TradeMyCar €? Buy, Sell And Service Pre-owned

Today in the category of “Startups” project TradeMyCar, which offers services of buying, selling and maintenance of used cars. According to the founders, the service has low prices, high quality service, the presence of insurance guarantees and the implementation of digital technologies. Pass the microphone. My name is Alex, Im 27 years old, I am the co — founder of the project TradeMyCar. Prior to the founding of a startup engaged in digital, including in the auto business.

The current project was designed on the basis of personal pain and mistakes of the majority of car dealerships and service stations. Certainly there is a lot of car owners. Remember how you bought your first (or first) car with mileage. Fears, worries, torments of a choice, unpleasant contact with the sellers, and strive to give you a “Trojan horse”, which will suck all your money. And, of course, almost everybody gave their car in for service.

How many times have you had to pay or challenge the work that you do not need. Multi-page purchase orders and five, and even six figures checks after an oil change or a simple diagnosis. TradeMyCar is not an app and not an it project. This is the place where every car owner can feel in the hands of honest professionals. Each member of our team-a-kind car fanatic.

Our CEO is the former head of “Avilon”, and our slogan. “With a love of cars, taking care of people.”. We did a “auto house”, where all required services are gathered under one roof. Whether buying, selling, any kind of repairs or just insurance. Will soon add services metaservice.

Most likely, you will say that somewhere already seen it. Possible. But this approach to the customer and the car you will not find anywhere else. Our masters are prohibited from solicitation of service and to distort the facts about the state of the cars sold. We dont sell “dead” machines on which conducted pre-sale preparation.

On all sold cars and any service work we guarantee. Coming to us, the client understands that he is treated like a friend or relative. Naturally, the question arises about how to monetize the project in which low checks, no markups and “impose”, and also provides repair and warranty by the company. The business model of the project based on the quality of work and the acquisition of regular customers. Developed loyalty program and referral program.

For example, if the client passed the inspection, then after a certain period of time, he will receive an SMS or email that “it is time for a new”. And many other interesting solutions. Most of the processes are automated because of the quality of CRM (if necessary, respond personally). If you have purchased and service the car with us, you will be pleasantly surprised by the prices — they are very far from the cost of official dealers. Price, as in the “garage” service, but this “garage” by 4.5 thousand square meters and employs 70 artists.

The project was launched in November 2016, with an initial investment of slightly more than 20 million rubles. Half the amount was spent on equipment, it, and advertising. The remainder for the purchase of cars. For 2017 we have chosen an aggressive marketing policy, many implementations of digital. There are interesting proposals for investors, and I think that soon we will find them.

Now we gradually grow according to the business plan, while competitors are experiencing a crisis. Want to get the word out and to tell about your startup. Welcome to rostrum.

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