“We Immodestly Call Themselves The Pioneers Of Native Advertising”

Director of the TV channel 2×2, Denis all saints on the promotion of cartoons on television in the Internet age. Your target audience is teenagers and young adults. Now the Russians are under 20 years almost never watch TV. How do you deal with this problem?. For us its not really a problem.

Yes, we really orientirueshsya on young adults, and we basically do not watch TV. In communication with the audience we are talking to him, not as other channels, and its like we communicate on the Internet — as informal as possible. It is foolish to compete with the Internet. Although we and other channels do not compete, because we have an audience of young adults, which in addition to 2×2 not watching other TV channels.

Internet try to use to their benefit. Do cross-media projects for television and Internet audience. There are viewers who know your channel and your brand. Those who are now 25-35 years.

And there is a potential audience of schoolchildren who watch the battles, sit in Instagram, heard something about 2×2, but the TV is not include. As you try to reach this audience. Basically, we lead all communication with the more adult audience, not Teens. Another thing is that some of our content is focused on adolescents, such as cartoon “Pickle and Peanut”.

All morning and afternoon cartoons pretty light. A younger audience engage with content. In 2016 we started our own animation Studio KuTstupid (produces cartoons “Suspicious owl”, “Multt”, “Keith Stupid show” vc.ru). It grew out of the Internet project, from cartoons that you guys did for YouTube.

All we do now is cross-media status and appears in the Internet, and on television. When there are new cartoon series, we announce them on our YouTube channel with short teasers. Now our animation Studio nearly one million subscribers in other social networks — hundreds of thousands. Even about 50 thousand in Instagram account, which leads plush Homer Simpson.

We are reconstructing the logic of a broadcast channel and trying to adapt to new trends. There are a number of technical nuances, which I cant talk openly. Tell us more about your target audience.

In the rankings we measured the coverage of the audience aged 14 to 44 years. The core audience — young men aged 18 to 30 years. Average age — 27 years. Gained coverage for 2016 — 45.6 million people across the country over the age of four years. Initially, the 2×2 was the capital TV channel, broadcast only to Moscow, and now in many us cities look even more than in Moscow, Samara, Yekaterinburg, Tula.

Every week we make videos for the viewers with ratings, kind of versus-battles between the cities. This summer in honor of the decade of the canal we went in all cities with a ten-inflatable cake — we have decided to talk to them, congratulate them, give gifts. But surprisingly gave gifts to us — a home-made fanart.

We still hooked up from the office where the employee of TV channel parses them live. Most gave figures, as well as homemade heroes in the animated series, for example, the robot Bender from “Futurama”, made from tin cans. It gave us two adults aunt from Ryazan. But surprisingly gave gifts and we brought home a truck homemade fan art. So we came up with the whole reality show “House 2×2”.

Our PR Director for three days settled in the tent and assorted gifts from the audience in the live broadcast. Collected 350 thousand views. Most of the gifts were homemade figures and heroes in the animated series. My favorite robot Bender from “Futurama” from cans donated two adults aunt from Ryazan.

We are so inspired that we are going to soon establish the worlds first award fanart — our answer to the glamorous awards in the field of show business. 2×2 is largely about creativity, we even call ourselves the first hemispheric channel. I want to continue to inspire people to do more, and no rebate. How to change your broadcasting from 2007 to 2017?.

Global change, perhaps, was not. We were created as entertainment channel for adults, and still adhere to this sports line. Since 2009 we have started to appear reanimatsionnye serials — daytime Comedy like “big Bang Theory” and “Clinic”, and evening fighters and drama — “Fargo”, “Banshee”, “Californication”. Right now I am experimenting with horror, we have a block of “scary movie”, and every Tuesday we feature different horror movies, which are very well look. On Halloween we plan to show “Real vampires”.

This is the coolest Comedy in the style of mocumentary about vampires. An integral part of the channel — own the content, not just animation. We started to produce it in 2010 with the launch of the show “Reutov TV”, which was popular and broadcast, and the Internet. Opening a Studio of animation are simultaneously produced five projects.

This year we doubled the amount of own production in two times — up to 96 minutes of animation in a week, vs. 44 minute last season. Im a big fan of anime, and I want to share anime grew. On the last day of summer, we made a feast “Day of a sad logs” and showed all series of the cult anime series “Anpanman”. Except now the audience is now a request for anime.

Again, I think it was popular in 2000-ies, when MTV was showing “Evangelion”, and 2×2 “Steel alarm”, “Hellsing” and so on. Of course, there are. In the same in the film industry now coming adaptation of the cult anime from “Ghost in the shell” to “death note”. Not to mention the original movie — now in theaters show a beautiful film, “Your name” Makoto Cinco.

I relatively recently discovered anime as a genre, which really surprises, delights and inspires. And for everyone who thinks that anime is not a cake, I can advise you to look at the same “Anpanman”. How much is the localization of one series of Western cartoon or a TV series?. Very different dependent on the content and type of voice. If its off-screen voice — cheaper if not more expensive.

One of the series “Pickle and peanut” — we have raised ourselves, with the help of employees 2×2. Everything is very individual. What are the approximate price range for dubbing and for Sakata. The price to call is incorrect.

Everything is very individual. Well, how much is the production season of their own multiserial. And what is more profitable — to produce or translate.

There are two aspects that are worth considering. When you produce content, it is yours to keep forever when you buy something you have a limited number of impressions. Own content to do more complicated and more expensive but in the long run it is more profitable than zakupne, is it creates a face and identity of your brand. Not to mention the millions of other ways to monetize the product in the field of licensing.

When you are producing your own animated series, then at what stage of production you start to promote it. And what channels are using. Promote in the first place — through the ether, provenance and screensavers. Also through digital channels and our social media accounts.

Usually promotion starting a month before the airing, increasing the number and rotation of the rollers closer to the premiere. The classical scheme of promote, which we adhere to is as follows. First run short teasers, the movie about the storyline, familiarity with the main characters of the show. Closer to the display starts counting down the days and time before the premiere.

And after the premiere produced “passerinii”, which spoilered what awaits you in the next episode. Periodically we conduct online competitions on the theme of Prime or non-standard approaches. To launch the second season of “Suspicious owl” is an animated series that parodies American detectives — we made the first Russian animated video format VR 360.

It looked about 1.5 million people. What private projects do you consider successful and which failed. Everything that makes our animation Studio, we consider it successful.

The same “Suspicious owl”. We made stickers with the main character in iMessage and Telegram, they were downloaded hundreds of thousands of users. As for failed projects, I cant say what. We often experiment and make projects, not for high ratings, and for the image channel.

For example, launched an hour-long film “Grandma in hyperspace” is a looped video with music based on the meme about the old woman, who was stuck in the subway. It is clear that in the air it looked not very good, but we have created a good informational noise around. Tell us more about how the purchase of the content. Unlike other channels, we on the one hand simpler because of the unique niche, but on the other hand, difficult to find new content.

Animation for adults — not the most popular genre on the world TV. Search and review has been our program Director. Every year we go to theme tolerance. The main takes place in Cannes in autumn and spring.

Its like speed Dating — you during the day, meet with a huge number of partners and contractors. Most of the major players in the market — our partners, but we start and new connections. Usually within several minutes to exchange news and future plans, review and discussion of the Prime Minister, the preliminary agreement in the near future. Periodically we find something interesting on the Internet and negotiate a publishing authors.

This year we even made a special night block of independent films by Russian Directors and called the “Black zyrkaet” because most of the work was very dark and was noted for a satirical view of the modern world. As you come up with ideas for projects and activities. A portion of the content invent ourselves — by the staff of the channel or the animation Studio. Some of the projects we bring the audience and partners — different production.

We too, for they cling to and develop. As in any art, there is no single clear channel. What is the relationship between internal and external ideas.

I think 80% to 20% — the initiative comes from us. Among those materials, what to bring, there are short films that draw our audience — we use them for cross-program screensavers. When we have something to bring, we try to tailor the content under your tongue. “Udaimahal” it.

Tell us more about it. What is that language. Own style and culture. For me its something like a language in which we communicate with the audience.

It is difficult to categorize — on the one hand he holds a black humor, irony, bullying, healthy form of social protest against what is shown by other channels, we often act out their. For example, in the show “Multt”. Now we have a separate show parodies other channels, called “Mult”. And our answer to the evening news — “Choboty”, comical look at current events in the world.

We have our own philosophy that we are trying to broadcast on the content and promosnastka, and the design of the channel, and at events that we hold. How hard it is to attract advertisers with this image. And what kind of advertisers, which could attract. Surprisingly, its not that hard.

We have a small internal advertising Agency — when we are approached by advertisers, we often adapt their insights to the audience 2×2 on her tongue. During the existence of the 2×2 we have done hundreds of integrations for most major brands in the language of the channel. And if before, when I came to the channel in 2008, it was difficult, but now advertisers know what audience it is necessary to speak her language, so turn to us as interpreters. We immodestly call themselves the pioneers of native advertising, because one of the first on television began to turn advertising into entertainment promoconcert. Now, more and more partners want to do it crossmedia projects with 360 degree coverage and original mechanics.

Some of our favorite advertisers who are open for experiments — this is the distributors. Together with them we work out new and crazy mechanics of attracting spectators, and fancy dress parties with private screenings. For those who are afraid to experiment with hooligan collage animation, we often pereozvuchivat traditional advertising in the style of 2×2 to stand out and be memorable we have on the channel. Sometimes added to the scenes staff and talk.

“Weve tried this product yourself, make sure that”. Of the latest cases. We have all summer was the advertising campaign, a youth tariff plan “MegaFon”, where one of our characters appear in the cutscenes and cross-program stopcadr. Almost every month we held one or two stocks with the involvement of the audience in various competitions. One of my favorite cases, which I invented, and new year contest “Santa Claus of the future” together with the Skittles.

Viewers had to take the vacuum cleaner, to dress up in costume of Santa Claus and take a picture. Tell us about the revenue. The growth of sponsorship budgets in 2016 to 35% by 2015.

This is about three times better than market growth — it is about 11%. On more than you earn, in addition to advertising?. In parallel, been developing umbrella brands. Now going to start the soda under its own brand, will present it at the next Comic Con. Also experimenting with a store 2×2.

Last year under the brand name of Pizza Boy delivered our branded clothing in boxes of pizza. Although from the business point of view for us it was more an art project than earnings. For example, we had a small party “clothes for the prisoners”, with the understanding that this is unlikely to be the most popular dress code in our country. Additional income — the organization of animation festivals and events, such as “Night of animation 2×2”, where the main premiere of the animated show, set costume dress code and all the night turn the cartoons.

You have a lot of people in the state. In the state of the channel 35 employees in the state Studio of about 50 people. All this is excluding employees of Gazprom-media, who are responsible for commercial, legal, accounting, administrative Department.

We have a software Department, Department of promo and design, its own production Department, Department predefines training. Many work since the founding of the channel, I from 2008. If the other Federal channels there are hundreds of people, we like a little crazy family. Plus, we ourselves often appear in the air as the face of the channel.

You enter into holding “Gazprom-media”. What it helps the channel, and what, on the contrary — hinders?. It helps that the holding company assumes the technical and strategic business development 2×2, all the headaches that we would not be able to remove. Interference is difficult to call. They probably lie in the fact that “Gazprom-media” is a large structure, and any actions are associated with a great number of different approvals.

But it is inevitable in any such industry. Channel profitable or is it dependent on “Gazprom-media”?. And profitable and dependent on “Gazprom-media”. Theyre not mutually exclusive, isnt it.

If you say that you have part of the content of the pilot, the holding company acts as a sponsor, right. We jointly developed a budget plan for the year and try to stick to it. Pilot projects — part of the plan.

Now we just we make up the budget for next year. Usually we all without surprises. It seems that you are in a state of some chaos. Take the same Internet broadcast with the PR Director in a tent.

How do you manage this chaos. I like the word “structured chaos”, and the best way to illustrate my office is a terrible mess where I know where everything is. TV workers by definition work in chaos, but this extremely demanding job. There is no room for error, very hard deadlines, compared to any other media.

So you have to strike a balance between creative chaos and the strict structure of the work. Some of my friends who previously watched 2×2, many admitted that after 2012, when you introduced self-censorship because of the law on the protection of children from information they stopped to watch the channel. How do you cope with the outflow of the audience and keep the balance between law and private hooligan culture?. This is difficult, because of restrictions becomes more.

We position ourselves as an adult and constantly broadcast that on the air. “Take the children away from the TV. TV — not childrens entertainment.”. From the outside it still looks like irony and Harmful advice.

Any of our communication with the audience is of an ironic nature, but that does not mean that we can talk about serious things in this language. We take into account the fact that we can switch the children which at some point need to drive, so often make scary screensavers with dogs or scary clowns. I would really like to be in the country has changed the attitude to censorship to humor, so our society will be more psychologically healthy. It is better to discuss the problems and make fun of them, than to gloss over them or pretend they dont exist.

As of now the authorities and regulators respond to your broadcasting policy. No, because it is difficult for us prikopat. With the advent of new restrictions, we have strengthened the work of the Department predefines training and began carefully to study all the content to broadcast to stay within the law and true to themselves.

In 2008 you fall under the pressure of Orthodox activists. In recent years they have started to appear more frequently in the public space — for example, leader of the “Christian state”, said that his supporters can burn cinemas that will show the movie “Matilda”. Have you encountered lately with the Orthodox activists?. Thank God, not experienced. In our country the topic of religion is very complex and controversial, were on 2×2 go around it.

In 2008, when religious fanatics did not like the cartoon character “South Park”, was a famous conflict — they tried to close the channel. We strongly rescued the audience, who began to organize rallies in support. But the point is not the content, right. You, as aired “South Park” and broadcast.

Why they stopped paying attention to you. I want to believe that these people have changed minds, and they realized that “South Park” — actually a cult show with a very delicate satire, and not a marginal toilet humor for Teens, as it may seem at first sight. How many books and treatises written about his philosophy. Recently started out the 21st season, and the guys are still on top, sorry we cant give ether to a series immediately after their release.

What are your plans for 2018?. We will increase the number of its own shows and serials, including run several programs on the topic of animation as industry. Will soon go on television market in Cannes and hope that it will come back with suitcases of the new cool projects and ideas for the show next year.

Going to experiment more actively with marketing on-air and digital representations, with events in cities. The whole 2017 we are fully dedicated to the audience and really want to continue to make a channel for them, about them and with them in the lead role.

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