Travel Tips: Choice Of Routes, Purchase Of Tickets, Discounts And Safety

The story of the author of the Telegram-channel Travelhacks Danis Sakhabutdinova. The factor that is rarely oriented in the selection direction is the economic situation. Tickets are best to buy in those countries where recently there was devaluation.

For those who have dollars, Euro and even the ruble, life in this country is getting cheaper, and prices in domestic currency do not have time to rise. The cost of many goods and services remains fixed for a long time. The public transport, tickets to museums and theatres and more. For example, in December 2015, the exchange rate of the Azerbaijani manat fell by half (for a year almost two), and in early January 2016, I was already in Baku.

In the exchange rate was more favorable official 10-20%. While I was standing in line at one of them, the manat fell by 4% (just enough for a Shawarma). In two days the currency exchange was closed to prevent panic and further depreciation of the manat. However, by 2017 the rate of the currency fell from 45 to 33 rubles.

With Vacation Index edition Vox, I did the calculations for the 100 countries compare exchange rates of national currencies against the ruble and inflation. The resulting list was led by Egypt (69% cheaper than in September 2016), Mongolia (20%) and Japan (19%). To focus on the instability in the country should elaborately. In Turkey and Argentina I would go, and North Korea and Venezuela — definitely not.

Do not buy cheap tickets because they appeared. The flight takes 5% of the time leave and 5-15% of all expenses. The decision to save two or three thousand rubles rarely justified.

Often, direct flights arent that much more expensive, but comes only on the third page of the search results meta search engine. There is no meaning of night to wait for a transplant at the airport in Athens, when some airlines offer decent deals with a break between flights, longer days. Turkish Airlines often offering a free hotel in Istanbul with a long dock, and at day transplant — free tour.

So do many airlines. At the hostel after a long day transplanting in the city or if you need to spend time. Two to five euros youll enjoy a kitchen, shower, Internet access, Luggage space and free tea or coffee.

To fly with a transfer is almost always cheaper. The road from Moscow to Rome via Chisinau (FlyOne airlines), Prague (Czech Airlines) or Riga (AirBaltic) is cheaper in two-three times. But there is a reverse life hack. You can buy a ticket with a stopover, but not to fly the second part of the path. That is to go to Chisinau, Riga or Prague.

This advice is for flights in one direction. How to search for such tickets. Need to know who does it (Air Baltic, Aegean and others) where these airlines hub airports, imagine a grid of routes and keep this in mind when searching for tickets.

In Aegean in 2017 it was possible to arrange a flight via Athens or Thessaloniki to Europe for 1900 rubles one-way. The tickets to the Greek hub airports, the company was sold from 2900 rubles. If you urgently need to return from Asia to Moscow, try to find a flight in one of the European capitals. Consider the route Moscow-Hong Kong.

Direct flights of “Aeroflot” is 17 690 rubles. The flight of “Aeroflot” on the route Moscow-Hong Kong-Madrid — 13 055 rubles. Its cheaper, and the bonus miles will be awarded for two flights.

Airlines — Railways, so “best days” to buy tickets, they do not exist. All articles where it is told that “on Tuesday afternoon for 184 days before the flight the ticket price will be lower” — written for the sake of hits. Formally, it is hard to fault. They are based on the statistics of previous years, but this year the prices will be influenced by other factors.

There is a General rule. The earlier you buy your ticket, the cheaper it will cost. However, this rule does not always work. Consider the situation with the sale of tickets to Amsterdam. Advance purchase can save quite a bit.

However, almost always possible to find a ticket at a similar price closer to the departure date. Exclusion — fixed period of flight. Then take a look at the low price calendar, history of sales on the route and to buy as soon as an adequate offer. In order not to miss the moment is to subscribe to metasearch engines (or Aviasales Skyscanner).

If there is unexpected price for a flight in an interesting direction, the delay is not worth it. Almost always these rates caused by a malfunction in the booking system of airlines or travel agencies. Often these tickets are cancelled, but if you buy directly from the airline, there is a high chance that your gonna leave. Do not write the airline on Twitter and dont call in support.

Do not do so, as did one of the passengers Air Canada. He was lucky. Airline Air Canada decided to cancel the tickets due to a failure in the system was two to three times cheaper the regular price. At the end of August 2017 from Moscow to Canada, it was possible to fly over 10-11 thousand rubles (in both directions), but most travel agencies have canceled the tickets.

To avoid this from happening, after the purchase, go to the website of the airline and booking code, make changes to the route. In particular, it is possible to change the departure date or booking class, paying the $50. This ticket will almost certainly not void.

In 2016, my friend was removed from a flight in Los Angeles at the boarding gate because he didnt have a Schengen visa. It happened because the flight was from Domodedovo with night connections via Dusseldorf, and at night the transit area at the airport was closed. Many European terminals, there are such problems. Open multiple Schengen visa can enter Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia and Albania.

In the US, even transit is impossible without a visa, and in many cities of China you can spend without a visa for 24, 72 or even 144 hours, if the booking is a departure from the same city in which you arrived. To confirm that you have the correct visa, use Timatic database, which serves the airlines main source when landing and passengers registration for flight. It can be found on the website of the International air transport Association.

When renting a car there is always a chance of losing your money, so carefully read the contract. These six formal fraud: To travel without full insurance — high risk.

On the last trip in Iceland I had a punctured wheel. For repairs gave €120, but the money was completely covered insurance. My friends crushed fender and gave it for repair for €2500. Additional insurance cost €27 for two weeks to all-wheel drive SUV.

Typically, the insurance from the rental company is the same, but one day. How to achieve such rates?. Insurance companies are willing to make significant discounts if to prove that the same insurance from the different organization cheaper. I received an offer with a low price from the company Car Insurent, which did not want to insure, and asked other firm RentalCover, to reduce the price, although initially the cost of such insurance they amounted to €109.

You can compare not only the price. Many airlines, rental company and compare hotel chain loyalty cards to each other. The car rental service Sixt changes the map passengers of “Aeroflot” (according to the “gold” to “gold”) and own — card Hilton Honors. Hotel chains are Hyatt, Marriott and IHG can give a loyalty card, if you have a map of Hilton. May fail, but worth a try.

The wallet I lost only once. It happened in Russia and has not caused me major problems. Since then, however, I try to protect yourself from such losses abroad. Send columns, corresponding to the requirements of the editorial Board, [email protected]

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