“To Find A Job In Ireland, I Had To Send About Two Thousand Letters”

The story of an engineer from Tomsk about life, work and study abroad. By the age of 26 engineer Mikhail Grigoryev managed to finish College and a few years to work in this field in Russia.

To be aware of international scientific publications, he decided to improve his English. In addition, he wanted to work abroad. The most optimal Grigoriev seemed program Work & Study when the student goes to another country and working in their spare time — this would allow him to offset the cost of training and fully immerse themselves in the cultural environment.

As the country he chose Ireland, where education is “relatively inexpensive”. “To go to Ireland I could a long time ago. In 2015 I was offered a three-month internship at Trinity College Dublin. However, my supervisor did not let me out of Tomsk”, — said Grigoriev.

After that, Grigoriev tried to find an internship, but “complete legal work”. “Then I have no idea what a hemorrhoid for a local employer. To hire someone not from Europe. Sent out summary of the company.

The answers were but few, and entirely bounce. Gradually matured the decision to enroll in language courses”. According to the founder of the platform for booking training courses abroad Linguatrip Marina Mogilko, the minimum duration of the course is 25 weeks and the cost starts from €2,3 thousand.

In this case, the participant is issued a visa, which allows to work legally during their stay in the country. Allowable work load limited. 20 hours per week while class is in session and 40 hours during the holidays.

“Applicants must be over 18 years. And from them you want a complete schooling. Fluency in English is not necessary, because the person just coming to learn.

However, people with weak language skills can only rely on unskilled labor with a small salary,” says Mogilco. By law, the minimum wage in Ireland is €9,25 per hour (€1480 per month in a 40-hour working week). Statistics Linguatrip.com in average for visa served a package of 26.

The selected training course must be paid in advance and in full, otherwise the visa will not give. In addition, the Bank account must be at least €7 thousand for daily expenses, and the student must explain how he got the money.

“If the person received a salary and were gradually saved, you will need a Bank statement for six months. Quite suitable contracts of purchase and sale that confirms that you have received the money from the sale of any major property — apartment or car,” says Mogilco. According to the founder Linguatrip, the Embassy staff better relate to working people.

However, the visa can give and the unemployed. “Logic is valid about this — a man goes to study for six months, and six months leave him be, no one gave. So, we had to leave”.

Grigoriev advised to issue a Schengen visa, because in Ireland he found that flights to many European cities cheaper meal in the cafe, and without the “Schengen area” to fly anywhere will not work. Arriving in Ireland, Grigoriev created at the University, found housing and began to engage in employment. “I started to correspond a separate Gmail account.

Gradually there has accumulated in 1914 chains of letters that does not exceed a few messages,” he says. The student has summarized according to local standards and started looking into jobs at local sites for job search like Monster, Indeed, Irishjobs. “All these efforts did not result in. No one required the employee to a decent position only 20 hours a week, temporarily, and even from Russia”.

Mikhail Grigoryev decided to lower the selection criteria and began looking for any job. Three days later he was invited for an interview at a fast food restaurant Subway. Agreed, two hours.

I was asked if I worked somewhere. Then he called the head of the Department, and I listened to an interesting dialogue about himself. Supposedly, everything seems normal, but the face of some unsmiling. Not if hes plotting something evil.

Despite suspicions, I took. Four months later he was able to obtain a position as a developer of medical equipment in the city Galova with an annual salary of €38 thousand. “The company took over the formalities, allowing you to obtain long-term work visa — although it is expensive and time-consuming,” he says.

For all non-EU citizens require a work permit, which gives the Irish government on the basis of a request from the employer. According to Grigoriev, this is a costly and lengthy procedure, so not every employer is willing to wait and pay.

“Before you send a resume, Ive studied all local companies with site Top1000.ie. Wrote half, as the sites of the second half was written that jobs only for Europeans. Sending nearly two thousand letters, I got only 20 interviews,” says Grigoriev.

In a new country, he advises to start with unskilled jobs, with jobs better not watch online, and on Bulletin boards, on the doors of restaurants and cafes near campus. “Hint. There invite waiters, dishwashers, cleaners. The most important thing — to accustom to smile”.

By the way, Hiking bypass method is also suitable for a good office vacancies. Although it is obvious that the efficiency will be much lower. Take a notebook and write the names of the signs, see the place, than are engaged in one or the other company. And send your resume.

If you are lucky enough to find work in the area of the school, will conveniently, and economically. But dont forget that in Ireland, very relaxed pace of life. The main means of communication here is email, which also slows the search.

The Irish government insists that employers hire primarily local residents, because the unemployment rate to 10%. However, according to Grigoriev, the unemployed, the Irish are not in a hurry to go to work because the allowance is €15 thousand per year and the minimum salary of €18 thousand, excluding tax. “The allowance is enough to rent a small apartment and make ends meet”. According to Mikhail Grigoriev, in Ireland expensive housing.

For €300 per month to live in a room of 10 m2 with three other students and sleep in bunk beds, or pay €800 for a room in the residence. “There, you can forget about everyday life. Once a week maid come and clean the common area.”. Therefore, among students is a common practice to stay with a host family.

“In fact, you can live for free, but the conditions of the family. To take and pick up their children from school, make them lessons, babysit, or just to help around the house,” says Grigoriev. In the student residences have Wi-Fi, but the signal is not always stable.

The administration closes the access to the torrents. You can buy a local SIM card with unlimited Internet — it will cost €20. The residence has its own rules.

For example, any household breakage eliminate only technical experts. Sometimes this reaches absurd, says Grigoriev. One burned out light bulb. I turned to responsible for the accommodation of students at school. He said that a new light bulb to give I cant give all the special Manager.

He would write in the office, which serves the house, and next week they will send an electrician. I went to the store, bought a bulb, screwed it myself. A week later came the electrician. Give him burned out, explain the situation.

He begins to resent. Why I did it, because I could die. Seriously. I think that if you died while I changed the bulb — that is natural selection.

According to Grigoriev, the cost of food in Ireland is about the same as in Moscow. “Of course, that leaves more money on something less, but the average comes out the same. You can eat in a café for €10 euros and you can buy food for a week for €20”.

While Europeans rarely cook at home, but if you cook something warm in the oven semi-finished products. “I when the soup was cooking, I was always the audience, and the butchering of the chicken actually had a full house,” says Grigoriev. However, he does not regret what he went to study in Ireland and found a job there.

“Local surprise at the sight of falling snowflakes rare, the popularity of beer bars, the strict mom, whose grown-up women off Dating “to 11 p.m.”, leprechauns on St. Patricks Day in Ireland should go,” he concludes.

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