What Makes You Read An Article About The Company

Chapter from the book “the Evangelist of business,” focuses on what features should have the text to attract the readers attention. The publishing house “Mann, Ivanov and Ferber” published the book “the Evangelist of business. Stories about content marketing and brand journalism in Russia”. The author — Sergey Abdulmanov, marketing Director of the “Mosigry” and co-owner of an advertising Agency, shares his experience in how to learn to talk about your business so that the readers will enjoy yourself looking for the continuation of the stories. Usually, the readability of the post are three basic things.

Surprise, amusement, use. The surprise is, for example, posts about any strange animals, and the answers are not very practical right questions like “how mobile communication in the subway”, the stories and history. Entertainment — is looking at mi-mi-mi-cats, reading jokes and so on. The benefit is educational posts, interesting professional insights, life hacks.

In General, something that has a practical value. Of course, most stories combine the three reason. For example, porn. Or show “Top fat” (Top Gear — vc.ru). But if you need to write about the company, this approach is not very effective.

He will answer the question of why the post was read or not read, but does not help to decide what to write next. To have your posts read, you need: Exclusive information is what your reader will not be able to find elsewhere. A mild form of an exclusive — the first to bring the hot news in the popular community. Anyone can do it, but you were the first and hit the jackpot.

Exclusive positions you can have several. For example: This exclusive can result in a series of posts that collectively will give you the best strategy for the next six months. For example.

But do not forget that without the second component — personal relationships — your content can be like excerpts from the encyclopedia. Test for the presence of simple personal. Imagine if competitors take your material, change the name of the company and publish in your blog or website. Can. So you tell anything except what is necessary.

And need to say things that are only possible with you. Dont be afraid to be very subjective. Tell me what you think, how you solve problems and what they mean from your point of view. “The cost of plumbing work is very high and not always predictable, so there is our service that allows you to..” may be exclusive, but its about nothing. And if you do so.

“Plumbers charge like expensive prostitutes. Moreover, infection, the phone always say. “It will cost from 500 rubles”. Then how will. And it is not clear.

Maybe we should cancel the wedding Banquet to pay off this unitasker demon. In General, we thought and thought and came up with a service where you can..” — here the story happened to you (you lost money), and so there was a draft. Readers involved in similar situations, recognize themselves or happy for the man who so badly hit. How much did you pay in the end.

Why. Then. There is nothing more interesting stories like “how I broke my leg, trying to buy a refrigerator”. Without this leg, the story would be typical.

And here — the whole bouquet of impressions. Or heres the post client of our PR Agency about the face detection on the video stream. Boring, technical, indicators for FRR and FAR, in General, is not what you will read after lunch. But engineers are on site in parallel, hunted for the cat, which at night came there are products in the warehouse.

And another wrote, as the face detection helped deal with theft at the facility. The post was “Golden” in terms of requests and in terms of audience reach. Why. Because it has everything.

Both theory and the hunt for the cat, and how our people have been robbed of a large grocery store years. Practice, use, originality, entertainment. But at the heart of something that only they could tell this story and they only told her like I tell stories to friends. And potential customers saw any particular financial results and by what means they managed to achieve. The basis of success of your material is valuable or unusual information.

With personal attitude.

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