Topic “start-UPS” Will Emerge In A New Form €? The Map Of Life Project

We launched the column “start-UPS” three years ago. During this time we received more than 1000 emails, more than 870 teams have published stories about their projects. Its time to update the format and to enable startups to tell their stories of development — from the first ideas and prototypes to first earned million and the IPO. Every week we will choose and publish the history of startups in the form of a timeline with key milestones. Start, a product, a team, promotion, monetization, metrics, and plans.

As before, readers appreciate having a little startup and Lynch. Interesting projects can also receive detailed feedback from experts of FRII. If you are not afraid and want to get a dose of constructive criticism (or praise), send your story through the form on the page headings.

How to send your story?. Go to the column “start-UPS” and click “Add history”. Can we submit a story we wrote in category “Startups”?. Projects published prior to the restart of the rubric, you can send your story.

When can we expect publication?. Usually have to queue up in 5-6 weeks. You write about the suitability of the project. Dont write.

If its been a couple months, and the publication of all there is, most likely, something did not suit. What are the reasons for the refusal. Several of them. Main.

The project does not work and is not going to work for the Russian audience; a non-profit project; the project cannot be called a startup; representatives of the project have already published we have speakers and other materials. What if we made a mistake in the form. Send an email with the corrections on [email protected] Want to tell the story of your startup.

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