“We Need To Let People Work The Way They Want”: Why The Foreign Agency Force Employees To Change The Office Space

The trend does not bind employees to a specific location in the office got development in 2015. Then, according to the International Association of management (International Facility Management Association), 58% of companies said that have increased the number of employees who are not “attached” to a certain place or working at large communal tables. This author, Brian (Brian McPartland) came in a branding Agency IPG Mediabrands as an Intern. Instead of having to sit in the corner with other beginners, every day he takes a new place. As a result, he regularly crossed paths with the managing Director of the Agency mark Power (Mark Power).

After training of this author, took on the job full-time. “I saw that he worked very hard. I also noted the impact it had on the team, said the Power, I would See such an effect if he hadnt transplanted. Possible. But I would not have discovered this myself, if not interacted with this author.

I was bribed”. Digiday writes that “hotdesking” — the phenomenon where employees move from place to place — can be considered to improve the capacity of open space. This practice is used in the IPG Mediabrands agencies, JWT and Mother. In Mother employees are transplanted to new locations every three months, and IPG Mediabrands and JWT employees should look for a table every day and to keep personal belongings in boxes in a separate place.

“We started working at the same table. This created the conditions for maximum cooperation within the team,” — said co-founder Paul Malmstrom Mother. Planning Director JWT Jessica strode (Strode Jessica) explained that the Agency moved to open-space with variable Seating arrangements in the hope of improving the interaction between employees. In her opinion, the team achieved their goal after six months after the introduction of rules.

She noted that in such an atmosphere comfortable to work with, because almost any time you can start talking with those close to you. Strode said that in such circumstances, increased flexibility, and the ability to improvise and generate new ideas. The Agency eReach “hotdesking” — is primarily a cost-effective solution. According to BBC research, in the office, you will always have people who dont need a separate Desk for work. In the end, the Agency transferred to work remotely about half of the employees and reduced costs for rental.

Executive Director eReach miles Waves (Myles Vives) explained. “”Hotdesking” fits our business. But for offices with a large number of people and may not be suitable”. According to the columnist Digiday, there is a “Golden mean” — “hoteling” when the employee does not have a specific location, but it can pre-order the vending place on the day. This system works in the Agency Jellyfish which has offices in the UK and the USA.

It employees who are on a business trip, you can book a place for work in offices in London and Brighton. Operating officer of Jellyfish Jennifer Thorpe (Jennifer Thorpe) said. “Our company is focused on teamwork. But it makes sense only for commands that deal with business development. So we have a little jobs are reserved for “hotdesking””.

Explorer Digiday considered and possible negative attitude towards “hotdesking”. Constantly being distracted, an employee of the Agency is irritated, it reduces its productivity. The study of The Academy of Management showed that continuous replanting makes some people sociopathic. One of the employees of JWT anonymously reported that it is difficult to maintain a “clean Desk policy”, which is a company.

“The fact that you cant keep anything on the table, and you have to clean the locker, gives unpleasant feeling,” he said. Edition vc.ru learned from representatives of the Russian advertising agencies, what the Seating plan is better effect on productivity. I have a personal space and is both comfortable and very uncomfortable. Of course, when you need to concentrate or chat confidentially, everyone is trying to isolate itself from the environment and are looking for, no matter what corner to be hammered to not distract. Me to move is not necessary, here and suffer from the “dynamic insufficiency”.

In our office there are several formal and informal places of solitude, which creates an easy “dynamics”. And creative is usually not limited by office space. If I change the working space affects creativity, I would every week (or more often) all changed. And the atmosphere in the office, Yes, of course, affects.

Its psychology, any change is removed from a state of equilibrium, so to arrange a “stress change favorite area”, littered with a bunch of artifacts from the past, just need. When people hear the words. “Creative Agency” — we immediately think that there are hipsters in tattoos that hammocks work with Macbook. Although, of course, standards of appearance and discipline we a little lower than in the Bank, it is the same business, and he is subject to the General rules.

You cannot begin to work with the hour, when clients already nine in the morning writing letters. As for jobs, and indeed all fashionable innovations — I am opposed to inflexible solutions. Wrong to come to the office in the morning and say. “Now all work for bean bags (Ottoman — approx.ed.) as Zuckerberg”. Each employee fits your format.

We have Marvelous people are divided about 50/50. Floor-the Department runs the office, working on the floor, the sofas, the kitchen or even on the veranda or the roof. The second part could focus directly on a workplace. You need to give people work the way they want to, not to drive into the frame.

They will be grateful, and this will increase their effectiveness. In the office there must be many reading areas, but also jobs to cancel should not be. By the way, my best ideas I come up with while sleeping or walking, so go to posterity, Hiking and Napping for 15 minutes in the middle of the day is for us all normal. Here of late I just dont like.

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