What the recruiter says in the summary for the first 20 seconds of its study — the story supervisor for hire Facebook

According to Benjamin, the selection of suitable methods summary varies from recruiter to recruiter, but, she says, “world of employment” is arranged much easier than it most people. The first thing most recruitment specialists filter out CVS of candidates who are categorically not suitable for the given role, and leave only those who looks “like he should be given a chance.”. Benjamin notes that now she is mainly engaged in hiring experienced developers, but in the past worked with grocery managers, and sales professionals, and representatives of professions related to Finance and the rules that it uses when processing the summary is applicable to any of the described areas. The head of the self-employed Facebook in the first 20-30 seconds of studying the summary draws attention to the following points:

In General, the verification of all these points at Amber Benjamin, she said, usually takes less than 25 seconds. This initial inspection helps to highlight her summary that she will be back later for deeper study and to reject candidates that she never liked. There are things that Benjamin, as she says, not paying attention almost never: Benjamin also gave some personal advice on resume writing:

There are a few things that a Director for hire Facebook to do not recommends that applicants:

Source: google.co.uk/blog/what-startup-consultant-can-and-can-t-do-for-your-startup/

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