What Tools Can Be Used When The Application Output On The Foreign Market

The head of Department on work with key clients “Google Russia” Maxim Braverman and CEO of Pixonic Philipp Gladkov said vc.ru what tools you can use when entering foreign market, how to analyze other countries and why we should start testing. Pro tools for application developers who are planning to enter foreign markets. Making decision about entering foreign markets, developers are faced with several important questions. First, how to localize the application, make it available and understandable for foreign users.

Second, how to advance in foreign markets. How to use the channels and tools. How to evaluate the results of advertising campaigns?. The answer to the first question is very simple. Today there are several online tools that allow you to localize your application.

For example, via the Play Developer Console, developers can request as translation the application page on Google Play, and the translation of the text of the application, which will be carried out by professionals. So, a few years ago, the team of one of the most popular social apps decided to translate it into 11 additional languages with this tool. The results exceeded all expectations. The number of installations has increased tenfold, with almost half of them were new languages. In addition, through the Google Play Console, you can run A/B tests to find the optimal descriptions and the graphic design of the application pages.

The tool will help to do the localization for each country, to run alpha and beta testing, to monitor errors and so on. And then with a Universal App Campaigns (UAC) — where the advertisement is configured in two minutes — can quickly test the response of the audience in the right region, both on Android and iOS. Also about six months ago got a new product for developers of mobile apps — Firebase. In addition to General intelligence it allows you to change the appearance and behavior of the application without updating the store, gives you the opportunity to send push notifications taking into account the time zone of the user. It is very convenient if you work around the world.

When some three hours of the day and others late at night. Which tools for market research can be recommended. I am sure that everyone knows about the popular tool AppAnnie, allowing to obtain analytical data for a variety of applications. Also worth mentioning Google Trends based on Google search, it shows how often a particular term are looking for relative to the total search volume in different regions of the world. With its help you can determine where interest in your business idea or brand is strongest, in which countries it grows, and in which, on the contrary, decreases.

For market research are also suitable online surveys, for example, Google Consumer Surveys. They allow you to easily and quickly find consumer opinion. Answering questions from mobile devices, users get access to the content of the website. After the system collects these data so companies can make better-informed business decisions and to create the optimal marketing strategy for entering new market. A study on market presence will allow brands to keep their finger on the pulse and monitor how successfully they are developing.

Interesting examples of what we found out when using these tools. To promote the game worldwide, you need to work with advertising in different countries — from Argentina to Japan. Just need to know the specifics of the internal dynamics of this market. Working with various clients, we often use data about user behavior and seasonality different regions. How the population interacts with mobile phones and computers, how people “consume” information, when there of sales in the holidays, it is customary to give gifts.

It is predicted that by 2021, the number of Internet users will increase to six billion. It is noteworthy that most of them will go online using mobile devices. When communicating with the developer of the navigation app Hudway we found out that, contrary to common stereotypes, in China, half looking for navigation devices for cars — women. It certainly helped to formulate the correct strategy of promotion in the Chinese market. From which markets should start testing.

The entry into a new market requires serious preparation and informed decisions. To minimize risk we often recommend you to select test country. A good option here can be the market, the specifics of which you already know. Another option is to start the test in the country, close to the characteristics of your target market, but less competitive. For example, before entering the United States market can be a test run in Canada or Australia, in order to identify weaknesses and take appropriate action.

The Russian market is similar to other developing countries — such as Turkey or Brazil. To test the created localisation can be approached Firebase. Built-in module Test Lab allows you to test your app on different devices and see how it works, to see whether critical errors, how to look at texts and localized images. To study the reaction of the first customers and their experience with the product — that is to make soft-launch — you can use the Google Play Console. This will hold the alpha and beta tests, track problems and so on.

It is important to analyze the key parameters for the application: All this in the context of the individual acquisition channels (organic, paid) and user segments. This can be done using Firebase. What are the features of monetization you need to consider in different countries. To date, the traditional model of monetization can be considered freemium.

It should be noted that the markets are significantly different. What works in one country may not work in another. For example, most of the developed markets (America, Europe) is dominated by the freemium and subscription model. While Chinese users are inclined to strategy pay-to-win. They are willing to actively pay for the receipt of special status among other players.

In less-developed markets, but with high growth potential (next billion markets), users are not willing to pay for content, but they actively consume it. Then you need some localization. For example, you can use various free model with advertising monetization. Text ads, banners, video, cost per action, and the like. As companies to understand that she should try to enter foreign markets.

Under output, I mean not the fact that your game became available abroad, and active promotion of permanent investment in advertising. You can try to withdraw it abroad in the case if such basic metrics like Retention 1-7-14, NPU 1-7-14 equal to or higher than the market average. These metrics are easy to find in a variety of analytical reports or they can request from publishers. The second prerequisite is the availability of analytical tool, with which you can clearly know the return on the advertising of your product or not. You can try to go abroad and with slightly less metrics that are already in the process “alive” to do a game update to improve them.

But remember that for the measurement of the metrics required representative sample size of about a thousand plants. With installation cost $1-2 (depending on the genre can be more expensive), every such attempt will result in a decent amount. What Google tools we use. Google AdWords accounts for slightly more than one third of all advertising budget War Robots. In daily work we use a standard set.

Corporate Gmail, Calendar, Docs and on the website of the company and the game installed Google Analytics. Working with a community partially built through YouTube and YouTube Gaming. A month for their channels, our players are uploading thousands of videos. Among all the tools has had the greatest influence AdWords, which in principle is obviously. In the current ecosystem that is promotional tools play an important role for the growth of almost any product.

From which markets should start testing. This is a very deep topic, but if you do not go into the details, the test is whether important for your product market. Prior to that, I recommend to watch the latest analytical reports on which countries the most money. If advertising will pay off — excellent. If not, you need to be able to distinguish when you buy “bad traffic”, and when “does not pull” your game.

In the first case, it is sufficient to search for new traffic, targeting, or optimization. Generally prepare for the fact that positive results is not always possible to achieve with the first or second week. If you have “sags” game — over check basic metrics and modify them if necessary. Interesting examples of what we found out. It was unusual that in Google Adwords there is a sufficiently long build-up campaigns, if compared with the same Facebook or various advertising networks like Adcolony.

This campaign should start much in advance in order to reach planned volumes. Optimization-based events within the application (the attainment of the third level — Prim. Ed.) works even better than the standard optimization setting. Worth a try if you have access to the beta of this functionality. Which markets we went with Google which services are used, what challenges and what results have you got.

Google tools we used when we launched War Robots in new markets. Before you go out in new regions, we have seen that the metrics of the game meet local requirements. In addition, we carefully studied the manual in the Google Play picering and did everything possible to get it — in fact, we used them more than once. First we start on Android in the CIS, testing War Robots and gaining player base. At the start of advertising was a small investment of $10 thousand.

But for us it was an atypical case, as with our model of monetization of the traffic of this region is not particularly struggled. After testing the product, we began to “pump” other countries to run ads in Google AdWords and Facebook. We initially set a goal — to find the traffic that will successfully fight back in the United States. We took a few weeks. As soon as the advertising campaign began daily to bring results, we proceeded to scale it.

This was achieved thanks to the increase in rates, the addition of new countries and sites and so on. Of course, some companies immediately allocate large budgets for advertising in several countries with high CPI. However, it was important for us to have a “solid ground” under the feet — a stable paid advertising campaign in one country. We were able to model ROI, LTV, player behavior and other metrics. And then began to move to new markets and platforms.

In addition, before the release in Google Play we were aiming for the South Korean market, as it is quite large, and its users love midcore and hardcore projects. Now in Google Play South Korea is our third largest market.

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