“To launch a global app and cheaper than going out in the country in turn”

In fact, Google Playtime is a get — together the best Russian developers of applications in Google Play. Among the guests and speakers were representatives of Bookmate, Aviasales, “Sberbank”, ABBBY ABBYY Lingvo, ivi.ru, Lingualeo and many others. Here is the program. The conference was attended by the Google Play team from Europe and USA and presented papers on topics ranging from monetization to the exit on other markets.

Half of the reports was quite for beginners, but the rest I found interesting. Some super-revelation was not, but was raised the right questions, and they were forced to think about things that I personally have not been in focus. Will tell how I understood the key ideas, and digested them for yourself.

The guys from Google Play propose to consider the LTV (Life Time Value of user) as a combination of three key factors. At the intersection of three factors. Retention (which is actually User lifetime), Engagement and Monetization rate, they receive two types of LTV.

There is a low LTV, but his offer did not even consider, because these people have almost nothing to gain from a commercial point of view. For different LTV suggest that you to do different offers. Money game (the example I made up).

Another useful idea. Mobile very different from the web on the challenges of involving users. On the web you need to force the user to remember your domain and not to forget to go to this website. In mobile, everything is easier — after installing the app you already got into one of the first screens the user and will loom in front of him. The task essentially boils down to two things.

Some startups told me that they have increased Engagement after integrating with Google Now, as it allows you to reach out to the user at precisely the moment when it is ready to accept your content. And not at the most inopportune moment, as usual, doing push-notification.

Source: google.co.uk/blog/why-building-your-own-startup-makes-you-part-of-the-most-important-process-on-this-planet/

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