What kind of advertising is removed by Fyodor Bondarchuk, David Fincher and other notable filmmakers

In 2015, in honor of its 90th anniversary “Zenith” has released a one-minute film, which drew Fyodor Bondarchuk. The roller consists of several scenes shot in St. Petersburg and showing “pictures from the lives of ordinary people who are busy with daily chores”. According to representatives of the football club, of great importance in the film is the city, because “Zenith” is “an integral part of and owe him my identity and charisma”. Speaking about his participation in the project, the Director also noted the close relationship between city and football club.

I was interested in the citys history, the history of different people rooting for their favorite team, which is an integral part of St. Petersburg. Lately I spend almost half of my life in your town. I see that the “Zenith” here lives a separate life, thats one of his characters. There is a Hermitage, Gergiev (Russian conductor, artistic Director of the Mariinsky theatre — CA.

Ed.) and the Mariinsky theatre, the Mikhailovsky theatre, and there is a “Zenit”. It very much felt. Maybe Petersburgers are used to it, but, for example, Muscovites very well see this unity in the city passion for football. Our film is not about football, not about players, its all about the city, about its streets.

We made up a story about the city in which the favorite team is one of the main components of life. Here and office workers, and port workers, and intellectuals, and just fans-the fishermen who catch on the Neva smelt, and hipsters, and athletes. Plus the city itself as an architectural monument, in which there is a “Zenit”. In the summer of 2015 the network of restaurants “McDonalds,” launched an advertising campaign to show that the employees get on the job knowledge and skills applicable to a full time profession.

Heroes advertising were real students, spoke about his duties in “McDonalds” and plans to life. Both clips directed by Mikhail Segal, known for his painting “the Stories”. The film tells the story of the manuscript of a young writer, inside of which are four stories about life of representatives of Russian society. The film won two awards at “Kinotavr” in 2012 and was nominated for the “Nika” prize in 2013 for best screenplay.

In 2014 he was involved in the shooting in advertising footwear brand Westfalika family Joseph Prigogine and singer Valeria, Arseny and Anna Chuliganai. The main task was to attract the attention of customers to the possibility of placing the goods in installments. The video was broadcast on channel “Russia1”, STS, TNT and NTV.

In the early 90-ies Bekmambetov is famous for series of commercials “world history” to Bank “Imperial”. The campaign started advertising on the Napoleon, Caesar, Peter the great, Nero, Ivan the terrible, Genghis Khan and other historical figures. Quotes from the video quickly became recognizable in the society, and the work was awarded on thematic festivals. Bekmambetov also directed ads for Gazprom, Nescafe Gold, beer “Golden Barrel”, juices “I” and “Caprice”.

One of the latest works was shot in 2014, four-minute video “the Heart of the capital” for the company “donstroy”. “Its a movie or advertising. I dont know. But working on a project for me and the team Bazelevs it was a great pleasure,” — commented on the shooting Bekmambetov.

Fincher began his career by directing advertising — then it was his main occupation. Later large companies began to attract it to its projects because of a big name and recognized talent. Advertising is one of the last works Director — the Gap campaign 2014 called “Dress normal” and the slogan “Let your actions speak for you more than your clothes”.

The project has been criticized for the appeal to platitudes — he called people to dress normally and routinely. No campaign in social networks under the hashtag #DressNormal or videos are not affected the commercial success of the brand in November 2014 sales down 4%. One of the rollers Fincher to his success in Hollywood has been advertising for Levis called “the Chase” (1996).

Also in portfolio Director, you can find a video for Motorola, established in 2006 and translirovatsya the Super Bowl. Fincher did not draw the viewers attention on a minimalist design Motorola Pebl and talk about the advantages of the smartphone and showed it as a device forged by nature itself. In 2013, Scorsese made Scarlett Johansson and Matthew McConaughey in the advertisement of the perfume The One by Dolce & Gabbana. The campaign, executed in black and white, came in a television broadcast entitled “Street dreams”.

During the creation of the movie, the Director admitted that derives pleasure primarily from the filming of Manhattan. “I grew up in new York, so for me this is a very special experience”. In 2007 the Director made a humorous advertisement for the humanitarian project of American Express. In the video participated singer Alicia keys and Sheryl crow, TV host Ellen DeGeneres, snowboarder Shaun white and tennis player Andre Agassi.

Back in 1986 Scorsese directed two thirty-second commercial for Armani. The first one advertised a clothing line Emporio Armani. The video shows a young couple sitting on bed. The girl teaches the Italian language to the interlocutor, pointing to their facial features.

Company Director amounted Oscar-winning Spanish cameraman and documentary filmmaker Nestor Almendros, who worked on the video. Clip from guy Ritchie about the professional life of a footballer, who got to Arsenal after a goal in one of the matches, got gold at the advertising festival “Cannes lions” in 2008. In the video starred such iconic players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, William Gallas and Cesc Fabregas.

In 2002, the Director worked on several short films for BMW. At that time he was married to Madonna and drew her to participate in the filming. In the story of one of the rollers, the Manager tries to teach the spoiled singer agrees with driver that he would be reckless to drive on the road at all speeds. When Madonna arrives to the place, throws her on the red carpet, where there are paparazzi.

In 2012, the fashion house Christian Louboutin, famous brand shoes c sole in “monochrome red style”, for the first time decided to launch cosmetic line. In 2014, the shooting of the advertisement of nail polishes with the explicit reference to the core product of the company Louboutin was attracted by avant-garde Director David Lynch. Another fashion brand who invited Lynch to — Dior.

The Director has created for the brands 16-minute film starring Marion Cotillard. Particular attention was paid to background music, as is customary in his paintings. The Director of “Prometheus” made for Apple TV advertising, which later became legendary. It aired January 22, 1984, titled “1984” — with a hint of dystopia George Orwell.

The video shows head of a man on screen — hes talking about the anniversary of the instructions “information purification” and unification of society, while looking at him the mass of shaven-headed men in the same clothes. His speech is interrupted by a young woman, runs up to the screen and with a sweep of the hammer throw at him. See the credits. “On January 24 Apple Computer will introduce Macintosh.

And youll see why 1984 wont be like “1984””. The movie has influenced not only the audience, but also to works of mass culture. It is parodied in the TV series “Futurama”, and footage of him appeared in the film “99 francs”.

In addition, in the Bank of Scotts fantasy movie for Chanel No.5, as well as the advertisement of Pepsi and Nissan.

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