Uber Is Still Losing Traditional Taxis In Number Of Trips Data To The Commission New York

The new York Commission taxi and limousine published data on the use of taxis and services in order to travel in the city. Megapolis is a key region for the Uber — judging by internal documents of the company, new York brings a substantial part of income in the United States. In addition, the local market is a platform for testing of new tariffs and services of the company. Edition vc.ru it leads the most notable facts from the report.

From the report of the Commission, it follows that traditional taxis are still the market leaders of new York. However, their share continues to fall at a time like Uber shows the growth in the number of orders per day. 337 thousand against 203 thousand.

The researchers note that the number of daily visits to traditional taxis has decreased by 60 thousand, and the number of orders in Uber has increased by 70 thousand. With falling market yellow cab began in 2010 — before the advent services. The closest competitor of Uber — Lyft — also shows growth. 44 thousand trips per day in January 2017.

The state Commission also provides data on the number of used cars. Over the whole observation period the number of new York taxis has remained almost unchanged at about 13.5 thousand cars, while the number of cars Uber and Lyft have grown several times. As of January 2017, in new York, employs more than 41 thousand cars Uber (15 thousand more than the year before), and 14 thousand from Lyft (an increase of 5 thousand).

Research Jonathan Hall and Alan Krueger shows that 42% of new York UberX drivers work about 15 hours a week, 35% work 16 to 34 hours. Drivers of traditional taxis do not work more than 14 hours a day 29 days a month — the researchers note that one machine can be used by multiple drivers. Uber has not publicly talks about the financial performance of the service.

But analyst Todd Schneider has collated data on the number of trips, fares, commissions and average cost of travel for various periods, and assumed income level of the service in new York. According to the estimates of Schneider, in 2015 the income of Uber in new York amounted to about $200 million.

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