UpPlace Aggregator Group Sports Games

Helps you find courts and players to participate in team sports. My name is Michael Vasser, I am 17 years old. Im one of the founders of the project UpPlace.

UpPlace is a web aggregator of sports group, through which everyone can find space and team to play basketball, volleyball and other team sports at the time convenient for them. The benefits of this project lies in the fact that players dont need to waste time looking for like-minded people and user-friendly platform for training.

We offer everything you need for the game room, refereeing, equipment, form, water, first aid kit and even a shower. Participants only need to register on our website and come to the game. UpPlace works two months, and the service was used by more than 200 people.

The idea of service was born last year, when I was trained in the Kaliningrad it-school from Samsung. Before the program I noticed that many of my friends often refuse to group games and training due to the lack of teams. During the training we had to develop a mobile app for Android and at the end of the program to present the finished project. It was then that I came up with the idea to create a service for finding sparring partners and teams in various sports.

After analyzing the market, I began work on the concept of the project and called it Sportify. A project I started during training. With the technical part of the application I was helped by my teacher Arthur Babushkin, with a design rescued friend. While all my classmates from the Kaliningrad schools were preparing to pass the DPA, I wrote the code, studied Java, PHP and SQL.

My app took second place in the contest “it-the school chooses the fittest”. After the contest I temporarily suspended work on the project, so I started to undergo training in the company. In November 2016 I have decided to revive the project.

I conducted a marketing study to confirm the results of my observations. Analyzed target audience, conducted interviews, and built empathy maps. To test my idea I started in January in KrausLab — entrepreneurship master in Kaliningrad on the basis of BFU them.

Kant. There I presented the development and results of research. In the end I managed to recruit a whole team. Since we were five.

I do the technical part, Vsevolod manages the accounting of funds and maintains statistics, Vladimir and Alex are responsible for the promotion, Andrew deals with clients and resolving organizational issues at the games. While the project exists on our money, but we plan to try to attract investment. When you run the project we conceived this format, in which people themselves would create the event and took on. But in the end we decided to play the role of service-the organizer of sports events that helped to improve the quality of the games and to ensure monetization of the project.

Our aggregator has got a new name — UpPlace. Then we started testing the service, has created a landing page with a system of payments and information about the project and, finally, organized the first game. Initially, we faced problems of finding space in town halls, because my idea of barter cooperation with sports fields did not work.

However, we decided to promote the project through newsletters on social networks and were able to organize games of basketball and volleyball. Immediately joined “word of mouth”, and began to appear new customers. I have not forgotten about the app, where it all began. Now I have to rewrite it completely, because there is a need to completely different functionality and level of programming.

The app will become a Supplement to the website. Until we come up with extra “features” for training, looking for new locations and plan to include new sports. The launch of the summer program, which will include Bicycle tours, Hiking and other sports activities.

Also try to actively conduct promotional campaigns using targeted advertising in social networks and handing out leaflets in gyms. The project UpPlace currently available only in Kaliningrad, but our team is actively working to expand the geography of service. Want to get the word out and to tell about your startup. Welcome to rostrum.

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