What Mistakes Were Made Pavel Durov In Their Response To The Statement Of Anton Rosenberg

PR and HR specialists, lawyers and entrepreneurs about the conflict between the founder of VK and Telegram and its former employee. 18 September 2017, a former employee of “Vkontakte” Anton Rosenberg published on the site Medium text about his work in the social network and the company “the Telegraph” – related, he said, with the Telegram messenger. The developer has also described his relationship with his brothers Paul and Nicholas Durosimi and told me that was disconnected from business systems Telegram and dismissed after a personal conflict with Nicholas. Rosenberg filed a lawsuit on “the Telegraph”, demanding the payment of salary for the period of “absenteeism” and compensation for moral damages in a total amount of 1-1,5 million rubles, as well as the recovery in the workplace.

In response, OOO “Telegraph” filed a lawsuit against Rosenberg in the amount of 100 million rubles, accusing him that he disclosed confidential data, transferring to the court printouts of the working conversations in the lawsuit against the “Telegraph” and putting in your profile on Facebook that works in the Telegram. Both meetings were to be held on September 19 in the open mode, but later it became known that consideration of the claim of “Telegraph” to Rosenberg will be held in a closed format. Consideration of cases in court was not held, as the meeting were representatives of “the Telegraph”. PR specialist ivy Lee Rockefeller has long formulated the rule of cool, which sounds like always tell the truth (always tell the truth — vc.ru). Trying to distance itself from the former employee was a mistake — denial is never going to attract people to your side, the truth is always revealed, so I stand for fair in all situations.

For users of the conflict between Durov and Rosenberg will most likely unnoticed, but what a great idea Paul broadcast from all irons and kettles seem to have been fake, may be the unpleasant consequence. Often people go to work for the legendary founders of not for money or experience, but because of their ideas. Now everyone saw that asceticism which Paul preached, is just a pose. Is it possible to believe in the sincerity of his other ideas. Doubts.

It may deter young developers from the team. The best solution to fix the situation may be fair in the opinion of the audience, the attitude of Rosenberg, that is, the payment of compensation. And the work of himself and so quick. Telegram is not a Bank and not a clinic to have a crystal clear reputation. Although with the reputation of banks I got a little excited.

Party like Durov and scandals around him, so to say that this story is going to cause some significant damage, it is impossible. In all this drama theres an odd detail. Usually the comments of Pavel Durov extremely restrained and viral. For example, remember his answer Mail.Ru Group. And there was a very strange text about anything.

Share the bewilderment of Anton [of Rosenberg] with respect to action in his address. Based on the available documents, it seems that the position of the plaintiff weak and hastily prepared. The presence of a generic clause in the employment contract and even the NDA does not oblige the employee to remain silent. For the introduction of commercial secret regime you need to take certain mandatory actions, including: €? introduction of provisions on commercial secrets and the familiarization of the employees against signature;.

€? determination of the list of information constituting a commercial secret and the employees are aware of under a list;. €? the admission of the employee to information constituting a commercial secret (again for painting);. €? the presence of a stamp “commercial secret” on the media. The absence of even more conditions can not talk about the disclosure of trade secrets. There is a case where the provision on commercial secret was, but did not maintain records of persons granted access, and without having a suitable label.

The employee won the case. It is unclear why the inclusion of some evidence in the trial of the reinstatement of the plaintiff was considered a disclosure of confidential information among an unlimited circle of persons. Finally, why to prove “the dissemination of untrue information about my place of work” in Facebook if it does not pertain to commercial confidentiality. My predictions regarding a claim in the current exceptionally skeptical. However, Durov is another option.

After such an extensive record on Medium you can go through Oleg Tinkov and to defend their honor, dignity and business reputation. Not my business to understand who is right and wrong in the history of the brothers Durosimi and Rosenberg, but heres how to divorce a key employee, I can tell. If the employee was key and worked for a long time, do not be greedy. Believe me, any work conflict is solved with money.

From three to 12 salary (depending on the state of your company and its role) for the care and the obligation to remain silent, and no problems. Yes, I know that in this conflict the amount of other globally — 60 million rubles and 30 million rubles, but the role of the other, and talking about something else. And we are now on the typical conflict model of the company.

Before you can pay these salaries, even invest in a lawyer who “cleaned” everything in the legal field to all documents the employee has signed and they were competent. Do not pull. As soon as the conflict matured, decide. Decide without emotions.

Therefore it is better to do so. You meet a person and say “heart to heart”. I understand that it is difficult to say about the dismissal, so when you it says the lawyer. That is a lawyer or very experienced HR Department. Again, if you.

Only then a person does not feel that you are a coward and someone said it behind your back. Correctly talk about the care for all employee in the company. Independently and first. It is important for the atmosphere in the company.

Emphasize that before the employee was valuable, but not now, and thats life. And I wish him luck. So people will not worry that they will do the same. Properly convey information to investors.

Exactly the same — before [employee] was the key, now no, [it is] very expensive, very complicated, we are moving forward. Do not create indispensable. Approach “and we have the genius, and the whole technology rests on him” extremely dangerous for business. Even if he is a brother and not going anywhere, what if (God forbid), tomorrow a brick on his head will fall.

Therefore, the process of constant formation of personnel reserve is extremely important. Get a good lawyer and PR specialist. And when will the conflict, listen to them and not to meddle themselves. Otherwise trouble.

Dont have sex at work, please. Dont have sex. Even in the head. Is not this love, which is worth billions of dollars companies.

Potentially loving people in the world much more than billions of dollars of businesses that you can create. Morality. Any key employee — smart employee. Any intelligent person can drop the value and appeal of any smart business. Talking about a business built on people, not on resources.

For example, “Gazprom” is not to kill. Get cornered and aggrieved person could burn your Empire. It tells the pain, the hurt and the desire to protect themselves. Remember that this right is an important skill of a founder of the business.

No less important than to know how to hire people. (the original Facebook). On ships it will be hot. There will be lots of journalists.

Media Anton [Rosenberg] did exactly the right thing, brought the story to the public. To fight against Durov in the field of formal agreements is madness, its all very well covered. Comments a failure from the point of view of PR. The party is even further in the course, who sits where and who is the beneficiary.

To deny to a party that is known reliably, albeit slightly distorted formal madness. This isnt an argument in the comments how to pronounce the word “calling”. Imagine that comments about fallen communication “Beeline” came “Beeline” and said that it did not fall, because I laid down and not for half an hour and 28 minutes. Bringing the situation with the employee to the point — the failure.

It is necessary to completely miss the factor of human relationships and emotions. Pavel Durov always poorly understood. Not prosekaet, as formalist. There was no one who would give him another look. Its bad.

Its all very sad when a person becomes a hostage of his consciousness and makes him a hostage to everyone else. In the spring of 2013, when there was the story of the redemption of shares of “Vkontakte” Fund UCP, which was a similar situation. Strange behavior, inappropriate comments, are all aware of what was happening with the traffic police, but the public is denial. Then it was a shame, but endured, and hushed.

What is common. In this and in another case of “detachment from reality” come amid a series of troubles or unplanned things. It seems to me that the events of recent months around Telegram (circus with Roskomnadzor, insecure comments about Iran, the story of Anton) against the backdrop of some serious undercover process in Telegram. Perhaps prodajem. I dont know, but from scratch is not there.

About the sale of Telegram, it turns out, is right there in the text of the settlement agreement proposed by Anton Rosenberg. Say, if the job was explicitly stated in the interview that there is such a term. Well, either [Durova] kukushechka flew away and the banks lost, but this should also happen for some reason. Marlezonskogo ballet will continue after the two ships in St. Petersburg, which will bring together a bunch of journalists.

The product is not affected, Telegram, as “Vkontakte” at the time, Durov project fully. He now looks more like Travis Kalanick of Uber, the only difference is that we dont know investors Telegram. (the original Facebook). You have a normal temperature.

And your partner. For the harmony of his own life, still, were talking about family or work, I recommend to regularly check its condition. Public scandal in the team Durova and publication of Rosenberg is a serious material for analysis and personal insights. We all have in life that something was, and maybe still. I had a divorce with her first husband and was leaving one of the partners at work project.

Each time this took place without the loss of a human face. Cognitive — largest holding company, which operates 1284 man. It is necessary to make measurements of the States. After reading yesterdays revelations Rosenberg, I have formed some intermediate conclusions that I expose on your court.

Does not happen the lovely parting. The more you try to determine the possible future breakup (marriage contract, shareholder agreement, etc.), the deeper and more emotional internal claims partners. But legal certainty provided in the beginning of the relationship, will help you when parting to avoid public ugliness. Hurt that will anyone.

Like any disastrous event, there are no winners. In the history of Durov lost everything, and the team, which now rinse all the corners, and Rosenberg, which is not clear now where to get a job. Pointless, ugly battle for anything. When I hear “our firm Foundation, hotel and so on — family”, my hand reaches for the gun.

This means that people United not around a specific case on professional grounds, and in some murky emotional com where someone someone will fuck. I am for trade Union specialists. Friendly theme and hangout inside the technological process is the basis of the problems of the team Durova. While the two sides claim the emotional, womens.

“Hes crazy”,— rushing from Paul. “Traitors”, says Anton. It is always a misfortune. And time wont cure, if not leave it behind.

If people live in the past, they have no real. And no 30 million roubles Anton or 100 million rubles to Pavel nothing to them to decide. (the original Facebook).

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