What To Do If An Employee Has Reached His Limit

The Agency Comunica gathered opinions on what to do if an employee has reached the limit. The limit an employee can come not necessarily just for the top positions, and not necessarily working more than three years in one role or project, as is commonly believed. It sometimes feel and trainees, and employees working in the project of the year. In it industry the speed is much faster than in other industries, but its good that opportunities to overcome the limit much more.

If the conscious experience of the employee, and he wants to change, it is necessary to help determine his interest and help with the implementation if he (his head) can not cope with this task. The options are more to share the experience with others, to learn, to focus on new projects, get more responsibility, become an Evangelist in a certain direction, change the region to free up time for something personal. In almost all such cases, it is possible to overcome this limit.

The situation, when a man knows what he wants, and is ready to do something, to change something is not always. Here to guide the main thing — to catch this condition as quickly as possible and to help him, until he decided to change jobs. Not all see this and know the capabilities in the company, someone is hard to ask for help. Very much it also depends on personality type and past experience. Someone inclined to change yourself, and someone the situation.

If its a top-head, and catch such a situation is more complicated, and to talk about it can in a much more confined circle, and the opportunities for the radical expansion of duties or new projects is not always a lot. Again, a lot depends on personality type. Someone likes to improve the current, and someone wants six months to do something completely new. Well, when you work in a group of companies, which grows, and then the limit is only your internal limitations/power/motivation. If the person still did not realize that it adds to his life more meaning and energy, it would be good for him to recommend a mentor.

Sometimes this role can perform and colleague, and HR, and head of. And if the employee still tired, need a break. The search process may take quite a long time and it is important patience, and support. It so happens that the man himself or his head missed, blown, ceased to learn, to want to reach something. He may even himself did not notice it, or realize it, but for some reason are not ready to change something.

This case is more complicated. This condition greatly affects not only satisfaction, but and result, team, customers, etc. It is important to very gently and respectful to call a spade a spade. To make sure other possible reasons (personal reasons, uninteresting work, bad relationships, lack of recognition, and so on).

To help people to understand, accept, want to change something. If it succeeds, then everything will be fine, and if not, then likely will have to part. It is the employees on the high role, which in the past has done much, and are not always ready to maintain speed and offer new ideas.

The limit can be the competence and when a person can no longer pull a particular task. Here too it is necessary to evaluate the strength of the man, to speak frankly and find the best application. Such cases too are on different levels of the organization, and they are much harder to solve, but also possible. In the sense of limit can affect the confidence of the employee, and other factors, and then we should talk about the real results and to eliminate other reasons.

Generally helpful periodically to get out of your comfort zone to feel the potential difference and find inspiration for new exploits. In our practice there are situations when in one day you know that the specialist “hit glass ceiling”, the tasks for the current position he is already boring. Instead of having to develop a half-step ahead of the whole company, he goes into a state of stagnation.

The first signs of approaching such a situation is a sense of relief to the employee. Tasks yesterday or a month ago decided for weeks, demanding the inclusion of all the potential suddenly begin to be solved almost instantly. Somewhere during the working day there is free time — a little at first, just an hour and a half, then more and more. And now employees tightened social networks, watching online movies or other “time killers”.

Outputs from this situation can only be three, at our practice: €? Improve employee, even if this entails the necessity of reorganization or restructuring of the company. €? If this is not possible, to create the employees new position, with a fundamentally more serious problems, more relevant to its new capacity. €? Sorry, but still to part, allowing the technician to find employment in another company, but while maintaining the warm, friendly and partnership relations.

One company — our partner (name I will not mention for ethical reasons) hired a designer who according to the position worked fine printing, Souvenirs, layouts, advertising units and other. In parallel, he studied, mastered writing landing pages, then moved on to a more serious level of information technology. Printing design it became frankly boring, became less creative and more formulaic solutions, at the same time he grew in it.

But the relevant position in the company was not as constant volume tasks. The Manager suggested the employee go to start cooperation on the basis of freelancing — both in design and in the it sector. On the one hand, helped to save a man and the relationship with him, on the other hand, to optimize the collaboration. And the designer was and saving income, and greater freedom of choice of employment. The most important thing that must be done by the company is to understand.

It is not the employee, but in herself. Why. First, some workers limit begins where the other just one steps. Therefore, it is necessary initially to hire people who are interested in development, if it is necessary for the company.

Secondly, employees will never reach the limit, if regularly developed, give the new projects and tasks, thereby increasing their motivation to work and the benefits that they can give the company. “Dodo Pizza” system both horizontal and vertical development of employees. Any pizza-maker can grow to managing through the study of standards and regular refresher training.

Force development within the company, which erases the “limit” for an employee, I have to experience for yourself. In high school I took a job at McDonalds, hoping there to work not more than six months. In the end, I stayed there for five years. Why. It was really interesting to work.

I myself have not noticed, how became an instructor and then a Manager. Employees there were really developed in a variety of ways, ranging from training and finishing up the career ladder. Many of the employees of McDonalds and work there since the 90s, but its limit was not reached. Our experience shows that the limit of the employee — only a question of the optics, with which he looks at the work, tasks and goals.

Often the limit is associated with the development of the expert “blindness immersion” — when we repeat the same type of long-term, cyclical tasks, even fairly global, in combination with the information flow blunting the vigilance and attention. As a result, the employee is aware of the whole niche and the directions in which you can develop and where he can pull up his colleagues. To fight the “blindness immersion”, we practice for people under the threat of this phenomenon, “the silence mode”.

The technique is equally applicable for managers and CEOs, heads of directions, has neither age, nor hierarchical constraints. Within 1-2 days the employee is in a complete information vacuum, which we intentionally create him — he doesnt receive phone calls and invitations to meetings, e-mail works only on outbound, even the staff do not communicate with him, including on domestic issues. The employee knows in advance about the next “session”. His task this day to focus on their actions, to feel, to see them without information noise and to identify what is not yet covered areas of work, the incendiary new tasks and initiatives.

It is a kind of meditation in-house. After the day the employee formulates for himself in writing the card, which was born to him over the last 8 working hours. Independent perekidyvaem person to work in a different field, and inventing for it a new task, this effect is never achieved. The statistics of our use of techniques from 2013 shows that all employees passing through similar exercises every six months or a year, find new gaps in development, and the imaginary glass ceiling disappears.

In addition, the method stimulates well not only horizontal but and vertical career development in our company. So, one of our porters went to the office and successfully manages a team of logistics specialists. In addition, each employee conducts his personal development plan. We teach our employees to deliberately stretch yourself to the feeling of time and extend the planning horizon with typical weeks and months, to years and even decades. And set not only goals, but also their own KPIs, which can independently evaluate the dynamics of achievements.

This makes your work more conscious and allows you to get bogged down in routine, and in fact it often provokes feelings of reaching the limit. Reasons why man has reached the professional limit can be set. It is important to understand them and time to offer valuable employee assistance, that he survived the crisis and reached a new level. Several cases from personal practice. The story of the first.

2016, one of our project managers clearly lost interest in the subject, on which he worked. It became apparent that he had accumulated fatigue and frustration. To part with a valuable specialist the company is not planned, began to seek a way out of the situation. Decided that after the rotation, the project Manager submits the cases and with the approval of the company goes for six months on vacation.

A employee left LCA and compensation for mobile communication (colleagues sometimes worried on the subject of the project). Six months later, we met and discussed current projects. The company offered him a brand new direction — the position in the strategic headquarters and participation in projects of reorganization of the company. The employee agreed. The second story.

All the same 2016 prospective application architect leaders have high hopes and are betting in new business projects. However, the employee decides to change the professional trajectory. Its purpose — technological projects, research, finding bottlenecks. Business theme goes by the wayside within the company, the architect sees no challenges and interesting tasks.

To leave. No, instead we were offered to move to another format of cooperation. Launched technological projects needed by the development Department and the architect, but only partially download. As a result, the architect continues to work with the company on a part-time (day a week), and the rest of the time to tasks and projects in another company. The third story.

In 2012, the company has architect expert and technology visionary with a monstrous performance. It was hard to leave, but we had nothing to offer him in terms of projects, tasks and to work. Since then we continued to chat at work and colorback topics. In 2017, the company has had projects that he was caught. We are currently in negotiations to renew cooperation on a permanent basis.

It is important to understand that behind every such situation. Burnout and fatigue, change of professional interests is an objective reality, when the work does not meet expectations, or when an employee has reached his ceiling, but the ambition and desire to change something in their professional activities remained. Examples from my practice show that almost any insurmountable barriers and contradictions it is better to look from the point of view of prospective opportunities and future topics for continuing cooperation. Even after several years.

This situation calls for two different views. The first is the opinion of the head. Almost every day the boss finds out that a particular employee wants raise or promotion or participation in an interesting project. Of course, in the beginning of his career in the company, these workers dream employer. But after a certain period of time to retain and motivate them is getting harder.

A competent Manager must still when applying for a job explain to the candidate the path of its development and the difficulties he might face. The second point of view belongs to the internal contact for the company. In a HR Department in almost any company there is a system of grades, which can count on the staff and which contain information about his competence. If the employee is not aware of how things are in his particular case, he may initiate a meeting with HR to obtain relevant data.

It is possible to learn not only about the positive side of the situation, but to ask a direct question that is not obtained specifically from you. Conversation with the boss with the “position of strength” is unlikely to lead to constructive changes. Their aspirations the employee needs any motivation. No matter which way you consider the process, as long as it was transparent. Only in this case can be a simple and logical solution.

Universal recipe, how to act the leader in terms of occupational burnout subordinate, does not exist. For each case, and the specialist needs an individual approach. Optimally, if the employee himself is aware of the situation and comes up with her own proposals.

For example, asks you to trust him with a new project or proposing to expand their functionality to escape from daily routine. Or asked for a vacation — sometimes a break helps too to shake things up. In these cases, as a rule, I try to meet and pick up specialist for something interesting and inspiring – new project, task, professional literature, training courses. Sometimes it helps to increase. If the employee has “grown up” new positions, new administrative responsibilities to help return interest in the work.

Worse, if an employee “blows” in silence and lowers his hands, begins to shift the problem to the colleagues and boss. To fight it harder, but in the interests of employee and employer it can be corrected with the same methods. This situation happens quite often. Typically, the development at each position occurs in a system of two coordinates — potential and effectiveness. The employee in her current position reaches a level of maximum efficiency within their potential.

Really move any longer. What to do. Above the push — not pull, and here it is all done.. But there is a way, however, they depend on the personnel policy of the company. If it is that employee have nothing to offer, and a salary increase like that — the employee will leave.

Employee can be assigned the status of a mentor, coach, offer to train new staff — after all, he is a strong professional. You can extend its responsibility, the authority, provide additional area. Another option is to give him to lead an internal project or define a key role for example, the introduction of a new module in SRM system, document management systems. And not necessarily in their field, can be in the that require the skills of organization, interaction.

Often a company will announce an internal competition and offer a rotation of employees from one area to another (if it does not require specialized knowledge of it, Finance). For example, from sales or administrative departments is often extended footage — as in this region the important skills of communication and coordination that is always present at the administrative workers and sales. From any Department, you can go to customer service, logistics. Of lawyers you can get to purchasing, personnel.

Yes, the company spends time and money on training, employees need one year to achieve success in a new role, but its worth it — the loyalty and motivation of employees high. Also, the company in economic terms more profitable to promote, than to take people out of the market. A big mistake could be to promote strong professional specialist in the heads. Its a completely different set of competencies, so you can lose a specialist, and the head not to buy.

As a rule, the employee is ashamed to return to his former position, if the head of it did not work, and he leaves the company. Compromise may be the decision to offer the role of project Manager is to coordinate employees in the matrix easier, than to lead them. A number of successful employees, after reaching a certain level, are faced with the so-called crisis of purpose. It seems that career already can not be.

It plays a role and stress, and lack of motivation or balance between work and personal time, but most importantly — the inability to find or formulate new and exciting goals. Maybe the employee is so competent that reaches even the most difficult goals too quickly – it can also lead to frustration at work. People just do not know where to go.

It also happens that the employee has the “not its” purpose – that is, spending internal resources to achieve some results that will result in the frustration at work, frustration and fatigue. In this case, the best way is to take a small break and to revise goals and objectives. Almost all professionals sooner or later reach his career ceiling. Therefore, companies must be a potential for the development of employees. For example, the ability to lead the branch office in other city or the development of related professions within the company.

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