Time-eaters: how to conduct meetings

We want to be productive, to do more per unit time. The main time eater meeting. I remember a three-hour meetings where all are sleeping except the speaker. Soapbox gone. But to abandon the meetings will not work.

Even if you are an inveterate introvert is a freelance writer and lock the house for seven castles, you know that there are issues that cannot be resolved without a personal interview. If you have one customer who takes the decision in a controversial situation you call on the phone or Skype. If a decision on the project taking at least two have to negotiate with both. Easier to meet and discuss the nuances, than infinitely to correspond by mail and a hundred times to redo the work.

The same applies to full-time employees. One solution is not to abandon meetings and make them effective. Earlier the head of the convened meeting for any reason, from the submission of a new employee to the strategic planning. Now its not necessary.

I have divided the meeting into three types depending on the purpose. Meeting the second and third type we have been moved to “Megaplan”. It makes no sense to gather the team to talk about the new rule in the company. Easier to create discussion.

The staff will read it in free time. If you have questions, Ill answer in the comments. The exception is the meeting with the owners of the company. If they came to office to personally talk to the team, is important.

From confrontation to unsubscribe does not work. The objective of brainstorming together to come up with a solution. We hold them in “”megaplan “” and get bonus. Workers have expressed the idea in the comments, and they are not lost, as it happens during a personal discussion.

There was one type — a solution. Discussion of new projects, approval of budget for advertising, strategic issues, solving of conflict situations — all this requires a personal meeting. To get rid of these meetings will not work. But you can make them effective.

Before you improve meetings, we will understand why they are so annoying. The reason on the surface — they steal time. I looked a little deeper and identified the pros and cons meetings.

Help the Manager to evaluate workflow and employee — see where you are headed;. Break the day into pieces and break the workflow. Coordinate the work of people from different departments and unite employees in a team;. Turn into a one-man show;. Decide disputed issues.

Abstract, the questions are vaguely formulated and solved immediately. The head agrees with the shortcomings, but understands that the advantages for the company development is more important. The goal of the leader is to establish a workflow, create a command that moves the company forward.

Even an ardent opponent of the meetings, the founder of 37signals Jason fried admits that sometimes he has to hold meetings. The subordinate sees the benefits not. All he knows. Meetings — a waste of time.

The task of a leader is to eliminate the cons. For every disadvantage of hiding the pain. Find and select a drug.

Before an important event for an hour and a half until we cant focus on anything else. Thats the way our brain. Think of yourself for a couple of hours before the exam. It seems there is something to learn, to read.

You open the book, but the brain perceives information. Hes resting before a stressful situation. The same happens with subordinates prior to the meeting.

If 11 am is scheduled to meet with colleagues, an hour before it disappears. The most that will be enough workers in the time, coffee and check my email. For important matters they will take on. Dont have time to finish before the meeting. Decide to start it immediately after.

But it does not happen. After a stressful situation, man “breathes out”. The body relaxes, and another half hour subordinates roam the corridors, surf in the Internet, trying to tune in a working mood. Only it turned out ahead of the next meeting.

The day the employee has time to perform smaller tasks, and to global, requiring concentration for several hours at a time hands do not reach. The result is subordinate to linger in the office when everybody leaves and you can safely work. And quietly hate the head for it.

Medicine. Choose the right time. In “the” megaplan “” I appointed meetings for the morning and right after lunch. The dinner replaces the one lost an hour prior to the meeting. If I know that at two meetings a day I will need the same worker, trying to dissolve the meeting.

The first is in the morning, second at evening. Between sessions — 5-6 hours. This is enough to cope with the challenges. Team leaders in “the” megaplan “” hold meetings daily at 12:00.

The goal is to coordinate the work of the team. Team “”Megaplan “” reduced this meeting to 15 minutes. Helped them in this trick used in Facebook — the meeting of the standing. The guys line up in a circle in the center of the Cabinet and turns to tell about business.

Looks funny, but saves time and helps to concentrate on the Essentials. When a person is given a voice, he says. Infinitely. Some seek to show off.

Tell stories from personal experience, not relevant to the issue on the agenda. Others are digging in the phone or fall asleep. Heres how Matthew Perry. Lyrical digressions lasts forever, and the question remains unresolved.

Medicine. Limit the time and number of participants. The hour-long meeting with the head of ten employees — minus at best, eleven hours of working time to the company.

My rule. Deliberating for an hour, more than five people are not going. If in this case the slave brought into the demagoguery, stop him, to summarize the speech and give the floor another. So I have time to listen to all points of view, to gather them together, to make a decision and to outline a plan of action.

The purpose of the meeting is to solve urgent question. But we do not know how to articulate thoughts verbally. Emotions run high, opinions are added, we want to show off (see paragraph above). Write us lazy, so we make a sketchy outline. According to the same plan and we have to build speech at the meeting.

Clear and to the point. Medicine. Prepare for the meeting and let employees. The first stage of preparation of the leader is to understand whether the meeting.

In most cases, to resolve the issue yourself I can or I it is enough to have the discussion, to pose the problem in the “”megaplan””. So do not have to pull workers from business. To understand whether a meeting, helps me a simple circuit. If meetings cannot be avoided, proceed to the second stage of preparation — make a plan.

Plan — cheat sheet at the meeting. He answers four questions. “What” and “who” — I decide before the meeting. Create an event in “the” megaplan “” with a brief description of the question and add the selected subordinates.

Workers have the essence of the problem, they know the topic and before the meeting gather useful information, statistical data, analyze the past similar problems. Only with this approach you can expect a productive meeting. If employees do not have enough knowledge base to understand how to act is a bad result. Need to make an re appointment.

A good result of the meeting — developed solution strategy, deadlines and designated responsible. After the meeting, I create a project in the “megaplan” and briefly describe the results. In the framework of the project officials create task. I can see how things are going with the problem — I dont need to convene a new Board.

This is another way to keep the stolen time. ***. The companys success depends on the team. If the people inside do not communicate with each other, they cant work together.

Controversial issues to be addressed in writing hard. You spend on correspondence is more time than it would in a personal conversation. We get rid of meetings, to save time, and the result is exactly the opposite. Dont need to abandon past experience. It should be transformed taking into account the opportunities of the present.

Next time I will tell how to plan the budget in hard times. See you next week.

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