Tips To Promote Young Projects With Instagram

Experience owners Tooligram, benches Edoque, Fjord hotel, Hostel and rush SKADI. The author of the Telegram channel about a healthy lifestyle “Medical!” Kseniya Ulyanova talk to representatives from different business sectors about optimization of promotion budget of the product from bloggers Instagram in theory and in practice.

Says the founder of the service Tooligram Alexander Sokolovsky. For commercial bloggers in Instagram are great services of mass demand. Taxi service, food delivery, Dating.

Placement strategy the following. First you need to create an account the brand, to fill it with content. Continue to buy publications from bloggers. In the publications they put a link to your Instagram account. To put a link to an external resource holders are known accounts and only Instagram Stories (e.g. “the dancing millionaire” Gianluca Vacca).

After the user has navigated to the account, you have three choices: Accordingly, the user of the first and second paragraphs should continue to engage in Instagram.

This is the only correct method of interaction with the audience. Without creating an account it is impossible to analyze the results. Among bloggers with a million followers placement can cost more than 100 thousand, so this is clearly not an option for a startup.

To test, select two or three bloggers 50-100 thousand subscribers – so all posting will need 20-30 thousand rubles. Find rating and statistics can be, for example, LiveDune. There is also a separation of bloggers by topic. Check all the accounts manually.

Look at the meaningfulness of the review and their number of publications. Famous bloggers engagement can take up to 7-10%, others this figure can be two times lower. Interact with the bloggers directly is better. Mediators charge a Commission.

Having agreed the cost and time of placement, write a brief TK. What screen of a mobile application to show how to do video or photo. A separate issue is “possible” and “impossible”. Creativity and the plot needs to come up with a blogger – so get nativee and easier.

A week later after posting review the number of subscribers on account of their cost. Plants at the stage of the test may not be. Instagram – its a long story. The user can sign on to your account and only two months to install the app. If the placement gave the result, you can scale the experience.

Says Ivan Mikhailov, Director of Mobile products UAB Angels. We worked with different bloggers. Those who have had not less than 10 thousand subscribers) and “large” (more than 100 thousand subscribers).

For such a product as Skadi was important to choose bloggers who are in the immediate vicinity of the ski resorts. Usually, these bloggers are focused on one resort and have tens of thousands of subscribers (not more). But their audience is of higher quality for our product (it is closer to the resort, with more likely to come to a ski resort, as a consequence probably will use Skadi).

Large bloggers in this respect lost, because they have the audience was very diverse, and in the end, the target users Skadi was not enough. Now, some of the first to take the initiative.

In our case, it varied. The main strategy was the following. We have compiled a list of bloggers in accordance with the list of ski resorts available in the app Skadi. Each resort is about 5-10 accounts small bloggers (a few tens of thousands subscribers), who lead his band in the vicinity of the resort.

To find them quite easily in Instagram. By mutual subscriptions with the official account of the resort, hashtag, geotagging and so on. Sometimes small bloggers made contact first.

As a rule, via messenger within Instagram, so it was important not to miss any incoming requests for messages in the account. The “big” bloggers have been in contact with us by mail yourself. On a very “big” bloggers that we have found and have had an appropriate audience, we out for yourself.

But the cost of accommodation does not fit into our budget, but other options they had not considered. Our budget for the interactions with the bloggers then amounted to €3 thousand. However, most of the small bloggers could agree on a free basis or at a minimal price (under 100 euros).

When negotiated on a free basis, that bloggers were interested in the product itself (they asked for the promo code to test the app yourself), while we were doing a special offer to their subscribers (a special promo code in order that people could one day free to try all functions of Skadi (voice management and navigation – paid features in the app Skadi). Scheme of cooperation: We liked the result that was obtained when working with small bloggers.

The ratio of likes to advertising publications to the number of activated promotional codes accounted for approximately 5%. And the number of likes was easy to predict. Working with large bloggers didnt give very good results. Installation costs (CPI) was very high compared with other promotion channels.

This was due to the fact that the audience at the big bloggers are very “spread out” and cannot be targeted. And for such a product like Skadi, it was a critical moment. With regard to alternative possibilities of Instagram, for us a more effective model appeared to be advancing through bots. We have worked with services such as Pamagramm, Instagress and other, which allowed to target the activity of bots at time of post, number of subscribers, the socio-demographic portrait.

Bots could consistently generate installing a new application from the most interesting of classroom group – people who are currently at the resort and skiing, that is the most interested in this product as Skadi. Says Julia Bondarchuk, co-founder of the shop Edoque.

Edoque works with bloggers on a barter basis. In this case incoming requests for cooperation we are much more than those that we initiate. More than half of these requests come from accounts with stranded subscribers. How to determine probably already know.

You need to look at the number of likes and comments, read them, and flick through the members and selectively open a number of profiles. If theres lots of shops, Arab, and empty accounts, the this cheat. They can be seen immediately, like living people. If subscribers more than 100 thousand it is certainly harder to deal with this and to dig into the hundreds of comments, but we mostly work with the opinion leaders, who are known to us, and they have up to 10 thousand, or with bloggers that have 30-70 thousand.

For us it is the most understandable categories in which you can easily evaluate the quality account and quality of interaction. The maximum that we got is 1000 subscribers and 300 new clients from one blogger. We ordered fruits and vegetables for about a year, periodically do reviews, and totally from her we got these numbers.

From one blogger was an increase of more than 500 people. And usually to us 200-300 subscribers comes from bloggers to 100 thousand. The cost of the products we ship, from 2 to 5 thousand rubles.

The failures that have happened is “merged” with the product you received bloggers (this was twice in 3 years) and a couple of blank publications, has not given result. Ill note that we do not provide ready-made texts for publications, and we just learn, communicate, and then please test our service and write an honest review, mentioning us and adding our hashtag. Of course, it is possible to obtain quite poor or openly advertising text, but this, too, was just a couple of times.

Otherwise we are usually very satisfied with the cooperation. But I think that if all will do so, to agree on such terms, it would definitely be a complete failure. I believe that not only what products will be such a scheme. We always ask before publishing to show us pictures and text.

Not all do, some even refused to cooperate with such conditions, but most often it helps, and we are making some adjustments. There are several important points when working with bloggers. For best results, you should:

Says Dmitry Nekrasov, the founder of Fjord Hostel, Hostel Bolshoi marketer. We collaborated with the Instagram blogger once, in the summer of 2015. Initiative to tell you about the Fjord Hostel came from the blogger.

Anna Pavlova wrote me in Vkontakte, said he learned about us through “Scandinavia club”, my good friends, said that he was going to Karelia via St. Petersburg. Suggested that we have sheltered for two nights, every night for 4 thousand rubles, for a total of 8 thousand. She will make a photo and post in Instagram.

I looked at her profile. Beautiful blog traveler. A lot of photos in a similar theme to us – Nordic-style landscapes.

At that moment there was something in the region of 100 thousand active subscribers. Did. Came up with the 69th promo code which gave people a 10% discount.

Anna stayed with us for two nights was satisfied, and did three pictures for Instagram, agreed, signed together with us. The publication gained popularity, there were about a thousand likes. In total over the next three months came to us from her about 20 guests, the average cost of a reservation made 4 thousand rubles taking into account discounts.

Total is 8 thousand for two nights accommodation paid for itself 10 times. Send a private cases, in which you managed to improve (or, conversely, worsen) the performance of the project, [email protected] Interesting experiments are sure to get heading Growth Hacks.

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