Uber Without Internet €? App To Order Rides In Uber Via SMS

Today in “Ideas for business” — the Uber app without Internet, which helps to transfer the service even without Internet connection. According to the Creator of the app Natig Babayev, he was faced with the problem of the order of trips in Uber travel — often he cannot connect to free Wi-Fi network, and prices for the Internet in roaming are higher than in SMS. He has therefore developed a service by which you book a trip via SMS.

The app will also be useful to users in poor countries who have no opportunity to access the Internet from your phone. The developer notes that the service has already been enjoyed by residents of Pakistan, Nigeria, Egypt and other countries. To book a trip, the app just click the button “Order”.

SMS gets to my server, it processes the request, calls the vehicle and sends ordered data driver. Contact number, name, number of the car. Now the developer is working to the user when calling the driver could also specify where hes going. Want to get the word out and to tell about your startup.

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