“We had two broken-down laptop and the remnants of Italian furniture”

Tell us about your background. What were you doing before the Agency. Artem Sinyavsky. I studied at the Moscow Institute of economic and social Sciences.

With advertising all corny, Im not going to invent incredible stories. Freshman year I read “99 francs” and wanted there. I since the childhood liked to play people and play jokes on them, I loved to control their emotions, inventing stories about ourselves and others (which was not), or greatly embellishing their. I believe that and now I do the same thing — create communication that controls peoples emotions.

She makes them something to want or to simply enjoy or be moved, inspired feelings to anything. If in the childhood it was called “he ****** [lie]”, we now say about it. “Hes so creative. Thats a good line”. I consider myself lucky now to pay for what in my childhood could beat.

From advertising experience I only had one. I half worked at the Agency Rapp Collins, before I got fired. How you got there, what did you do there and what you eventually get fired.

Got through a friend. They knew that by the time I have done many events for students and even had the experience of sponsorship activities. They needed an event planner, so they took me, and then the event ended and I was not necessary. Plus, I was a friend not an office format.

I was 22, I couldnt sit behind a Desk all the time went around the office and sang songs, thought about scenes and Asian Chicks — some items still left. Apparently, dogs. And then I didnt get any work from 36 interviews, ranging from client and Agency positions and ending quite strange from the “production Manager Souvenirs”. I also did not fit, although I know three languages, have higher education and all of the included persimmon.

There was some understanding of why you did not take on the job. And why it wanted to focus on advertising. For me it is still a mystery.

Like normal was, maybe not just fate or it was evident that he is not ready and only want to hang out. Then I became a club promoter. It was a wonderful carefree time. I was out for a drink, chat with lots of beautiful keys and get some money.

But advertising is still not released. Apparently, Im the reason she needs. And in 2010 I was with my good friend Andrew Corticium decided to try to create your Agency — Fresh Solutions. The idea came to me during the concert is “Basta” in the “Green theatre” — right after his rap wave we decided to try.

Andrew had worked for two years at a major media Agency “Aviator”, and had a lot of experience in the development of your own business — from furniture store to the butcher shop, where he butchered the carcass when the butcher sabugal on weekends. In General, starting positions are not promised much success. From the assets we had two broken-down laptop and the remnants of Italian furniture store — kitchen table and two monogrammed chair (without diamonds on the inside). Why there was a desire to open his own Agency.

The desire was caused by fatigue from the night life and the understanding that we must move on. The only thing that came to mind is to make the Agency and come up with creative solutions to sell them to other agencies. In 2013, we come to the third partner Pavel Gusev, and we began the digital era. Paul did his own startups and had great expertise in digital advertising.

And in General hes a genius — from the age of nine he programmirovat sites, at a time when people have to use calculators do not really know how. In 2013 we changed its name to Marvelous. What projects did you do then.

Then we done events and been actively engaged in digital and SMM. Since 2013 and to this day we are mostly digital. How do you find the first customers.

The first customers were exclusively Agency — old friends from Rapp Collins, for example. Lucky that at the time when I worked there, the Agency proved all of the diamonds national advertising (Maxim Kolyshev now — creative Director TBWAMoscow, Tatiana Tarmogen — ispolnitelniy Director at e:mg, Alena Golubeva — Director of strategy McCann Moscow). That is, seven years later, they flashed on the top positions in different agencies, and it is with them we started to do first drafts — first small pieces, and then they began to trust us more and more. Where tools to work.

Funds were not, was “stole — drunk — in prison”. Made the project — eat burgers in the canteen, did, eat only buckwheat. Sometimes three months sat without work and projects during this time was Hella pumped in StarCraft II, reached the first place in diamond League. Joke that if it wasnt for this game, we could get out, because there was nothing to do, and so we played on 40 shipments per day, and we rallied.

Fun. What projects did you do for partner agencies. In what format worked with them.

We tried to find unique shows or artists (mostly European) and selling them at events large agencies. Also participated in brainstorming — sometimes we trust to implement what we came up with. In some cases we even made magic wands for agencies in situations from the series “when there is not enough time to tender”. Can remember the very first case Marvelous.

Nothing to remember, I remember the whole project is constantly. It happened on 24 August 2010 — date and is now considered the birthday of the company. Its bringing the stars of Moloko, Murphy Rosin to the presentation of the Audi A7 in the Ritz-Carlton. We have implemented this project for the Agency Debby.

We have then in the office air conditioning broke, and we Figari from home in my bedroom, because the summer was hellishly hot. We were responsible for bringing the stars and all that is connected with it. What exactly did a group project. Just played.

How have you managed to agree upon. Yes we just brought them, received visas, posted. We wrote them and email and agreed. Worried and terribly drunk, when everything went, and then sat for two months without work, eating what he could earn.

Among the brands on the website are big companies like Adidas, Samsung, Hasbro, Danone, Ferrero. How did you manage to attract such players in a relatively short time and to take first place in the ranking of ACAR on creativity among marketing agencies. The first direct regular customer had company Hasbro — we are still grateful to them unreal, and they, perhaps we, too — judging by the fact that we work with them for the third year across all key brands.

As a company came to you. We left it at the time, presented everybody knew, and everybody, in whose office we were allowed. The portfolio was very weak, but the burning eyes, apparently, hooked.

It all started with the fact that we for a small amount of have implemented a project for the brand Transformers. Now, he looks very standard, but while the video showed very good results. The company believed in us, and now we do a lot of projects for all key brands, including even shooting TV commercials. Our first direct customer greatly influenced the development.

Now we consider our Agency with the best expertise in the childrens area, something that really ate at this dog. Everything you need to know about mothers and their children is to us. What other childrens projects you did. Why is it that a lot of attention it got them.

All projects for Hasbro is kids projects. There were many of them. The launch of the Equestria Girls dolls c Nyusha, promo transformers in the year of the release of the film, a huge number of media projects at all known sites Runet. Now it is baby food hooked.

Also our client — Disney. We implemented a small event, and they have the same target audience. We create a lot of projects for toy store Hamleys, and you know who goes there. In General, the kids with us everywhere.

With Hasbro in many ways we have become partners. We understand what they need and like, really appreciate their attitude, we have big plans to bring the company in the top most creative clients in Russia and the recognition of the Russian market the best on the global level this year. We already made a case that received a lot of awards. Here they are selected largely around this examination.

We are now working with Danone, brand, directly associated with children and mothers. But then everything went on the thumb. Normally do — will be fine, the reputation begins to work for you. After the case, “Like Leo”, largely thanks to which we took the first methods in the ranking of ACAR, the shortage of the briefs we do not have, since July, working seven days a week, to handle requests and not to lose in quality.

Now we are actively Ferrero. We love their products — again, kids, chocolate. Lets take a closer look at your sudden success.

As it so happened, that in a very short time you have learned about the market. It happened thanks to the vivid festival and awards, and so this masks the 20-hour working days, not getting enough sleep, problems in his personal life and other ad. We took a couple of high-profile tenders, and potentially well, thats about us and learned all at once. Plus, we are in a clear position, or rather, opposition to network agencies.

So stand out. You are not confused in this context that you are in the AKAR rating in the year when most of the major agencies refused to participate in the festival “Silver mercury”. And 97% of your rating ACAR (528 of 540) are points with “mercury”.

Confused. Does. And it is possible that next year they too will not participate, and we also get acquainted with as many customers as the last “mercury?” I do the first year festivalil and learned a lot. Anyone out there who was offended — I wasnt very interested, even in the “Cannes” has its own lobby, for example, where Latin America is strongly pulled.

I brought this idea. Much more important than awards, and marketing results and recognition of people. I still write people all over the world about “Like Leo”. Ive heard radio and TV releases about the project in 12 languages and received such amount of respect and acquaintances, which is very strange to think that it is important for me the shortlist Red Apple.

But to answer your second question, I cannot fail to mention the importance of festivals for business — “mercury” has given us a lot of contracts and orders. The formula is simple — take part in the “Cannes” and in the festivals where there are customers. The rest is so, to motivate employees who dont have these figurines. What do you think would have been the fate of the Agency, if the scandal with the festival was not.

Dont know. Perhaps, on the “mercury” we would have three or four figurines less, and after four or five briefs less. In our recent conversation, you said that the advantages include quick decision-making (including non-standard) and idea.

Lets be more. No piles approvals can be associated with what you not so long ago are on the market, but about the idea to listen. How have you assembled a team, having meetings, brainstorming, which aim to achieve in my works. Quick decision making is very important, but when business is growing (and now we have almost 50 people), you are forced to delegate authority.

Here we come to the fact that nothing is more important than the team. In principle, any Agency is only his team. Who collected cool, he cool, and so is all the bubble. Cool is what.

What distinguishes your team. Zealotry. We are fanatics of advertising. We will argue before the fight in search of insight.

We need to dokapatsya to the heart and inspire the consumer. All the core members of our team love advertising. When we see embodied in the life of a crazy idea that we came up with that night on the roof, is better than sex, than sex with the Asian woman, with two. The team had collected.

Now we have a really stellar cast. Dont know where all these people, but theyre brilliant, and I love them all, they are my family. We are quite aggressive in the market, to entice people from other agencies are not shy, but the main advertising we have is the Instagram pages of our staff. Lets see what they write, and you want to us. Party on the roof of the office, positive and interesting projects.

How do you poach people from other agencies. Why they are interested to work for you. It is simple — people are bored.

In large agencies dont listen to them, and small projects they are not interested. In our conversation you talked about the desire to “change the foundations of the bedrock of the market”. What you think the roots of this problem. How do you get rid of this.

How to make sure customers use a obvious decision. When we appeared in the rankings, has started to get a lot of briefs. It became obvious that customers have been languishing from thirst new creative blood in this country. But the last 10 years at the hearing are practically the same Agency, and decisions are often secondary network giants and sold the client on the credibility.

Then we all say that in Russia there is no creativity. And he is, but he needs to give a chance to believe in him. The problem is not that clients are afraid of risky ideas.

The Agency typically complain about brands that act to the detriment of themselves, claiming more relaxed, clear and standard versions of the concepts. It is an argument from the “chicken or the egg”. There is such a wonderful book — “the Source” of Ayn Rand. There architector refused orders and sat a long time without money, when he imposed the vulgarity in the form of all sorts of thingies on the buildings, but in the end he found his client and had the opportunity to do cool stuff.

We want to go your own way, and to do that which we were born, and not to develop budgets and to agree on a flat decision, and even more so, to copy the ideas of others. Shout it we dont want, but it is important for us to do so. Of course, there are clients who are not ready for anything, but in our understanding, it is better to find other than to make clear that for these.

Can tell you a couple of interesting cases of the Agency. About the most interesting Ive already told. Still would mention our annual project for Raffaello. We do for the brand series about a loving couple in an Instagram format — each episode lasts 15 seconds, during which we have time to tell the little romantic story.

Life, as relations, are always full of surprises. Sometimes not everything goes according to plan, but whatever happens and wherever you are, a New year will be unforgettable if you are together. #voimalusi See the new issue #Raffaello and take part in the competition – link in profile.

Video published Raffaello (@raffaellorussia) Jan 25 2015 at 7:57 PST. In the morning you were going for a jog but slept through. Still youre my champion. Support each other and find the perfect in every moment of life together. See all editions of #Raffaello.

Video published Raffaello (@raffaellorussia) Jan 23 2016 at 5:02 PST. Also on 8 February, we launched a major project with the company “Nutricia Russia” for the brand of baby food “Malutka” (from 12 months). In five countries we shoot the full show, with Laysan Utyasheva, in which she talks about the nutrition and education of children in different parts of Europe. While the release came about Amsterdam. Laysan participated in the morning exercises moms with children at the Park, visited the kindergarten and the company Nutricia, where are conducting research and developing products of brand.

You said you often participate in tenders. What is the last one you won. You have your own internal policy on how to manage risk during tendering stage.

Now we are involved in three very large tenegro for the largest sports, cosmetic and telecommunication brands. But the main benefit the end of the year is getting started with Danone. We mainly receive requests from top brands, and their intentions are clear and transparent. We fundamentally refuse only from tobacco (personal convictions) and in that case, if we understand that the client doesnt allow to do anything interesting and cant hear us.

We are committed to partnerships, when the one thing with the client. In this regard, we are largely impressed with the IKEA experience and Instinct. We believe that this combination, and in this, as we have with Hasbro, can be a cool product. What are your plans now.

You mentioned that you in 2016 you are going to grow twice as. What. Through these three tenders. Well, in General, we plan to greatly strengthen the team and to establish many processes within the.

Interaction between departments, the search for new diamonds under the scope of works, implementation of heaps of new software, without which the big companies cant live. This is necessary because there was a big increase, and we need to Fess up to the structure. But doubts about the growth we have, only forward.

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