VirtualPOS €? Online-cash Register And Store Management Software

Today in the category of “Startups” — an online system VirtualPOS for retail business management. Pass the microphone. My name is Roman Lysov, I am 36 years old.

I am the CEO VirtualPOS. Startups are engaged in more than ten years. This project was launched in 2013. Then we were engaged in business automation on the basis of “cloud” technologies.

Our client wanted to automate retail, but no suitable product on the market. We decided to fix it. We started with the main development offices in the browser, which works even without Internet. The exchange with the “cloud” occurs without intermediate links.

This makes it easier to run shops, saves money on hardware and maintenance of the system. At the same time, we understand that the “cloud” cash itself is not a competitive advantage. Therefore focus on the second problem, retail sales and loyalty. Added a lot of options to boost sales.

Promotions, discounts, bonuses, gift certificates, showcase, CRM system, mobile app and more. The result is a product which is suitable for small and large retail. Thus it as simple as possible. With a familiar interface and no any special hardware requirements and qualifications of cashiers.

By default, all clients are provided with one version of the service. But big business has the opportunity to license the extended version with modifications and maintenance. VirtualPOS — all our product, so any additions to the functionality are being developed very quickly.

In 2014, he published a beta version. The product like a single network pharmacies with which we signed the contract and began implementation. Unfortunately, to implement and efficiently test time — less than a year later the network was absorbed.

So we are left with an almost finished project and problem. Need a working business to dobrovici product. Subjects were not found, so decided on an interesting course. To launch its retail chain of three stores only for the “running” of the product.

Testing lasted almost a year. This allowed us to feel real and not contrived problems of retail in my experience.

In 2015, the product went to mass. We divide VirtualPOS of five modules for the business processes in retail: Cash. The interface of the cashier in the browser, which can connect the equipment and to work in offline mode.

More cash helping with the sales of additional goods, suggesting that to offer for the purchased goods or the customers preferences. Accounting system. Accounting of goods at a lot of modifications, batch accounting, cost and control of expiry date, auto-pricing. The system analyzes the buyers in the purchase and helps to secularity warehouse. Designer discounts and loyalty programs.

There is everything you need to store. Bonus programs, discount cards, gift certificates, mount options of different discounts, database of customers and mailing. Analytics. A standard set of metrics. Revenue, average check, top products by sales, the best days and hours of operation, etc.

Plus the app to control business from a smartphone running iOS and Android. Sales channels. Launch online showcases, mobile app for clients and a chat bot for Telegram. You can connect VirtualPOS to its online store.

The system public API. There is a ready integration with “1C” and PowerBI. Now we are focused only on retail. Because we have no standard features for cafes and services.

Among our clients there are grocery stores, liquor stores, WASAPI, flower shops, adult shops and clothing boutiques. In the nearest plans to make a separate product our mobile app “Ku. €? Mobile privileges.”. Want to get the word out and to tell about your startup.

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