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Raiffeisenbank and advertising Agency MullenLowe shot mini-series about why life is “complicated”. 7 April released the third series of mini-series about the “complexity of life on typical situations” from the advertising Agency MullenLowe for Raiffeisenbank.

The main character — the bearded brooding guy Dima — finds itself in a difficult history and is trying to cope with them. The first video mini-series designed to promote the simplicity and convenience of the updated online Bank “Raiffeisen Online”, was released on 9 March, and on the day of publication of this article has gained over two million views. The number of views a second series of 19 March exceeded half a million, and the third edition, published April 7, this week gained more than 500 thousand views.

In the first video “Fitness” the viewer meets the main character Dima and his friend Timur. “I just noticed that with girls I have lately, not glued,” begins a story Dima and, on the advice of a friend, goes to the gym, where encounters with a beautiful stranger, the ruthless coaches and insurmountable obstacles. In the second movie Theatre in Dima videomodule talks about how wanted to invite the girl of his dreams in the theatre and what came of it.

“Just wanted to spend a Friday night as expected,” says the hero. “I just one day decided that in life you have to change something” — with these words begins the story of Dima in the third video, “life Hack”. Hero goes for the training, in close contact with an active business coach trying to come up with an idea for a startup.

The creators of the project told vc.ru about the idea and the filming of the series. According to creative Director MullenLowe Pavel Botev, the communication task which was undertaken by the Agency was to come up with a campaign that vividly conveyed the idea of simplicity and convenience of a fully updated online Bank “Raiffeisen Online”, with a view of the communication, the target audience was wide — 25-50 years, and for campaigns on the Internet younger 25-35 years.

Creative team MullenLowe proposed to build a message on contrast. The simplicity of the “Raiffeisen Online” compared with the complexity of everyday life. The idea of “Life is complicated, so we came up with a simple online Bank” was born in our Agency. The formula found Misha Panteleev, our creative Director. All immediately sensed in it the truth of life — both the client and ourselves.

With her and wanted to turn wider. Composed of three true stories for TV commercials. And then decided to also do a mini-series for the Internet. TV shows — its so true.

According to Paul, he identified the main themes, and then together with fellow copywriters Sergey Nevsky, Alexandra Sokenou, Anna Lukyanova and Irina Cousin wrote the history — “such, that it was not boring to watch”. Video production spent production Studio Profilm, which invited the project Directors Ilya Soloviev — for the filming of TV commercials and Lena Tsadikovsky as a Director in a mini-series. With Profilm we work long and many, we trust each other greatly. And they production, of course, not only do everything you need for a project, but also humanly very sick for the result, I support all parties.

The history of the creative Agency we received in the format of a monologue Dima with a description of the scenes. And in this format they were incredibly funny, bright, with a large field for visual notions. We were invited to the project a great writer from Los Angeles Sardoni Taylor (Taylor Sardoni), which knows the format of the web series and has contributed to these stories and characters, add their own notions, and put everything in three full-length screenplay.

Though our heroes are Russian, they really are very versatile, they live in any big city, as we are with you. The characters are so unique as each of your friends. Like normal, but each with its little half-baked. Then began the lucky streak. First, our wonderful client fully supported us and took the scripts without a lot of amendments.

Second, was lucky with the Director. Lena Cadikovska is an amazing energy, sense of humor, professionalism and, equally important, a sense of proportion. Third, lucky with the actor for the role of Dima Rostislav by Kowalewski. In the advertising world, many know him as a second Director, but as an actor he turned out to be the owner of wonderful and rare quality — the ability not to beat.

And Vlad Derebasko (Timur) was also very organic in the frame, although the main sphere of activity — production. As a Business coach, a Girl receptionist, Maxi, Girlfriends, Lady-of-office and everything. In General, casting everything went extremely well. Perfectly made and pros and Amateurs. In fact, really, most non-professional actors.

And business coach, incidentally, also is Dima Novikov, a childhood friend Andrei Dubinin, producer of our project, working as a sales Manager. Girls Dima goes to the theatre, too all our friends. Natalia Smirnova (the eccentric woman in the office) is a actress, we found her previous joint project for “Raiffeisen”, and all unanimously fell in love. Moreover, this role was written for her with the hope that it will be able to join our team.

Through the casting we were looking for a Girl from the audience — lovely Nastya and minor characters, many of whom also turned out to be our friends or people with whom we have worked and whose name was deliberate. According to Cadikovski, it was really casual, “fun project”. The creative team picked up a very “precisely”. Wish it was not just professionals, meet artistic challenges, but also friends, she says.

Lena said. Material had to be removed very much, and wish all participants received a treat — “a different approach, this could turn into torture.”. The process of filming was more like the show than commercials. If the is repeatedly polished by the same stage in the series you need as quickly as possible to get the result and move on plans a lot. Lena has managed to create at the site a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, so all and pulled to improvise.

And it certainly added to the material liveliness. At the stage of post-production and voice search “chips” continued, but it was not an end in itself — the main thing that all looked in one breath, naturally and at the same time unexpectedly. Improvisation was everywhere.

And in the parts that are filmed documentary, and microbotryum. All additional materials such as a photo in Instagram, was also shot right there on my phone with the people at the site. There were moments when scripted scene on paper works, and not the cause of something is not enough, then we came up with the key chip directly on the platform along with the actors. For example, in “the Theatre” when he comes into the kitchen and sees eccentric colleague (Natalia Smirnov), was not immediately clear how to show that to her I would never go anywhere.

And do not want to solve it in some stereotypical course. On the spot we spoke with Natalia and she suggested the idea where the character is just the boxes in the kitchen, and picks boring colleague. And she began to open all the cans and invite men to smell tea. A trifle, but perfectly and accurately worked.

As noted by Lena, despite the atmosphere full of freedom and improvisation, “the whole chaotic fan was regulated”. At the heart of the story lay clear the legend — the story of the protagonist Dima about his personal experience. Somewhere embellished, somewhere intentionally unsaid, somewhere something is forgotten, where something remained in memory only as a personal perception. On the basis of the legend and they come up with all the comic techniques.

This is his story, and telling it can be anything. He remembers. In this logic, his world has been thought out to the smallest details, many of which are not included, invisible or irrelevant for the viewer, but they had a huge value for us in the world. For example, we proposed that the stories of Dima will not name, except for Timur.

Well, why not. He cant remember names. In the history of “Theatre” when he dials friends, we casually see his notebook — there is no one name. All the contacts recorded as “She hangs out”, “Girl from the audience”, “the Man drove”, “French” — we scored it a book Packed with such contacts.

Or more detail when hes looking for a ticket to the theater for something trendy is the name of the play “something trendy”. Naughty in General. Same thing with sound — all notions from the same place. The campaign of three TV commercials and a web series started in March on Federal channels and online and will run until may 5.

All the series has garnered over 4 million views. As representatives of “Raiffeisenbank”, each of the rollers has reached second place in the top, “second only to the Bulk and Shurygino”. The percentage of inspections was 58% (the percentage of people who watched the video to the end — approx. Ed.).

Head of marketing Department of Raiffeisenbank Olga Konyushkova believes that the new campaign should play an important role in the promotion of the new product on the market. “She not only talks about the main advantage of “Raiffeisen Online” the simplicity, but also perfectly reflects the services online Bank that are most popular with our customers”, — says Olga. “The first season” got many times more views than planned. We hope that this will have a significant impact on attracting new customers to the new “Raiffeisen Online”. But equally important, the series and the main character aroused the sympathy of the audience, and it gives hope that a sequel will soon follow.

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