuition.

If you are sure that the meeting went well, perhaps it is.


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