What SexTech And How To Develop Industry With A Valuation Of $30.6 Bn

Technology the last decade has opened people free access to the territory, which was historically forbidden. In the middle ages, open conversations about sexual preferences threatened to the fire, in the 18-19 centuries was considered indecent — but now with the help of thematic services, you can find answers to all your questions and, most importantly, like-minded people. Tell us what SexTech and before our eyes a brand new multi-billion dollar industry. Science and technology are now playing ever more important in comparison with blind faith in miracles, and a sincere desire to go beyond social standards.

To live in the old way not desirable, but the new rules have not been created yet. The Internet helps people understand that human sexuality is diverse and attempts to rake up all under one standard will certainly fail. A big part of my life has been spent in digital marketing and marketing technologies, but more recently, I constantly engage industry SexTech. Call yourself a sex Evangelist, doing an educational project about sex Sex.Prostir, conduct thematic blog and finish to develop a kinky-application for partner search Newpl (to view the site you need to activate email).

We are different from Pure that help to find the person not just for sex, and partner fantasies and sensual experiences (“Cincom”). Help users to share their stories and listen to stories of others. Im sure the sensual intimacy of the partners is stronger if they have the same fantasy and are aware of and discuss their desires. Western journalists give such a definition SexTech. This is a set of technologies and innovations aimed at the development of human sexuality and sexual experience.

If we accept this definition, the industry appeared in 1896, when two French filmmaker has made the first porn film called Le Coucher de la Mariee. The popularity came to the industry with the advent of the Internet. In place of the video came file sharing and online video, the quality of which grew with increasing speed of access to the network. And if at the end of 1990-ies of the bad quality video it was necessary to swing a few hours, now no one was surprised porn in 4K.

In 2000-ies appeared the first “smart sex gadgets, porn movies in the format of virtual reality, mobile applications and services. Thanks to available technology, people begin to experiment with their desires, wider look at things and live for today. Projects such as , help people with the same interests find each other and jointly develop their imagination.

Investor and 500 Startups partner Tristan Pollock believes that sex, drugs, rock-n-roll, alcohol and gambling is the fastest-growing segments of the technology sector and the total value of the online segment of this business is approaching $0.5 trillion. American investor evaluates industry SexTech $30.6 billion. According to estimates Pollock, of this amount, $2 billion accounts for online Dating, a $14 billion — on applications and services and another $14.6 billion on porn. In their calculations the investor relies on the study to NBC News, Havocscope, The Fiscal Times and other Western publications.

For comparison, according to Kassia Complete, the volume of the market of the porn industry is $97 billion. In turn, the publication assesses industry Cnet VR porn at $3 billion. “Porno Studio experimenting with making movies, where the virtual viewer takes part in the process. At the same time the market appears more and more connected with Internet sex toys, which help the user to imagine that he is having sex with a partner and is not alone in the room”, — writes the edition. As Desirebound, the sales volume of these sex toys to 2020 will reach $52 billion.

Despite the impressive potential of the VR industry, I believe that the future for human relations. After all, people tend to have sex with each other, not with machines. Technology should help people find each other and deepen their experiences, not to serve as a kind of virtual substitute.

Tristan Pollock SexTech divides the category into three segments. Online Dating, sex and porn. However, he distinguishes between regular online Dating and sex segment. In his opinion projects like Tinder belong to the classical Dating, and let people use them to find sexual partners. Projects in the segment of “sex” to meet the needs of users.

Service on call Ohlala girls, intimate Dating app 3nder. I expanded the classification of Pollock and belong to the category SexTech such segments. Particularly rapidly growing “Internet of things” and related products. Service for the control of Masturbation at a distance of OhMiBod Remote in 2014, successfully entered the Indiegogo and now sells a set of sex toys that can be controlled via app on your smartphone (for example, a vibrator for your partner).

The topic of “Internet of things” and sex is long. VR porn, robot for a Blowjob Autoblow2+, sex toys on the basis of 3D printer New York Toy Collective, a set of devices and a platform for a long-distance relationship Kiiroo and even a vibrator with artificial intelligence Hum. The services also no shortage of.

The website KinkBNB helps people with unusual sexual tastes to find housing at landlords with the same views. Travelling in pairs or threes can choose accommodation where the welcome group sex and BDSM lovers to find an apartment, equipped with the appropriate equipment. I already for a long time spinning in my head the idea to develop innovative “smart” vibrator, and I hope that sooner or later it will get to its realization. It is a pity that in the world there is no accelerator, specializing in SexTech.

Imagine the round eyes of venture investors, which came to entrepreneur with this idea. Perhaps one day I will be able to run such an accelerator called SeCelerator — the name is derived from the words sex and accelerator. Offer clearer to see the projects and services of the categories SexTech in the overview presentation. In the movie “Dr. Kinsey” tells the story of an American doctor Alfred Kinsey, who researched sexual life and imagination of Americans.

Revelations of many respondents was unexpected. Many boys and girls had sex before marriage with many partners. Alfred began to persecute on all sides, starting from media and ending with the Catholic Church. “American women sleep with their husbands, period. We have nothing here to corrupt the nation”, said his opponents.

The film itself, as well as the real story of Dr. Alfred Kinsey, divided society. Some Americans have adopted these views, and they determined the sexual revolution, but many have called their debauchery. Since then, little has changed.

Everything that relates to sex, is a semi-legal position. Even difficult to promote sex education-projects — I came across this by starting Sex.Prostir. Than they are bad. If its only for user authentication, then the problem is solved by technical means.

The popularity of SexTech is not surprising. This area is historically taboo society, there are many fears and prohibitions, and people looking for a way out of this maze. In countries with strong religious lobby, the topic of sex is still under lock and key, and violation of these principles threatens guilty of serious challenges. Despite this, the sex industry is looking for ways of entering the mass market and full-fledged presence in the smartphone users. Sooner or later everything will come down to what Apple or Google will upgrade its identification system and open that content for adult users.

In the coming years, we will see many positive changes and new projects in the field of SexTech. The world is changing, and its good.

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