The week of reflection, three monitors, coffee and the same clothes

According to Zuckerberg, he consciously chooses monotonous t-shirts and jeans to reduce the time for daily clothes selection. As writes Time, the businessman used this strategy to all aspects of his life unrelated to his core business. For example, the founder of Facebook prefers to get to the office on a modest black Acura — Zuckerberg did not change the car for several years because he didnt want to spend the extra time to adapt to it. This same strategy is entrepreneur followed while buying in the area surrounding his home — entrepreneur strives to ensure that it did not detract from the work.

I feel that I could not do my job if I spend energy and effort on stupid and unnecessary things in life rather than devote himself to the creation of new products and services. Most of the time at the computer gates spends working with mail. According to the founder of Microsoft, being the head of an it company, he received more than 100 emails per day. To increase the effectiveness of email, gates uses three monitors.

On the left displays a list of e-mail messages, on average, by one letter, with which he works, on the right — window of the Internet browser. This arrangement helps the gates to perform multiple tasks simultaneously without losing concentration. So, when you receive new messages on the left screen, the founder of Microsoft does not forget about the open task on the Central monitor. However, he may obtain additional background information on the right monitor.

In addition, the founder of Microsoft arranges an annual “Week of reflection”. The entrepreneur wants to get out in the forest hut, is freed from all external sources of irritation and spends a week reading books and thinking. In such periods, the gates are usually thinking about the business development strategy, studies of cooperating companies and organizations. 44-year-old entrepreneur takes three positions of responsibility — head of SpaceX, Tesla Motors and Chairman of SolarCity. While Elon musk has five children.

According to the Mask, he keeps the mode — sleep every day not more than six and a half hours. As noted by writer Max Chafkin, during the day the Mask uses a lot of coffee. In addition, the entrepreneur learned to combine the tasks — for example, he can send mail while scanning in invoices, or to hold meetings and to give instructions via smartphone from outside the enterprise. In an interview, Musk said that can even exchange messages with their children, without being distracted from their main job.

The founder of Tesla performs at the office 15 hours a day but does not stop working even outside it.


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