“The Unexplainable Thing €? Our Relationship With Cats”

Agency BBDO Moscow about the results of the campaign with the song Slepakova Seeds for the brand Whiskas. Published in March 2017, the video for the song Slepakova Seeds of love to the cats scored in a month, more than 11 million views, 134 thousand people have passed test #koloseviciaus, and the hashtag was used more than 40 thousand times. The representatives of the Agency BBDO Moscow and the brand Whiskas spoke about the objectives and results of the campaign.

As noted in the Agency market of prepared feeds for cats there are in Russia more than 15 years, but if in large cities the majority of owners of cats use ready meals in smaller cities (comprising more than 80% of cats in the country), many owners continue to feed their Pets home-made food, which is associated with owners of cats with caring and love. When developing a new campaign BBDO Moscow was a challenge to figure out how to emotionally engage in the communication of kotovladeltsev those who do not buy ready-made food for Pets, and to offer ideas on how to make the section more visible within feed shops.

Mars has for many years promoting the brand Whiskas, using in communication the theme of love to the Pets. In most cases, a cat food commercial makes the audience emotion, but this time the BBDO Moscow team came up with a different approach, inviting the owners of cats to laugh at themselves and admit “koloseviciaus”. As noted in the Agency, the campaign for Whiskas is “the truth about what real love of cats”. Inexplicable thing — our relationship with cats.

If in the house there is a cat, he becomes a member of the family, respected him, considered him, sometimes even sacrificing their personal interests. We decided to support the cats are indifferent to people and say that this special care for the seals — it is very, very cool, no need to be ashamed of. Koloseviciaus is what everybody knows, but for some reason wont admit it openly. We have nothing to hide. Mars are genuinely proud of their special relationship to cats and understanding their needs.

To show how many in our country such as happy kolosovskij, we decided to inspire owners to share their personal stories. The Agency team and client wanted to start a movement, so she was looking for something inspirational that could combine all of kotovladeltsev. Needed a Manifesto that would recognize the special care of the cats norm.

And what could be a better Manifesto than a song or hymn. So the idea to write “Ode katsavakis” is a working title for the song. The idea of creative teams, people had to learn the anthem itself is in the key of needed self-irony. So, with the help of Agency The Marketing Arm have joined the project Semyon Slepakov.

Choose an artist was easy. Why do we laugh, listen songs Seeds. Because they are about each of us, about those who surrounds us. They are true, and the success of them in an ironic submission. His satirical lyrics full of insight, and it is the most precious thing in communication.

The team of the Agency BBDO Moscow has collected and told Simon the insights that are associated with kotzanikolaou, Simon put them in the lyrics. Lets be honest, we are all in varying degrees kutozovsky. Even if you are not home your cat, you certainly one genuinely laughed at a popular videopornorama where cats are the main characters.

Its kind of inexplicable social phenomenon. Even from one photo with the cat to every man the soul becomes warmer. The creation of the roller was engaged in production BROPRO. Visual solution of roller simply.

Slepakova guitar team felt familiar to people. But the movie about koloseviciaus without a cat is impossible. We remembered that the cat is often the main and in the house. Its naive people think that they are the owners, but in reality the opposite is true — cats dictate the rules. Thus was born the metaphor of the roles in the video.

Big cat and little semen. Big cat dramatizes the significance of the place that Pets occupy in the lives of all kolosovskij. A video ode to koloseviciaus in the performance of the Seeds Slepakova became the Central creative element of campaigns for the brand Whiskas. As noted in the Agency, the video is one of the most effective formats, in terms of emotional impact, and a steady increase in views in the network and an abundance of advertising inventory to promote doing digital video “the perfect tool for effective coverage and ensures high contact quality and level of engagement.”.

According to the Agency, campaign coverage #of koloseviciaus for Whiskas amounted to more than 45 million people. Video with the song Seeds Slepakova has become the most popular commercials of March on Youtube, with over 11 million hits a month, almost 20% of which is organic. In this song koloseviciaus Internet users have shared more than 120 thousand times.

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