VKontakte Has Introduced A New Design Of The Web Version Of The Social Network

According to operations Director “Vkontakte” Andrew Mace, the new design of the site was conducted last year and a half. The main principle of the new design “Vkontakte” — on all devices it looks like and recognizable. The user of the web site is easy to find the right section in the mobile app and Vice versa.

We increased the screen width and fonts, got rid of unnecessary parts and made the site easier to read. Additional space for new useful features. Weve also updated the left menu. Shortened item names, added icons and moved to the top the most compelling sections“news” and “Messages”.

The interface of the new version of Russian social network website is made in the concept of “Islands”. Main page content — write communities and users — is in blocks with white background. The whole site had a blue background. The list of news now are located in a separate block on the right — together with search and review.

There is a separate switch for “smart feeds”. Description of the picture and comments in the view mode are now displayed to the right of the photo. According to Mace, this is done in order to better exploit the space wide screen “no longer need to scroll down the screen to view photos and to see comments”. A similar solution is used in Facebook.

Completely redesigned the site header — it stretched the entire width of the page. Gone is the previous menu items (“People”, “Community”, “Games”, “Help”). Now here are the notifications, quick access to the page and the profile menu.

In the notification center come reports of new “likes”, the requests for adding friends, mentions, birthdays, and other things. In addition, on the pages of people and communities you can now subscribe to be notified of new posts. The design of the user profile developers used elements from a mobile application “Vkontakte”. For example, a block with the number of subscribers, friends, photos and videos, which allows you to immediately jump to the corresponding section.

All the controls community is now hidden in the menu. The list of dialogs is now displayed horizontally instead of tabs on one screen shows a list of recent conversations and current chat. According to Mace, the section of the message “rewritten from scratch”.

Completely reworked the section “About company”. It is made in the form of a landing page with basic facts about the company, links to official community and contacts of the representatives of the social network. Also “Vkontakte” announced the resumption of the companys blog.

The first entry on the launch of the new website design. The new design of the web version of “Vkontakte” will be available in test mode, users will have to click on “Join test”. Gradually, the updated version will appear in the remaining social network users.

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