Videoblogg For Communities From Facebook, Installation Amazon Echo To Times Square And The Launch Of The KFC Burger Into Space

News in the field of advertising and marketing over the last week. “Yandex” in the framework of the project “Yandex.Taxi” will be engaged in the production of five short films about the city and its inhabitants. The project budget is 10 million rubles. For information support of answers belonging to “Yandex” service “Kinopoisk”.

Facebook allowed the Russian brands download videoblogg for communities. Companies and brands can now replace the covers community a short looped video. This drew the attention of the representatives of the Agency Paper Planes. According to them, videoblogg is not available to all communities. What community had the opportunity to install videoblogs, it is not clear.

The largest sellers of video advertising company Gazprom-Media Digital and IMHO that is included in the “National service company”, has launched a new sales model, in which advertisers pay only for visible shows, videos. In this model, the customer pays only for the shows, videos that are for two or more seconds is at least 50% of the player user. “Yandex” has started to sell its advertising network video stock site to which users are directed when you connect to the network operator “Maximalism”. When placed on through the advertising network of Yandex (Yandex advertising network) advertisers will get to target by categories and user interests, geographic and socio-demographic parameters, as well as search retargeting segment of the service “Yandex.Audience.”.

Amazon has installed at times square 24-foot advertising installation in the form of a column Echo. The installation broke the record for Pepsi, set in the 1940-ies, becoming the largest size is on times square. Instagram adds the subtitle “Sponsor publications” entries and “Stories” users who are in commercial relations with one or another company. The tool opens a content Creator and business partner access to statistics for each publication. This will help to analyze how subscribers interact with these materials.

Clicking on the name of the sponsor record, users will be able to go to his account. Company representatives believe that the mark of a sponsor of the publication will help “strengthen confidence in Instagram”. “Yandex” has added to its advertising service “Audience” able to use for targeting display advertising data from external sources. Now available to advertisers, the segments of companies, Facetz, NGOs, Analytics and Weborama. “Yandex” promises to expand the roster of external suppliers.

According to the company, the service had more than 1500 segments, which allow advertising to be targeted, for example, users with business education or people who are interested in overseas property. “Yandex” shows additional special placement in 10% of cases. As explained by the representatives of the company in the official blog, the fourth highest position is only shown for certain commercial requests that have the most high-quality advertising answers. Additional placement will run for only 2.7% of the queries. Number of ads above the search results will, as before, depend on their relevance.

Separately note that the management interface rates will not change — the third and fourth place will continue to denote the price of entry into the unit. But in the API it will be possible to obtain the maximum information about all possible positions of the display, to allow advertisers more flexibility to configure their own tools for bid management. With the help of “Google My business” now you can create a free website for your company. To gain access to the service, you must confirm ownership of the page “My business”. The website appearance can be customized.

Also, it will be optimized for display on all devices. “Yandex” brings together options to autogrow and additional relevant phrases “direct” in one tool. Menu “Maximum flow” will be more convenient to work. There you can assign any percentage from one and higher. In the statistics will appear in the column “match Type” where you can specify whether the display of a synonym, or via automatically-chosen phrase.

Renault has developed a special nail Polish that you can paint over the scratches on the car. New Twingo Nail Polish lacquer is designed specifically for owners of the Renault Twingo, and is available in four main colours of this brand — red, black, blue and yellow. Renault Twingo city car is considered popular among women. Lacquer can be purchased on the website of the Atelier Renault for the price of €8,9 per bottle. In honor of Day of Russia on 12 June 2017 “Sberbank” together with an advertising Agency Good Moscow launched the campaign “unite Us”.

The protesters filmed 15-second video and publish it on social networks in the format of “stories”. In “Vkontakte” history is marked with a special sticker, in other social networks — the hashtag. In the video, participants showed snippets of their daily life. The project involved famous people. Creative Director at Podium Polina Kitsenko, pianist Denis Matsuev, actors of the “Theatre of Nations”.

Company and an educational institution “Aeroflot”, Moscow state University and Higher school of Economics — also shared their “stories”. KFC Zinger Burger prepares to fly into space. The action was thought up in honor of the 33rd anniversary of the appearance of a Zinger in the United States. In the video, a Woman tested before the flight and trains as well as regular astronauts. For example, the Burger is being tested for resistance to stress.

Since the publication of the video began the countdown to the start counter can be seen on a special website. How to say KFC in to send a Zinger into the stratosphere, the brand has partnered with World View, involved in space tourism. Send your speakers and case studies about advertising and marketing on [email protected]

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