The Winners Of The Video Competition Tesla, The Offer Of Ice Cream From UberEats And Update Algorithms Of Facebook

News in the field of advertising and marketing over the last week. “Yandex” has transferred the right to sell advertising on the service “Yandex.Music” one of the largest seller of web — IMHO. Advertisers “Yandex.Music” is available in two formats. The audio clips between tracks “option Audioplus”, in which the clip is accompanied by a banner in the application.

UberEats is suggested users from Moscow to order a set of the five Mövenpick ice cream Popsicle. In terms of the competition stated that the order is worth one ruble, and the cost of delivery — 99 rubles. The campaign started on 28 July at 14:00 Moscow time. However, UberEats was forced to stop the action after 13 minutes after launch due to the limited amount of ice cream that caused a wave of indignation among the users of the service. One of the most discussed topics this week was the screening to subscribers of “MegaFon” of banner advertising over other sites.

New advertising channel said the representatives Vengo Group, iConGroup, iProspect Russia, Weborama and Happy Monday Family. Also about the situation said the representative of “MegaFon”. Now “Yandex” certifies to the Agency and “Yandex.Metric”. The objective of certification is to help clients to choose a partner, professionally working with web Analytics. Now to the list of certified agencies includes five companies that received the status in the testing certification process.

Verification takes place in two stages. “Yandex” examines in details given case, and then conducts the interview with the speaker Agency. Send a request for a certificate by mail. In the blog “Yandex” described and dispelled two myths about site Yan that there are platforms that “just-needs-disable” and site, which may not be good traffic. “Smart” targeting Yan to automatically control the quality of clicks and conversions allow you to work more effectively in the system, say the company representatives.

But simply banning the shows on the list, advertisers run the risk of losing part of the target audience. In “Yandex.Market” has the opportunity to place bids only on a CPA model (cost per action — pay per action) in the framework of the “Market Ordering”. So to advertise even shops without websites or those whose website is not optimized for mobile devices. Google AdWords ads are becoming more like organic search results. English users shared screenshots of the ads, similar to the regular organic results.

App for photo editing Teleport for a week and a half since the release downloaded 1.5 million times. Teleport operates on the basis of neural networks and allows you to change the color of the hair of the user, and also move it to different locations. For example, in Paris or at the seaside. To advertise the app creators have used the paid publication in the Instagram account of TV presenter Olga Buzova. Send your speakers and case studies about advertising and marketing on [email protected]

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