Unknown relatives

Often children, brothers, sisters and spouses take advantage of their more successful relatives and starting a career on their behalf. But there are exceptions to the rule. For example, Ivanka trump — the daughter of businessman and presidential candidate Donald trump. She holds the position of Executive Vice President in dads company, The Trump Organisation and owns the brand of jewelry “Ivanka Trump”.

According to Donald trump, he didnt want out daughter grew up “spoiled heiress of my fathers Empire”, so they made the joint decision with her mother Ivanka allocate money only for education. Your first salary she received working as a model. Repeated success in the family — a rare occurrence, but for the careers of billionaires still hiding less interesting career of their relatives.

The wife of Mark Zuckerberg is engaged in the creation of private schools for children under the age of 14 years. The school will focus not only on education but also on health. Priscilla worked on the project at The Primary School last year. In addition to teaching children, the school staff will also monitor the health of students, and for couples who are expecting a baby, there will be special courses.

The school will be open to all families, including disadvantaged. Priscilla understands that you want to be much more than the school can afford, so The Primary School should serve as a model that will be able to learn from other schools. Health care students will provide medical center Ravenswood Family who is Priscilla Chan and mark Zuckerberg have donated $5 million.

This is not the only donation of the family in education and health. Schools of the state of new Jersey has received from Priscilla and Marks $100 million, and San Francisco for low-income families — $120 million. Priscilla Chan is the founder. President and chief operating officer is Meredith Lou, which has much more experience in the field of education.

The idea of a private school not everyone likes. President Ravutski teachers Association Rhonda white believes that the outflow of students to private school will untie the hands of the state government and will reduce funding for public schools. Elon career and Cimbala Mask began with the founding of the company Zip2.

Four years later, Zip2 was sold to Compaq for $307 million. The amount received by the brothers, was a few percent — which, however, did not prevent them to become millionaires. After completing the course the French culinary Institute in 2004, Kimball Musk opened the Kitchen — this restaurant nutrition. Despite the absence of a license to sell alcohol, almost a month later the restaurant was serving up to three thousand visitors a week.

In 2010 an event occurred that divided the life Mask on “before” and “after”. After attending the TED conference, where he was chef Jamie Oliver, Musk went skating on the ski resort. The tube (inflatable sledge for snow) is unexpectedly turned upside down by 180 degrees at a speed of 60 km/h and Musk, landing on his head and broke his neck. Surgery to install a metal disk in his neck was successful, but the next two months the Mask had to lie.

This time he used to ponder over their lives, which resulted in a divorce with his wife and the departure from technology companies, where he worked at the time. Five years later, the restaurant, the Mask turned into a restaurant chain. Institutions in Chicago, Denver, Glendale and other cities. Special attention is paid to the Masque Memphis, where the percentage of people with obesity more than any other city in the US.

According to statistics, 34% of the population of Memphis is obese. Its 3% more than the nearest “competitor” — Birmingham city. Kimball is engaged in several projects in the field of healthy nutrition. The most impressive of them is the network of parks in U.S. cities.

He plans to create its own “healthy” version of Central Park in new York and other cities. The Park will be located not only healthy eating restaurants, but also farms where visitors can taste the farm products. The purpose of Mask is to make U.S. residents healthier and to show them the benefits of proper nutrition. In an interview with Steven levy, he said that he understands the ambition of his task and knows that it will not manage without outside help.

He does not mention the names of the prospective partners or investors, but said that “travels around the country in search of the fantastically influential partners”. The former wife of Sergey Brin, the marriage with whom she broke up because of the scandal associated with the Google marketing Manager Amanda Rosenberg is President and founder of 23andMe. The scope of activities of 23andMe — a biotechnology and working with DNA.

On the companys website you can order a genetic test for $99. In 2007 this analysis cost from $999 to $2,500. In September 2008, 23andMe reduced the price for the analysis to $399 in 2012 to $299, and since December 2012 the price is $99. The test allows you to determine a persons susceptibility to disease, and to compare their genetic data with other clients to find potential relatives.

The site said that people of European descent can find several hundreds of distant relatives, and Jewish — to a thousand. The test works as follows. For $99 a customer receives the flask, which should fill with saliva. The flask is then sent to the company, and two weeks later the client receives information about your genome.

The company is estimated at $226 million. Of which $3.9 million invested in Google (at the time, Brin and Wojcicki were married) and $50 million in 2012 invested a consortium of investors led by Yuri Milner. Due to the nature of its activities 23andMe are often faced with legal problems.

In 2013 the FDA (The Food and Drug Administration) banned the companys activity in the U.S. According to the FDA, genetic testing company does not allow to accurately determine susceptibility to these diseases 250. The company has complied with the requirements of the FDA and reduced the number of identified diseases. Two years later the firm returned to full operation.

At the moment, it has about 800 000 customers and several partnerships with other companies. For example, in January 2015 23andMe has opened access to parts of the genetic information related to risk of Alzheimers disease, the organization Genetech. The amount of the transaction amounted to $60 million. In an interview with Time Wojcicki noted that residential customers continue to be the focus of the company.

A letter from the FDA to become the companys biggest obstacle. Undoubtedly, it was a result of misunderstandings and mistakes. But Im glad we were able to return to the market. This is a big step forward, and then we will have even more.

Married bill gates in 1994, Melinda gates left the post of Manager of sales in Microsoft. In the same year was founded the Foundation of William gates, which then changed its name to the bill & Melinda gates Foundation. Since 1994, Melinda gates is co-chair of the Fund, and, according to her, most of her time she devotes to him. The Foundation focused on issues of health and hunger in poor countries.

Most often money pictures have been added to the countries of Africa and Asia, but sometimes the money goes in European countries. In 2009 the Foundation provided a grant Ukraine $25 million. The money went to the computerization of thousands of libraries. Since inception in 1994 and until June 2015, the Foundation donated $34.5 bln.

The Fund is often criticized for the sources of its funding. In 2011, the Foundation sponsored a study by the University of KwaZulu-Natal. The study shows the problems of environmental pollution. At the same time, bill gates was an investor in a major South African refinery SAPREF oil.

According to the coordinator of the South African Alliance for the protection of the environment of Desmond D sa, SAPREF is one of the main pollutants in Durban. On the one hand, they [the bill & Melinda gates Foundation] invest in health and they say help us. On the other hand, they profit from an industry that is killing us.

By the end of 2014 Melinda and bill gates Foundation together donated to the Fund of $30 billion. In 2015, a couple of gates got the third from the highest state award of India “Padma Bhushan” for charities. Wendy Deng, former wife of the owner of the holding company News Corporation (20th Century Fox, Fox News, The Wall Street Journal, The Times) Rupert Murdoch. In the company of Deng assumed the position of Executive Director.

In addition to his Executive posts in the conglomerate Murdoch, Deng is associated with several other projects. Together with the Director of the Museum of modern art “Garage” Daria Zhukova finances Artsy — online-sale project art. In the Artsy list of investors also includes Peter Thiel, Jack Dorsey and Eric Schmidt.

It is also one of the key investors Twigtale services, which helps parents to create personalized childrens books. In April 2015 the project has closed a seed investment round of $1.1 million. In addition to Deng, he invested in Larry page, Ivanka trump, Anne Wojcicki and several investment funds. People who know Deng, positioning it as a strong-willed, disciplined and reserved woman.

In 2011 sparked the scandal involving the wiretapping of telephone conversations of citizens of the U.S. News reporters Corporation. At the hearing, British comedian Jonathan may-Bowles ran up to Rupert Murdoch and attempted to throw it in a bowl with shaving foam. Deng, who was sitting behind wife, jumped up and punched the comedian in the face. When may-Bowles away, one of those present commented on the incident with the words “your wife Has a good left hook”.

In 2013, Murdoch and Deng announced the divorce. According to Murdoch, to negotiate the division of property took them 6 minutes. Deng got a flat in the centre of new York for $44 million, and the Murdoch — estate in California. Marriage has cost the media Mogul is much more expensive — divorce with second wife Anna Torv cost him $1.7 billion.

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