Tutorial: How To Open IE Via The Internet Without Visiting The Tax

Businessman Alexander Kharchenko shared with vc.ru experience IE over the Internet. If you want to open a business from outside of the region of registration, this method can be very useful. Visit the website of the Federal tax service and read the rules of the electronic mail documents. Here will tell you that to send the documents to the tax over the Internet need to be collected in a special archive and signed with a digital signature.

On the page of the Ministry of communications find the nearest home accredited certification authority. In my case it was the LLC “Digital control system” a 15-minute walk from my house. Call, explain that you need to make digital signature FL for IE. You will be asked to mail in a photo or scan of passport (1-2 pages and 5) and was. After 30 minutes, you can come.

On the spot sign the statement, check that the data match. Manufacturer UPC is worth 1700 rubles. Even 1600 you will pay for the smart key. If you will offer a license for CryptoPro – dont settle, you dont need it.

On the way to do the scan all passport pages in multipage TIFF and save to a flash drive or throw to your email. This will come in handy later. Come home and downloadable from the website, on the program for the preparation of documents for state registration. MacOS users will have to put the virtual machine – the software works only on Windows. If you have the latest version of the Microsoft operating system, you should download Internet Explorer 11 – Edge will not work.

Next you need to download and install CryptoPro. Sign up on the website and select trial as use it will have only one time. Insert the flash drive into the USB port, run CryptoPro, go to the tools tab. Perhaps you first need to download driver for pendrive from the manufacturers website, but I got it worked without them. Click “Browse certificates in the container..”, select your key.

On the next screen, click “Install”. Now we need to install certificates of accreditation agencies that issue licenses certifying centers. Open the user certificates. In the search programs start typing “certmngr”. Locate the certificate with his name on it.

The screenshot shows the path to the location. Open the “Composition” and locate the “Access to information.” There looking for a link to the certificate vendors CA. Copy the URL and download the certificate. Set it to “Intermediate certification authorities”.

Now do the same again and repeat until, until you reach the root certificate of the Head certification center. It must be installed in the “Trusted root certification authorities”. I didnt have links to the latest and the most important certificate, and I found it on the official website. In the end you should have something like this conversation: Now we need to install two root certificate.

Ca_fns_russia and gnivc-2017. You can exhale – the hardest part is over. Go to Internet options and add “https://*nalog.ru” to the trusted zone. Im still just in case completely disable the firewall. Follow the link and click on “Run tests”.

If everything is OK, you will see all green check marks. If the last step is error, maybe the problem all the same in the browser. Edge passes the test and is defined as Internet Explorer, but with it you will not pass. Download Internet Explorer 11. For hours I sat with this error.

In this step, a popup window will appear prompting you to enter the PIN key. For some reason I about PIN nobody said when he was given the key. It turns out, is a standard from 1 to 8. Will get, ask about the PIN. Begin preparation of documents for state registration.

Open the program, fill in the form P21001 and click on the print icon. Then all that you need to save to a multipage TIFF. Once filled, click the button with the envelope “Forming package”. Here you need to first select the file path P21001 form and then sign it.

Next you need to attach scanned or electronic receipt (TIFF) about payment of registration fee the amount of 800 rubles. A receipt to make here. It can be paid by electronic money. Attach a scan of the passport and sign it, add the USN, if you want.

All in TIFF format.

Left a bit. Click the button at the top to “Form”. Save the. ZIP archive and download another program. She needed to make an inventory of the archive. Open the archive that has just formed.

Click “Format”. The program will ask you to choose a digital signature. Save the archive so as not to confuse with the previous one. The last step. Navigate again to the page of submitting documents for state registration in electronic form and click “Start service”.

On the tab “upload documents” download the files and next tab to follow the status. After about an hour to mail the receipt of documents, and the day after notice of registration of the physical person with the tax authority, and extract from the unified state register of individual entrepreneurs. All, of course, with a digital signature. The certificate of registration was abolished from 1 January 2017, so it can not wait. Documents in electronic form is enough to open an account in “Tinkoff Bank”, but what about other banks I do not know.

You can request original notification of registration. And to have them delivered on the actual address, not the residence permit, documents needed to apply another some form. If you care to get your paper documents – ask this question in the tax. Send columns, corresponding to the requirements of the editorial Board, [email protected]

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