Typical Career Mistakes 20, 30, 40 And 50 Years €? The Entrepreneurs View

The founder of the educational project Otus.ru Dmitri Voloshin dismantled the most common career mistakes that man commits in the first two thirds of his life. Career. The word itself means a success, move up.

Someone builds a career, to some it is not given, and some we even condemning called ambitious. Anyway, a career for many remains an attractive and important word. Many people want an easy career for their children, planning their way home from school and choosing a job “under the University”. There is an opinion that a career is more successful than more on its way around you, or even leads, acquaintances.

And some say that a successful career is possible when you love your work. Because the concept of success at all different, and different ideas about career success. How to measure the success of. What is.

What criteria is more important. Free time, power, harmony with yourself, money, privileges, the ability to influence others, fame?. We wont go into the concept of career success. Let us for simplicity assume that the success is a positive trend for all the above criteria.

That is, we do once a year, for example, compare the values of each of them from. If it is above – well, we are on track and build a successful career. If not, we.. Oh wait. It does not happen. Not everything can grow at once, Yes.

Of course not, we always have to sacrifice something for another. Yes, there are exceptions, when everything abruptly “fired”. But, first, this is an exception, and secondly, we know the price of these situations. Then it turns out that at every stage of our career and life it is important to measure all parameters, and part.

To make a conclusion about the success of his career. Celebrating 20 years of the New Year and analyzing the first experience of my first work, it is strange to measure their fame or to assess the ability to influence other people compared to the previous year. And in 50 years not always be important money.

More important than free time and the opportunity to spend time with grandchildren, for example. It turns out that we can talk about a successful career based on different criteria at different periods of life. And what seems to be achievement in one period may not be significant in another. This means that in each period can be your specific career mistakes.

Strictly speaking, the choice of profession has ceased to be so important. 50 years ago it was thought that once choosing a profession, it is not necessary to change. Even adopted entire career to grow in the same organization, same company.

And the whole system of higher education was confined to the solution of this problem is to give an optimal start to a specialist in a particular field, to prepare him a strong Foundation of knowledge, which he will use all his life. Now times have changed, and the speed of change of technology is so great that people forced to change professions. And to learn throughout life has become more of a necessity than a whim. Under these circumstances began to change universities.

Began to think about interdisciplinary learning, project approach, social skills and other things. Thus, the first career error at the start — the choice of a profession in which you hope to work in life. It would be useful to try various subject areas, combining study and work. I would even say that.

The main task in this age is to discover what you like to do most. It is clear that there are many temptations, and just want to eat. But adolescence is a time of experimentation. It is quite normal to work between school and University (by the way, to go into the army for a young man – too bad).

And to change one University to another — is not a tragedy. You can still finish the bachelor and do not go to grad school. And you can choose a masters degree is not in continuation of the bachelor, and to try themselves in other spheres. A sea of possibilities.

The following error can be approximately 20 years, when you really want money and tired to learn. Here it is. A young man chooses a relatively “simple” way of making. Maybe getting a seller with a diploma of a technical College may be coming to work in a large company with a strict behavior and processes.

In any case, a man unprofitable spends the time set aside to learn new things. To 30 years we learn, attain new very quickly. Later it usually becomes impossible. It is not only the speed of neurons — there are habits and commitments that we accumulate throughout life. In this sense, the first third of life is better spent to gain experience, broaden their horizons, the accumulation of ties.

That will be the Foundation of a sharp leap second third. Model error 30-year-old that they break down in management. It seems that the only way of developing a good professional. Normally, the market gets even a mediocre Manager is a cool and competent professional.

How can you reduce the risk of this error. Of course, it is necessary to try. Maybe you should not just going to run like you. And it is better to take one or two interns and to try to establish their work in a very supportive environment.

Your authority for them is indisputable, so try to be their leader, lets see if. I think that if the majority of businesses will start to use this scheme to check the abilities of the Manager and its key personnel, then the crisis in the market of experts will slow down. And work situation of young people will grow up. Solid pros.

40 years seems to have gone the wrong way. You start to think, and what traces you leave who and what you will remember. It is a period of dramatic reinvention, even the search for the meaning of life. The biggest mistake of this period was to throw something, throw impulsive.

To change something you can, but you shouldnt do it suddenly, scaring and shocking others. The optimal period to reflect on – six months, and for this we need to unburden ourselves. To go on an extended vacation, change the pace of life, sports. Helps building relationships with children.

These simple techniques allow you to keep much of what you earned during the life. The rule States that it is not necessary to do sharp steps, universal. But at this age, at this career stage, it becomes the most important.

The most difficult period occurs in 50 years. Yes, lets be honest, many employers do not perceive a 50-year-olds as an effective staff. Talking about it while in a whisper, but it seems that this is a problem. But its not.

People in 50 years could be on the peak of their form. He knows a lot, he has extensive experience, not so much ambition (or all you need proved, or has lost the sense of proof). He is calm and considerate, appropriate and diplomatic communication, he has established life and rational requests. And most of all he is afraid that others, including employers, do not appreciate.

Big mistake at this stage is to listen to this fear. Choose the first available offer, to go on the transaction with conscience or steal time from family. Fear is generally not the best Advisor. The mistakes of people in the so-called “third age”, I will not describe.

Its a different world, it is very complex and is itself the subject of a series of articles. As for the mistakes of the first two thirds of life, they are of two types. Hurried and lost or scared and lost. The price of these errors – years of life.

And enough to have the desire to ask questions and listen to answers in order to save these years. And to be happier. Send columns, corresponding to the requirements of the editorial Board, [email protected]

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