Univle €? System For Communicating With Customers In Social Networks And Messengers

Helps to consider the transactions and to control the work of managers. My name is Ivan Sobolevsky, I am 20 years old. I am the co-founder Univle.

The second co-founder — Anna Poleva, she is 22 years old. The last four years I have launched other projects, for Anna this is the first startup. In October 2015 I opened my shop in Instagram. The goods were not in demand, and I have completed this business.

Then I got to thinking as entrepreneurs in the social networks handle the flow of messages from clients. Ksenia Potapova, teacher of the course “Real Instagram”, told me that entrepreneurs in this social network do lose posts, comments, and hence customers money. Many hiring managers, but problems remain.

Then the market did not offer services for automation of these processes, and I decided to create a CRM system for business social networks. Although I know how to program didnt have the money and understanding how to implement the idea. I described the project, but decided to implement it later.

In 2016 I was doing web development. Together with Anna we moved from the Far East to Krasnodar. Then I worked with the creators of the test service for the “Business of Youth” and then decided to work on our project. We started with testing demand.

Product we had, and for three days we created prototypes, interface design and landing, has launched a landing page designer. It was all the information about the product as if it already existed. Description, interface layouts, tariff plans, unique selling proposition. So we created a “phantom” product.

Membership was only possible to buy the test period was not. If the user clicked the button to purchase, it was offered to participate in the beta testing. The conversion of the “Buy” button was 45%, and “participate in the test” — 40%.

For the first week we received 50 applications for participation in the test. By the end of the month, the number grew to 130 people. Users began to report that they would like to buy the product. We analyzed 60 similar services, but none of them offered the functionality of our project.

For the price of a subscription to the constructor of landing pages we tested the idea and decided that we needed to start implementing. When we were preparing to launch on the market new competitors. We were worried that they will create the same service. However, we decided otherwise to treat them.

Comparison with competitors allowed to determine the advantages and disadvantages of our model, the appearance of a potential customer, direction of development. Initially, the programming took up a few freelance developers from Ukraine. Theyve been writing low-quality code. After a few months I fired them.

They delayed the product launch by two months. Their code was rewritten. Come and individual programmers.

One of them started to implement a convenient technology without our consent, and I was constantly fighting with the team. After we fired him, he posted on the social network a number of negative references to our project. However, after his actions the site traffic has increased tenfold, there are new partners and customers.

Now I have learned to select employees. Our team has the developer and system administrator, she started designing and Im a front — end component. We have invested in the project of 250 thousand roubles from personal means. Even when the minimal viable product was ready and there were customers, we continued the development of his own money.

When, due to declining revenues, the standard of living fell, Anna got mad at each other. Now we have the situation under control. To work with the service need to connect your profile in Instagram. We do not store user passwords.

In Univle has two sections. The “new deal” and “My trades”. In the first recorded first customer or new issues of regular customers. In the second section are transactions with which you are already working.

The user may split the sales process into stages, to understand how the money is distributed between clients. Each stage corresponds to the status of the transaction (for example, “Anticipated payment”), you can change them. Message from the correspondence and comments Instagram fall in service in the form of links.

To communicate with the client within the service, the entrepreneur sees the data about the client and information about the transaction. Available send images. Using the service to conveniently control the actions of managers, as all transactions and operations are recorded. You can set the system permissions for administrators at different levels.

Instagram treats all managers in the service as the same user, so the account will never lock. Connection managers is free of charge. Interestingly, freelance.ru someone placed an order for copying the functionality of our service and looking for contractors.

By 12 November 2017, we expect a minimum result of 500 active users and revenues from 1 to 1.25 million rubles. Maximum expectations for the same period is 1500 active users and revenue from 3 to 3.75 million rubles. We did not attract additional traffic to a landing page, but a month after the launch recorded 100 registrations.

Then ten users paid a monthly rate, from them two have issued a lifetime subscription (its worth 32 thousand rubles). Revenues amounted to 44 thousand rubles. We agreed with the opinion leaders, they are willing to tell about us for free or in exchange for services. The total coverage is 600 thousand people.

In August, our website was visited by 500 people (three times more than in the previous month). We know that 70% of those who have not paid the subscription, waiting for features that we will implement in the near future. The main metric is the number of paid subscriptions. The average bill at current rate — 1650 roubles a month from the user.

When we implement the planned features, the average bill will increase by 500-800 rubles. To calculate the LTV is unknown. We are looking for an investor with equity participation. The project office is located in Saint-Petersburg.

Proposals can be send to my mail. [email protected] Want to get the word out and to tell about your startup. Welcome to rostrum.

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