“We Have Built A Mobile Version Of The Store Street Beat On The Principle Of Instagram”

Interview with the Director of e-Commerce Inventive Retail Group Evgeny Usenko on trends and experiments of the company in online sales. Director of e-Commerce company Inventive Retail Group, uniting outlet stores re:Store, Samsung, Sony Centre, Nike, Street Beat, Lego and others, Evgeny Usenko told about the redesign of the site, the refusal of the scripts in the call centre, organic traffic to 75% and more in an interview with audioproject “Alytics.Drive”. Eugene, your network includes ten of the brands (re:Store, Samsung, Sony Centre, Nike, Street Beat, Lego and others). It turns out, the same approaches to work.

Or not. Of course not. We have a single technology platform, one the composition of managers in online trading, one it Department, one logistics, one call center and so on. We are trying to make money on economies of scale.

And the people who answer the phones, divided according to the brands. The same operator call center and about the iPhone, about the new Lego set tell?. Yes and no. There are situations in which brand at the moment need two, but, say, 2.3 in terms of load. We cant cut someone into three pieces and make them work.

Naturally, we release someone else who serves in parallel, some additional brands. This is most often seen in young projects. Large projects are serviced separately. In July 2017 appeared amazing for me personally is evidence that car sales in Russia increased by 18.6%.

You on their projects see similar activity?. Can announce our performance at the ecommerce direction for the first half. The increase in like-for-like (an indicator used to compare sales of the reporting and base periods at comparable objects vc.ru) year-to-year is 56%. This is without taking into account the new directions. Once we grew up and by 100-120%, it was a low base effect.

Anyway, over time, will experience a slowing growth rate. What are your goals for 2017. For example, colleagues from the other big store that also sells electronics, said that their goal for this year — an increase of omniconnect. Others plan to get away from the context and to get as much organic traffic. What do you have.

We develop a framework of three strategies. The first key element in it, which unites all of our current activity is the construction of the DMP-system, which will allow us to collect and process data about the audience with which we intend to increase traffic and sales. In 2017, the emphasis is on the redesign of sites.

In August released a redesign of the project Street Beat. The new site is cool and adaptive, I am proud of him. About 60% of the ideas implemented there, my. Im really looking forward to the first performance, which I hope will be much better than it was before. From the point of view of conversion, enforcement, and the average size and everything else.

Ahead of the Lego redesign and re:Store. Well, the third global challenge is the transition to the MultiSite platform. Previously, each project had its own “Bitriks”, and now there will be one common system. Street Beat, for example, launched on the new platform.

You live within the web on “Bitrix”?. And are you happy?. Three years ago we did a big market research systems.

Talked with a bunch of Western projects, watched all the industrial platform, we have assessed the value of the five-year tenure and have continued to live in the “Bitrix”. I thought so. Just, well, I heard rumors that you implement SAP. Our company is SAP. And Yes, we offer SAP e-Commerce, but we decided to stay on the “Bitrix”.

Clear. The case again cost of ownership?. Yes, also has the value of the rate of change, etc. I think everybody understands it. Honestly, I think that in Russia on the fingers of one hand to count the companies that actually need the SAP.

From the point of view of load, volume and everything else. We are in the number of such companies are not included. Not always, the introduction of such products is due only to the requirements of the unit. This affects the value of the company capitalization. But back to Street Beat.

Now it is your flagship change. How many mobile traffic. Can provide data for the previous period. Mobile traffic — 58%.

About 43% of transactions happening from mobile phone. Users actively pay by card?. Not, cards pay around 18-20%. We are still “country cache”.

For me not quite understand the case the purchase of sneakers through mobile. Can you explain. Its just. We know very well that all now practically live in my phone.

And in fact, perhaps the most theres not much to do, but I really want something to look through, see pictures. I often see people who do two simple steps. Hold the phone and move your thumb up and down, left and right. This means that a person is sitting in Instagram, it can be seen immediately.

So we built a mobile version of Street Beat on the principle Instagram. So, mobile is not a shop, and the tape, which has new products, cool photos, cool content. And that provokes a purchase in the future. The idea is all mine. I argued for a long time with our marketers, designers, punched and defended.

I really hope it takes off, and Im proud of what we do it first. And the content you prepare yourself or get from the vendor. Something for yourself, something to offer vendor. For example, we are photographing.

Goes somewhere in the 200-300 photos per month. You have your own Studio or you authorsite. Wet outsource.

Have your photo Studio with our volumes unprofitable. Think a couple of people from the market will hear it and use your experience. In principle, they can with me to argue. We just did a calculation and it turned out to be ineffective. I think, for example, or from Lamoda KupiVIP should have its own Studio because its volume is gigantic, there are so many products, in principle, is the core of their business.

In my opinion, as it should be. We own the Studio does not make sense. A very popular topic this year — the omnichannel. Can you estimate in percent, how you have it implemented in the company.

I am deeply convinced that omnichannel cannot be built until the end, because it is not the introduction of a supernova ERP or any inventory program. This process. This change in the DNA of the entire company. This can come only by evolution, the revolution will not work here.

So were just doing this and gradually move. I would not give a rating of 3%, 50% or 87%. I can only say that we are satisfied. But I guess there is no limit to perfection. Of all the companies I made purchases on the phone, you have the coolest of the additional sales.

How do the operators understand what to offer the customer. Two years ago we conducted an experiment and realized that interaction causes a greater amount of positive emotions and much better convert to sales. We took all too hard scripts, for which the operator read the text on the screen. Because the task was to quickly read the text, which for him amounted to, not to help the buyer.

So we abolished such a scheme. We also regularly take staff of the call center to the stores. There they get acquainted with the products, touch them with your hands, ask questions to sellers in General are beginning to better understand the subject. At the same time we are trying the best that we have, to give to colleagues in retail, and all the best from them — to pick up in the call center.

Of course, there is a system which selects the correct kits. But in the end the choice makes a statement, and he decides to talk with the client. The last time I see the reverse process. They all want to make bots to automate the work.

And you talk about people. People is an expensive resource. I think in the case of bots we are talking primarily about reducing costs. Thats fine, I have nothing against and even partly understand this choice. More to say, we also think about the transfer of some processes into the chat-bots.

For example, simple questions that are not related to sales, you can ask the bot, thereby will relieve the people from this routine. However, there should be a face, should be the limit, after which you realize that you have a much lower quality. So we teach people to sell and sell a lot. So they can earn more money for the company and we can provide them with a decent wage.

But as you have arranged the system of selection of goods for the upsell, which you said earlier. It has something to do with the fact that you are collecting their own big data, or is it just some chords that are configured manually?. We dont have many SKU (stock keeping unit, inventory unit — vc.ru) in each project. Our business is mainly built on mobile and computers.

So really, the ligaments not so much. The last time we build them by hand. Previously used different reference systems, but with our volume, they do not work very efficiently. Little data, few goods to make a relevant selection.

What do you use as a CRM, if not a secret?. In 2016, we installed a boxed version of retailCRM, and then began very happy. Before that we stood samopisnaya CRM — heavy and tough to work with her was extremely difficult. “Become happy” — you sarcastically said?.

No. We hooked up the system in just six months. For me it was a revelation. I thought it would take at least a year. And flew.

The first feedback I got was with gratitude from the employees who wrote “thank you very much, now it became easy to work”. Question on the cross-sale. Is it possible to sell a smartphone to the person who bought for my sons Lego?. Yes, we “linkuem” traffic between sites, make a joint loyalty program, total promotion. Case studies of different.

There are successful, there are unsuccessful. Audience Samsung and Lego almost never converge, audience Street Beat and re:Store are very similar. There has been the highest crossing. You have the same marketing mix or there are cases where something works really well, and others not?. We always try to find the optimal balance.

All that doesnt work, cut off. Everything that obtained developed. For example, I would not say that we had some large successful cases with social media. At the same time there are incredible case studies on SEO.

In my third year scratched the language to talk about it, but I cant afford it. Because I know that once I reveal the secret of success, it will make it, and we can prasadam in traffic, we tumbled down the organic matter. And Street Beat are now 70-75% lives on organic matter. How do you track offline orders driven online advertising. That is, when people went to the site, but I decided to make this only came in the offline store.

ROPO-effect (“looking for online, buy offline”), of course, trying to measure everything. We played. Test different tools, Analytics, cameras, sensors, Wi-Fi with “NPO Analitika” and so on. I think that by the end of 2017 we will finish almost all the experiments, draw conclusions and ultimately construct the needed infrastructure.

Full effect we will see when connect big data. Finally, the visionary question. What are the trends in e-Commerce in the future two to three years?. If you look at our market, the situation is rather sad.

Many ecommerce companies from the top 100 completely unprofitable. Their fate is unclear — whether will survive, or not. Those who still live, are beyond good and evil, black offices, which do not pay taxes. And if the government will force everyone to “whitewash” if theyll survive. The trend to “whitewash” is, and the government is very active in this matter.

Anyway, the players will be to consolidate. Small will leave large — to grow and to take their audience will buy more. Someone in debt, someone for money is different. Frankly, there should be five to ten major players in their segments, to be effective.

Technology chat-bots will continue to evolve. I believe in them with the communication point of view — it is easy to talk to. But dont believe the sale. But in sales through social networks I am sure full. We are now actively following this trend.

Social networks, especially, will be developed as the entry point to the Internet. Soon we will be many things to do in the social network. Even opening a search engine. Its a long lasting trend. To listen to an audio recording of the interview is on iTunes, SoundCloud and Facebook.

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