Users have accused KFC in creating ads that parody popular video shark attack on surfer

In advertising a character similar to Mike Fanning, not only shark attacks, but also raises it over his head. After this appears. “Next level awesome”. The video, in which Fanning shark attack became extremely popular on YouTube it has garnered over 22 million views.

Internet users noted that the situation is not funny, and one of them asked to fire brand “advertising gurus” who worked on the campaign. Dear @kfc, you need to fire the #advertising “gurus” that have come up with this. Yours truly..

Http:// Oh its bad Sad and pathetic attempt by @KFCSA using shark attack Mick Fanning to market their new burger. #mickfanning #KFC #fail. Who is who that KFC commercial making fun of Mick Fannings J-Bay Open shark attack incident.

LOL.its not funny,dude almost got eaten by a Shark. Mother Fanning Elizabeth Osborne also endorsed the campaign. In my opinion, is very disrespectful. They showed in the video double [Fennica].

It makes everyone who survived the shark attack, remember the endured. Some families have lost loved ones, and someone is still seriously injured. Its extremely disrespectful towards them, and Mike, its not happy.


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