What An Absurd Projects Asking For Money To Aspiring Entrepreneurs

The Creator of the community “Free startup” Yulia Frolova has collected examples of Russian investors. Among the thousands of letters that start-UPS bombard the investors mail, come across masterpieces superior to works of the nominees for the Nobel prize for literature.

One venture capitalist shared with me petchem, where in addition to the proposal itself artistically described the psychedelic experience path to insight. However, many startups, however, are not in a hurry to share even the idea. Because it can be stolen, and no money to give.

In such cases, investors have to be content with modest hints. Here are quotes from the start up of commercial proposals that are sent to the managing partner of AltaIR Fund, business angel Igor ryabenky. “I have a brilliant idea”, “Idea, which is not even in Russia, probably in other countries too. Youll be the first to apply this system, its new for all, all genius is simple”, — on what there is a speech, candidates for the tranches, of course, not talking.

But often these pitches end with something like. “Are you sure?”. And the truth is, time is money, do not need to be sprayed in front of anyone. Not only for fun, but also to prevent such errors, I asked the investors what absurd ideas they patchily.

The hype around the it industry creates an influx of non-professional people who think that they will be able to come up with an idea and make a business. Of course, it is not. Absurd projects appear every day. For example, the project of launching satellites for global Internet from any student 16 years of age a presentation I discovered in 2014.

On the one hand its a great idea. Facebook just invested billions into the development of such technologies. But the feasibility and success of this business for a person without qualifications and experience is absurd. The most common absurd phenomenon — an attempt to convince investors to invest in the idea — Yes, in the idea — which he himself, fundraiser cannot even articulate, and in the process of pitching develops an initial “sketch”, which over the next few minutes really has nothing to do with the original topic entitled. This is one of those phenomena is an absurdity of absurdities in all respects.

Among the amusing absurdities, I would pick jumping a car, which through a device attached to the bottom, jumping through all the inconveniences of the modern city. I was offered to invest in a mobile app to place a virtual candle in Church and performing other religious rituals online. Absurd, because the target audience of the application — youth — little goes to Church, and if walking, you will not want to replace this ritual online-action, because what is important is the ritual, not the fact of the glow plug. We were offered to invest in the project on the use of “superweak electromagnetic radiation of the material environment — substances and biological objects”.

From the description of this innovation. “..allows you to transmit via communication lines the emission of various substances, and consumers in any point of the globe to use it in medicine, pharmacology, agriculture, veterinary, poultry farming, food industry and other fields of human activity”. Was “like Twitter, but without character restrictions”.

Some “startups” like to tell that they have a cool idea (only), but its so bomber that they will share it only after we sign a NDA. They cannot be persuaded by arguments that we need to understand what we do, whether its our investment focus. Was a project — a custom advertising tool. A car with a projector parked near the houses displaying ads on their walls.

Technically — technically very straightforward, but legally — very slippery. Is light image on the wall of the building advertising or not. Or, maybe its the “random reflection” from the equipment, standing in the car. The question remains open.

In my opinion, the most absurd proposal that has received the Foundation is “the worlds First University for esoteric, magic, and paranormal phenomena” and a request for $30 million on the production of Kazakhstan blockbuster “Slaves”. In the first case, it would be difficult to find the famous records of the IDC and Gartner market learning magic, so we have not invested in the project. And devices diagnostics of the aura and generators special fields are made without us.

In the second case, we are scared of the possible headlines — “LETA Capital buys slaves.”. Most reject ideas nothing bad to say, just their authors are turning to us for support, not understanding the principles and business model of the Fund. Here are just a few recent examples. Creation of production for bottling of mineral and drinking water in Belarus, the publishing house in Georgia that is looking for a venture partner to “expand and reach the level of European printing”, and so on.

These projects are not absurd in themselves, the ideas absurd assumption that a venture capital Fund to support them. The idea that I was really laugh — is the search for venture capital support for a cartoon about Snowden. Now the authors have moved your request to Boomstarter and scored as many as 150 of the required 100 thousand rubles. It seems to me that there is already quite a conscious (and, thank God, not face), the calculation of fools. I liked the project for construction in Crimea of a huge hotel complex, which on top would look like a big bear — he would be all Golden color in one “paw” would be co-located pool, another water Park, restaurants, bowling and so on.

All of this was requested for 3 billion rubles. Especially popular topic — space projects “for the future”. One of the investors told about know-how device for moving in space. “externally, the device is similar to an accordion or spring. Is compressed with two hands, one hand go — and takes you to the other side”.

Target audience, of course, was not analyzed.

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