Tour Guide is the application for finding personal guides in other countries

My name is Cyril, I am 34 years old, and in about three years now I have been doing startups. Recently, weve been increasingly impressed with the idea to create a mobile service that would help people solve some problem in the real world. And gradually we came to the idea to make a mobile app that would help people who are going on a tourist trip, to find personal guide. Someone who will be able to tell the unusual history of the city, to show the “tourist” routes, and generally make a regular holiday, unlike the typical “sightseeing tour”.

And thus was born the idea of our service mobile “Tour Guide”. It is a mobile application for finding guides worldwide. We decided to do the app in seven languages, to not be confined to any one country, and to enable, for example, German traveler to find a guide French, or Russian tourist guide in America who has a phone interface in English.

At the moment we released the first version of the app for iOS and Android phones and made a landing that tells the main idea of the service. We are a distributed team that consists of one iOS, one Android and one Back-end developer, designer, me as a Product Manager, and business partner that helps us implement our project. Our first version of the app appeared in the App Store and Google Play a week ago, and now we are collecting comments, test with real users the application, correct small and not very error, and prepare a new release soon.

Returned the floor to the readers. Want to get the word out and tell about your startup. Welcome to the tribune.


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