Top best creative agencies of Russia 2015 — ratings ACAR

The leader for the first time since 2012, the Agency became BBDO Russia. One of her most notable works is the project “death timeline” for insurance company Intouch. In it the company revealed that the haste of the driver may cause an accident through the demonstration of collision of cars on the progress bar. The second place was occupied by Instinct, which is also a part of BBDO Group.

In 2015, among other projects, it has undertaken a unusual campaign for Nike with posting Instagram photos of girls on the streets of Moscow. The third line is Y&R Moscow, which had never been in a rating. This year the Agencys work were highly appreciated at the festivals, in particular, on the “Cannes lions”, where it received two statues for the project on adoption of children, similar to parents.

The Agency “Voskhod”, which was held in the first place several times in a row, this year has lost at once three positions. According to the creative Director “Rising” Andrey Gubaydullin, the reason for the drop is that the company recently completed the process of changing creative generations. The guide has strengthened the digital Department and changed a part of the team — if the Agency previously had two creative couples, now five. We have many projects in different fields.

Some of them will be implemented in the near future, the part will be made in spring 2016. Be that as it may, we are the best independent Agency that in the four years ahead of monsters like BBDO and Instinct in almost all segments. Examples of headers. Leadership among branding agencies several consecutive years Depot WPF (it occupies the fourth position in the category “Advertising”).

The most notable works of the company this year became the identity of Moscow and the rebranding of the cheese factory “Karat”. In September Depot WPF has updated the corporate identity of the originator of ratings ACAR. The second spot is occupied by Ermolaev Bureau, which received Gold and Bronze lions at the “Cannes lions” for his work for the brand “Brothers Cheburashkina”. Closed the three of leaders the Agency Otvetgesign.

Managing partner of Depot WPF noted development factors, which help the Agency to be a leader within a few no. The creativity rating is similar to the rally “Paris — Dakar”. In the race are motorcycles, cars and trucks.

Everyone has their own standings. But there is also an overall rating. And we. Depot WPF application performs in the nomination “Branding” and holds firmly in this category first place. In ad ranking, we also ranked in the top 5.

In the allusions I see a similarity with the Dakar, where our trucks from the team “KAMAZ-master”, defeating among equals, and to manage the overall standings to be at the top, overtaking many seemingly more high-speed opponents. How to stay on the first place ranking several years in a row. The recipe is simple.

First, the high concentration in the Agencys team the most-the brightest professionals with glowing eyes. Secondly, work with clients who trust us as professionals and willing to experiment. Thirdly, the time and monetary investment in the actual festivals. High-quality preparation of cases, filing of applications for festivals and so on.

According to the founder of the company Ermolaev Bureau (2nd place ranking) Vlad Ermolaev, this year has brought the team many awards, but among the factors that influenced this success, he calls extremely hard work. “To be honest, nothing has changed. We both worked, and work. Its just that we always work a lot”.

This year was very successful for us. We have received many prestigious awards, including two Cannes Lion, one of which is a first for Russia Gold lion in the category “Design”. We also received three awards at the Red Dot, two of which — in the category Best of the Best. The biggest reward for us (although it is not considered in ACAR) — we became Agency of the year in Europe (European Design Agency of the year 2015). This title is awarded to Russian first Studio.

Examples of headers. The leader in this category was a Marvelous Agency that bypassed Instinct (2) and e:mg (3) when that appeared on the market recently. According to industry publications, the most awarded campaign Agency became the environmental project “Like Leo”. In order to get the likes of DiCaprio and to draw public attention to the bad environment in the vicinity of lake Seliger, the Agencys team created a video and raised funds for a Billboard near the house of celebrity.

The project went viral, receiving more than a million mentions in social networks. The whole point in the idea. If you have a cool idea, people will not be able to pass by. We are not limited by anything, the Agency is our family, we do what we want, and that is our advantage.

I can assign a creative Director guy 19 years old tomorrow if hes the new Drogo, and the networkers will need five years to approve. We are mobile, hardworking and want to change the foundations of the bedrock of the market. And most importantly — we have a dream team, we constantly strengthen. We have more than doubled, and considering all of the tenders won at the end of the year, I think that we grow up twice in 2016.

Examples of headers. 495. 123.


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