“We Spoiled His Reverent Attitude To Them”

The customer is not always right. This is not to say that because big brands always the same strategy. To avoid public negativity in any way. But few recognized that there are cases when a customer behaves, if not corporate policy, with him at least cease to communicate.

Lets first define some terminology. Consumer extremism is a situation when the client is artificially increases the degree of drama in the fight for their rights. In cooperation with the customer can be several scenarios.

Who is this “man-spotrebitel” and what motivates them. Consider the situation. Fault on the side of the brand. We understand that any brand under development was conceived as superlinearity. Ask any founder, whether he wanted to have his couriers have the wrong address or its operators were rude.

Of course not. Unfortunately, the entrepreneur cannot fulfill all functions, it can only educate your staff accordingly. But is not perfect. The cashier in a bad mood, the loader angry wife, the human factor works accidents happen.

From them nobody is insured. If you blame the brand, and the problem happened for the first time, which will make adequate man. Several options, which depend on factors heap. From “noticing” to “stop using service”.

Max, in conversation with friends will give their opinion. But “man-spotrebitel” start bugging the support team, all staff, which are able to reach out and make a lot of publications, be sure to mention the brand and all involved. When he tries to speak on behalf of the brand, “spotrebitel” wont listen. No arguments and arguments do not work if he considers himself unjustly offended.

Apologies and promises to fix everything working, but with every year less. It remains only to be humiliated. And “spotrebitel” knows this, so will get this done any way. What I mean by “grovel”.

Lets see how to respond in social networks of any big brand. Winds like a snake, throws himself with mud, and promise to lay off employees. “Spotrebitelu” like it. Yes, that is deprived of attention and given lots of time to people (how else to explain this behavior does not work), will go to any extremes to get your dose of humiliation from the brand. And this is the essence of consumer extremism.

Consider another situation. In some cases, allegedly offended customers lie. We recently had such a story. In one of the enthusiastic entries from visitors of our party, the girl wrote a comment about the fact that we have a great place to export things, and that the operator was nasty to her.

Turn to export things is really big. On the one hand is the problem, on the other — an artificially created situation, as we are still not technically ready to handle a large number of exported things. But the rudeness of the operator — this is a serious problem that need to work. Raise conversation with the girl and find out what really rude to the girl.

We decide to ignore the comment, so dont want to waste time on a man that creates a problem where there is none. However, the girl does not calm down. It comes to the personal page of one of the founders of the service and in the comments again raise the subject. In the discussion on the argument that rude after all, she should be the next “I can be rude in the letter because I previously got nasty on the phone”.

Find a recording of the conversation. The operator is responsible is really insecure, but there is no rudeness. We suggested to publish correspondence and conversation, but the girl at first continues to exaggerate the problem. “you could just apologize,” “I was not in the mood, and it seemed to me that rude to me”, and then goes with the phrase “Oh, everything”. It — consumer extremism in the light.

. No one is immune from mistakes. I dont like when faced with the problem of the client is at all instances, writes and calls the head of the brand, to Express their dissatisfaction. I think we spoiled his reverent attitude to him. Now anyone with 100 subscribers in a social network, a huge ego and a lot of free time, thinks he can threaten an angry publications in Facebook.

If the brand is constantly doing something wrong — use another. Even if he made a single mistake, and you dont like it, use others. How to deal with it, if you have your own company.

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