“Travis Kalanick Told Me That Unmanned Trip Will Be Free”

Why the authorities of Pittsburgh, which supported the experiment with Uber self-driving taxi, dissatisfied with the company. In September 2016, Uber has launched a test of unmanned vehicles in Pittsburgh. But now officials and residents believe that the company is not fulfilling its obligations to the city, writes The New York Times.

Uber began charging for travel without a driver, which was originally positioned as a free. In January, the mayor of Pittsburgh bill Peduto found that he was billed for a trip home in a self-driving car, Uber.

“[Uber] Travis Kalanick told me that the trip will be free and constitute a social service,” — said the mayor. Uber insist that he always intended to charge for travelling in a driverless car.

The company refused to help Pittsburgh in the grant of $50 million. According to Peduto in early 2016 Uber promised to support the city in obtaining a Federal grant — the money authority of Pittsburgh wanted to spend on the renovation of public transport system. The mayor asked the company to invest its own funds in order to look more significant.

Uber responded that the request is late and the amount — $25 million — too large. In the end, Pittsburgh did not receive the grant. Uber has not created the jobs promised to provide the residents of the district, Hazelwood. It is a testing ground for driverless cars.

When the company launched a project to test self-driving cars in Pittsburgh, a representative of Uber said the local authorities and public figures that they are going to hire people from Hazelwood. Adjacent to the area where the tests are conducted, the Church is Center of Life. Her pastor Tim Smith gave Uber the list of candidates for the job, which included the engineer of cartography and several technicians.

The company told him that the applicants have to apply through a common website for job Uber. None of the residents of the district were not hired. The townspeople point to long-term issues associated with the development of unmanned vehicles in Pittsburgh.

Representatives of non-profit organizations Pittsburghers for Public Transit, representing the interests of taxi drivers and bus drivers who say that Autonomous vehicles can leave without work 4 thousands of drivers connected to Uber in Pittsburgh. In addition, reducing the number of cars owned by residents of the city will lead to a decline in revenue from paid Parking. Now it is 15% of the revenues of Pittsburgh.

Residents and community organizations accuse the mayor of the city. Peduto talked about good relations with Kalanick, but not got any obligations to the city in writing. The signals that Uber is using the disputed business practices appeared everywhere, and the mayor was to recognize this and work hard to create a partnership that would have been more fair. The company said that open to an agreement with the city, but have not seen a draft of the anticipated queries from the authorities of Pittsburgh.

In addition, Uber plans in 2017 to share with the authorities the data collected its Autonomous vehicles. The company already has a similar draft Movement, which collects information about the driver and should help cities in the planning of road infrastructure.

The government, however, Pittsburgh still unhappy that the officials did not consider it useful data that reveals Uber in other cities. The company also agreed to work with residents of the district Hazelwood. Guide Uber invited pastor Smith to discuss issues of professional training for young people.

Representatives of Uber noticed that the company behind all the time in Pittsburgh has created 675 jobs for residents, and has helped community organizations. In addition, Uber insist that increased the economic attractiveness of the city, having opened the Centre of excellence in 2015 for testing Autonomous vehicles. Uber is proud that Pittsburgh is marked on the map developments in the field of self-driving cars. Our efforts include the establishment of hundreds of technical jobs and the investment of hundreds of millions of dollars.

We hope for continued positive presence in Pittsburgh to continue to support the local economy and community.

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