Use+ aggregator, which you can use to keep track of your finances

Of course, every Bank, telephone company or service provider offer their mobile apps, but keep them all permanently open on your smartphone or tablet uncomfortable — podvisnut in no time. Need a single aggregator. The company Krawlly brought to market such a product. Aggregator balances Use+ that allows you to automatically check the balance on the phone the rest of the traffic, the number of remaining minutes and SMS, balance Bank accounts, Bank cards, e-wallets, to monitor the currency exchange rate, learn the weather forecast and other useful information.

And all this in one app. The program receives data from the Internet, personal providers and allows you to monitor the balance of not only one person but the whole family. The application allows you to monitor the balances of multiple phones, including not only private, but also phone numbers of family members, friends, relatives. The customers balance is tracked automatically and when approaching the lower threshold, the client receives a special notification.

There is also the option of service in b2b, when the solution in the form of servers offered to banks and other financial companies. Application developers consider that they are worthy competitors in the market they have, as most similar programs combine no more than 10 providers, while Use+ works with 1,300 providers in 32 countries, including Russia and Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Baltic States, Europe and Asia.

As usually happens in such cases, Use+ started as a hobby. Programmer Dmitry Cochin (now CTO of the company Krawlly) decided to create an aggregator that would encompass not 5 to 10 providers, and more. The app is quickly beginning to gain popularity. At some point, it became clear that by one person is all you can do. Then he came to his friend Alexander Neimark, the companys CEO Krawlly showed the program, explained the idea, and then they started working together.

Studied foreign experience, primarily in the U.S. and Europe — and created his own, unique product. The program works on the same principle as web browsers. The username and password stored in your keychain, it will decrypt the password and inserts it into the appropriate field on the website of the Bank, the phone company and so on.

The code follows all safety instructions that are applied at the partner site. If necessary, encryption is used, an additional safety elements. This code can only get the data that can get the client. All the time there were no complaints about the misuse of data by the company.

To transfer data to Use+ you need to enter the username and password from your Internet Bank and OTP, Capcha and a number of other additional authentication tools. After that you will be able to see the transaction on all their cards, deposits, loans, balances cell phone, loyalty points and much more. Use+ works under Android. The total number of downloads of prototypes of a new application, which also owns Krawlly exceeds 500 thousand of them are active users, more than 90 thousand.

There is an active development of the iOS version. From existing prototypes of the new app has a more sophisticated and modern design, convenient interface, a radically new system widgets, the possibility of payment to the providers of a credit card without a fee. The developers claim that all new functionality will be added only in Use+, the rest of the application will be closed and users will be prompted on favorable terms to import their accounts to Use+.

App developer, the company Krawlly, became the winner of the competition of financial FinTech innovation Lab 2015, and was also awarded a special nomination from MTS — Digital finance services.


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