“To Send SMS I Had To Memorize The Phone Or Write It On Paper”

Russian entrepreneurs in the framework of the flash mob I remembered the first mobile phones. My first phone was Siemens S35, I got from my brother. At the time the device was really cool, theres a melody could be written. I chose the first room, then for some reason decided that it must be a direct Moscow.

Well bought. Appeared, before the room belonged to a dealer who bought everything-sold. Another six months I someone kept calling something offered to buy or was looking for something. To funny — I remember, then hitchhiked a lot. Standing at night on the road, wilderness.

Suddenly the phone rings and the person on the other end trying to sell something. And I explained to him that thats not where hes calling that I was a student, and I stand somewhere in the woods. Barely strayed from him. My first phone appeared in the first year — a gift from my dad for the receipt. Then the whole family was connected to the cellular operator “a sonnet” — it was the most economical option.

And they had their lineup. So my phone is called Huawei that delighted friends. Remember, as I sat on a couple and couldnt take his eyes off him, he was very small, little blue, as a toy character — and my classmate did me a note, saying that you are from the phone look not my type.

The coolest was that his mail was not connected to the notebook, so to send SMS I had to memorize the phone or write it on paper. The first mobile phone came to me in 1996 — Motorola Micro Digital Lite. Remember, he was like a big book. The prefix “Micro” still amuses me. The most interesting thing is to call my mom home from the bedroom.

The first cell phone I bought in 1999, it was light grey Alcatel Easy. He bribed me with the color of the body and the screen, which is strikingly different from most phones of black or metallic colors. Plus streamlined easy form. Not strict and not solid. More a variant for active people as I thought.

I approached and served for a long time, certainly more than the iPhone now. Was this statement — “sonnet” CDMA-2000, and in his line there was the Nokia 6185. It wasnt even a SIM card — it was somehow rigidly fixed. Ive used it, because the CDMA network was working badly — the eternal disconnect the battery for a long time did not hold.

In the end, switched to GSM, I bought a Ericsson T28, and all was well. With technology growing up, I was all strictly. Parents loved to spoil me and taught humility. First phone was a Siemens S35i, such a classic and boring business phone. Father changed his phone and gave me the old for a month.

I studied then in the eighth grade, but even there some of our peers have already been models with color screens. The most chic — stylish Motorola C350. A phone I could use only if they pass the quarter “excellent”. Two years later I bought a Sony Ericsson K700i, and I went with him another two years.

Next came the Saga of Nokia. I bought the phones with QWERTY keyboard. The whole series E7 remember with great love. Even now sometimes there is a desire to find at a flea market E73 and walk a couple of days.

The first mobile phone I had in 1995 — it was a Motorola Startac with a very long antenna. Then I worked in sales in the telecommunications business. Its funny that since then I always. The first mobile phone was Motorola Profile 300, even without a SIM card. Big and flat like a shovel with a protruding antenna.

Was 2001, the relationship only began to fall. Cell phones cost a hell of money, and then I saw the advertisement. For only $100 you can get a cell phone. It was a lot, but lifting the money — I was earning $300 a month. My friend, when I told him I didnt believe that you can buy the phone for $100, but I bought and very proud of ourselves.

Then barely a year has passed, the mobile phone is rapidly outdated. More modern phones cost two times cheaper. The era of cheap cellular communication. The first mobile phone I had a Siemens S4. I walked with him for about six months and bought a Nokia.

She was prettier. The first mobile phone came to me in 1995 when I lived in Denmark. For Scandinavia, this was not something revolutionary. In Russia my first mobile in 1997 has become Ericsson GA318 with illuminated buttons. When I came with him on the first of September to the second year of the Academy, I was ashamed to take the phone out of his pocket — it was more expensive than the cars of fellow students.

I need mobile was for practical reasons. I was in a web Agency, and I couldnt leave all the home number, its somehow not cool. When GSM started to gain momentum, I bought a new model first, and other fun lovers of art then. The first mobile — Sony CMD-Z5.

I bought it in 2000, before he began selling in Russia. I ordered it from Germany, through his uncle. The phone was expensive — about $5 thousand. And although I got it cheaper for $2.2 thousand, for me it was a lot of money. I have this amount saved up six months.

When I was 17 years old, and by those standards you could say that I carried in my pocket the car. This is one of my favorite to this day mobile. Unfortunately, six months later, the phone was stolen from me. Remember, upset insanely.

After eight to ten years, I bought it again on eBay for $200-300. Now I have it is in the country as the memory of the first mobile phone.

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