Wargaming apologized for the “outrageous” advertising World of Tanks with Galygin

The publication drew attention to the roller 9 December. The article stated that the video Galygin was hit with “a barrage of negativity from the players and the community.”. According to the plot of the movie, the father (it fulfills the role of Galygin), playing hide and seek with his son. As soon as the son hides in a closet, dad nailed the door and sat down to play World of Tanks. In a note Onliner.by quotes the Chairman of the Board of international public Association “Understanding” Andrei Makhanko.

He stated that the movie may violate the Belarusian laws on advertising and on the rights of the child, as it promotes child abuse. Mahanko has estimated the cost of creating video in $100 thousand. He also announced his intention to translate the video into English to demonstrate to its partners Wargaming in the USA. “In the U.S., the company would have been in court with claims about bankruptcy. Shareholders have lost their shares, not wanting to have anything to do with the promotion of violence against children.

Wargaming will have to do to rectify the situation”, — said the head of “Understanding”. PR-Director of Wargaming Maxim Koltonyuk in comments to the edition reported that the company made this video for the online audience. “And he was really provocative and controversial. Consequently it was decided not to release. By coincidence, a version of the clip leaked to the web, where they found the viral effect, despite measures to remove”, he said Onliner.by and confirmed his words in conversation with vc.ru.

“We are very sorry that this situation has occurred, and we apologize,” added Koltonyuk. He noted that the basis of the company lie family values and Wargaming conducts various activities for families and organizes courses for children.

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