“We Had Written The Story For An Hour”: The Experience Of Promoting ZakaZaka Using “budget” Video

Our company has long existed a paradox — the worse drawn banner ad, the better it fulfills the CPI (installation cost approx. Ed.) and CPO (cost-order — Prim. Ed.). No matter how much I fought with our marketing, no matter what cool banners we draw, the result is the same — a banner with a cheaper design works two to three times better.

The idea to test your banners with a simplified design came from trial and error. Within a month we test thousands of creatives leave the most effective. But each banner has its own expiration date. A little over a year ago, we began to develop a new video ad format. The result was quite ordinary, nothing cosmically effective.

Periodically browsing our creatives in the marketing Department, we raised the conversation about what if more than simple banners shoot, and the video should. Remembering such commercials as “Skype” and “Shawarma” we joked that you can withdraw your at least right now on mobile phone. The idea we discussed more than a year and each time have postponed its realization.

But there was a video advertising Agency “Falcon”, and we decided that our time has come. We have described the plot in an hour. For it took the popular game Dota 2, to reach more audience. The role of the hero was made by our friend, but on the condition that any of us will keep him company.

I played the courier. Filming the video took 2.5 hours, editing took another two hours. Cost production cost us 15 thousand rubles. A couple of days we began to sow video.

The video was posted on websites “Yaplakal” and “Peekaboo” and also in the community in “Vkontakte”. “Leprosy”, “Soup”, “Lifehack”, Dota, “Fun with concrete” and other. The total budget for culture amounted to 135 thousand rubles. Reaction to the video at each resource was different, but for the most part was attended by the wave of hatred.

The most important thing is that we managed to evoke emotion. Perhaps the most funny and interesting comments was, “Yaplakal”. The results of the two days of the campaign.

On January 13, the movie has collected 320 thousand views. In “Vkontakte” he scored 15222 Laika, videos shared 762 times. There are no clear rules for when the simplified design means the best creative. Some audience is better able to take beautiful video or banner, and the other is not.

Its all about testing, optimization, and channel marketing. For example, since January 14, we get on the TV. There will be a professional, expensive and clear video that matches the TV format. From our point of view, the campaign was successful, it was the first attempt to create a viral advertising and we got a lot of experience.

It was a useful experience that we began to understand what creativity and the script should be in the movie, as well as how to sow. Insights.

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