“This project is definitely a revolution”: How to develop the rebranding of cheeses “Friendship”, “amber”, “Wave”

General Director of “Carat” Paul Rosenfeld, cited several reasons for the rebranding, one of which is an abundance on the market brands of different companies with the same names, each of which is made in the Soviet design. The restart project of “Carat” took a year, required considerable investment and began with qualitative research. The first prerequisite for the update is that today, with the share of 14% in the category of processed cheeses, we are lagging behind the leading players, taking third place.

The second major prerequisite was a trend of deterioration in the quality of processed cheese overall in the category and, as a consequence, the need of the detuning from competing with us Russian companies. Let me remind you that the original recipe cheeses “Druzhba”, “Wave” and “Summer” appeared in 1960 in the experimental laboratory of the Association “Milk” (modern “Carat”). Today these trademarks are Russian. This means that stores processed cheese “Friendship”, “amber” from different manufacturers with almost identical packaging.

Often, however, for processed cheese is given a cheese product are packaged in the usual Soviet design. Our consumer, do not understand these subtleties, feels cheated by buying “taste of childhood”, which as such is not. “Carat” has decided to leave in the line of processed cheese, two products in a familiar design — 90-gromovy block of cheese “Friendship”, Packed in foil, as well as “Cheese with onions and mushrooms for soup”. “This is a historic memory. Decision on this product will be taken in 2016, after assessing the outcomes of the project”, — commented the decision of Paul Rosenfeld,.

According to the creative Director of Depot WPF Alexey Fadeev, a new corporate identity and design for a family of processed cheeses “is a new interpretation of retro heritage with a modern edge”. We drove up to a complex system of very simple signs, to the iconic characters. The basis of the style was taken by Soviet Suprematism of the early XX century.

Edition vc.ru learned from the strategist Agency Depot WPF Farhad Kuchkarova, what task put a customer team that changes into a new identity in relation to the product, how is a new design by the positioning of the brand and what research was conducted by the team before implementation. The rebranding project “Carat” and formation of a portfolio of brands from the very beginning was a challenge for us. Responsible task, a large loyal audience for each product, the history of the legendary company.

After a lot of research, we refused to follow the path category of mimicry, pointing to the role of one of the leaders and early adopters and has taken very bold and for the company and for the market as a whole steps. And thats a tribute not only to the researchers or us — a large role was played by the team and the client, which was prepared for the change. The new version of “Carat” abandoned Soviet-style processed cheese — the usual globe, sweeping letters, “Friendship”, retaining only recognizable color code red yellow for “Friendship”, blue and yellow for Waves, cyan-yellow for “Amber”. Bright “baths” processed cheese Packed in designer shirts, which depict “those products come from childhood”, chocolate cheese will be sold in new environmentally friendly paper cups.

It should be noted that changes are not only in the plane design. The company moved to a modern packaging technology, including the import, by which preserved consumer properties and increase the shelf life of products. The project has conducted many focus groups in different regions of Russia.

We worked with both young audiences and older — and those who doesnt know anything about the plant “Karat”, and with someone who knows, remembers, loves and is very loyal to the products of the plant. As a result we received a large number of interesting data on different groups of products, including retro-cheese. And if prior to the present study, many assumed that the trend of “nostalgia for Soviet” is still firmly seated in the minds of consumers, in fact it turned out that the consumer is not in place, and the quality of the product is growing.

Many have already managed to try both domestic and foreign products, many have become accustomed to good and bad packages to quality or a naive design, and consumer demands that brands were not on the spot, and confirmed the claimed quality, including corresponding changes. The key point is that, unlike many favorites so far “Soviet” products (such as condensed milk, for example), the curds have both positive and negative perceptions formed by the situations of use (for example, as appetizer for alcohol). And the part of the audience who are familiar with the products of the plant “Karat” (young and elders) and who knows what the quality of this manufacturer does not cause problems, didnt want to “Carats” produced, melted cheese from the Soviet Union, where low quality.

Those who knew that “Friendship” or “Wave” produced by “Carat”, and always praised their quality, believed that numerous “fakes” create a negative loop and for the plant and all the products they love and use. Actually, this leads us to the idea that if we want to compete on an equal basis with strong brands (and our quality is unquestionable and we are ready to preserve and maintain at a consistently high level), then we should behave like market leaders. We researched many trends (and category, and consumer), assessed the situation from different angles — and from the point of view of the current macroeconomic and even geopolitical processes, and from the point of view to changes in audience, technology, retail, what are competitors and what trends show players of the dairy industry in General.

In the end, we decided that we should not just upgrade and give a new impetus to the already existing loyal audiences, but also to be attractive to future generations, to be relevant product to a broader range of customers today and in the foreseeable future. All this has led to the fact that in the first place we developed the positioning of the manufacturer, the plant “Karat”, which is expressed in the corporate slogan “Creating a favorite”, built the architecture and umbrella brand “Carat”, and those product lines that are presented today or will be presented in the future. In the framework of a global positioning manufacturer, we have identified the key characteristics and messages that need to convey products in different lines, and in particular in the line of processed cheeses “Carat”.

This respect for the past, it is the high quality of processed cheese, the line image processed cheese lifestyle to a wide audience, but primarily modern people who appreciate quality, naturalness, simplicity and taste. In support of the restart of processed cheese “Karat” from 16 November to start the TV and radiocompany with a new creative concept, uncharacteristic of “Soviet” “CT”. Communication strategy developed by the Agency Leo Burnett Moscow.

“It was a clear objective — you want the cheese I wanted to try. And not necessarily to explain something. In such situations, the first is love”, — told the representatives of Leo Burnett Moscow, senior art Director Ilya Pramila and senior copywriter Vasily Gubin. Edition vc.ru they learned details of the roller.

As you approached the development of the idea. Our goal is to make zahoteli to try the soft and tasty cheese. We with the brand team from the beginning decided not to play the patriotism or the revival of the Soviet trend.

New cheese, a new taste, a new approach. Why did you choose the song “Christmas Tree” for the movie. The bread was rather fastidious in the choice of songs he wanted to sing modern, sincere song.

And the Tree turned out to be very useful. But we were fastidious in the choice of arrangements and voices that will reflect the character and drama of our loaves. Why did you decide to muzzle a piece of bread in advertising. That was quite unexpected.

Considered other versions of the story. Perhaps because our bread — sliced loaf. It is possible that this part of the plot world shakers. But rather, she just wanted Breakfast and not to listen to flour flour.

Representatives of other agencies spoke about his attitude to the project. Does the rebranding, in their opinion, the objectives of the company, will he be able to make it a market leader or to improve its position, will make the consumer a choice in favor of a new package, or still him all the same familiar. When you gets hold of a project with such a serious story is a great responsibility and the temptation to start a revolution.

This project definitely revolution. It is difficult to maintain awareness of packaging for our grandparents and thus make the design modern, relevant. But such changes are required by the market — at least, to develop visual culture. We liked this work.

In this system there is a reference to the Soviet era, but it is completely unobtrusive, screaming that “I came from the Soviet Union”. Simple, simple, true, without forgetting the tradition. I can assume that the audience “CT” mostly conservative people any change is risky. Simple bright graphics shows the relation between the old and new packaging, but separately I wanted to mention a cardboard box with a picture of the old design of cheese is the care and respect to customers who are fans of this product for many years.

It is difficult to imagine how to react to the change our parents and grandparents, but I believe that this will attract a brand new audience. Will this rebranding of the brand to market leaders, I predict not taken, is a multifactorial process, and we all know that not all here to solve visual and emotional brand assets embedded developers. As far as consumers go, they, of course, will not be easy.

Such a radical redesign — its not even plastic surgery, and almost a sex change. But I think they (consumers) will survive. It is likely that the stock recognition and loyalty in the brand enough to afford such a metamorphosis. Moreover, surely the new design will additionally attract new audiences.

Me, for example. In any case, I welcome such decisions, moreover, in my opinion, over the past year, this is the most spectacular event in our industry. This project is a wonderful example of an honest and bold design and branding in the best global trends (Marlboro and others). Obviously, not every brand can recommend such radical minimalism, as tempting as that may seem.

But in this case, I think all the factors come together the most favorable way. “Excellent”. Go to the store. I dont know all of the brand tasks, but for the refreshment and rejuvenation of the target audience this design works perfectly.

Can get these brand leaders in the brand. To do this one little rebranding — many components. But the vector of the correct. I appreciate it as awesome.

The decision is very bold, and, therefore, potentially risky. In the meantime, someone should take the liberty to introduce such a quality minimalist approach in the grocery mass market. “Karat” on the market very well recognizable and, from our point of view, with this capital, the Agency worked very precisely and accurately. I also want to note that the Russian packaging design finally stopped to get up from his knees and begins to implement solutions that will look world experts.

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