What Updates Appear In Windows Update 10 Creators

Night mode, 3D Paint, improved game performance and more. Microsoft has officially announced the release date of the next major Windows update, called Creators Update — it will be circulated among users 11 APR 2017. Edition vc.ru put together a list of the major innovations that will appear in the updated system.

Image editor, Paint will be able to create and edit 3D objects. Users will also be able to import the objects published in the community Remix3D, and post them on the “sticker” labels and images. Created in 3D Paint compositions can be exported for printing on 3D printers.

A special mode for games gives them priority in the use of resources, CPU and GPU, which allows to increase the frame rate. To activate the mode in a special section, system setup, also it can be run through the “Game pad”, which is invoked by the key combination Win+G. In addition, the panel has the ability to start the live broadcast of the game through the service Beam, which is on the Xbox One. The Microsoft Edge has a “pending” tab.

Some pages can be “postponed” to the sidebar, and then restore them to resume. In addition, Microsoft Edge can support stream videos from Netflix in 4K resolution and will also have the opportunity to show ebooks in the ePub format. Mode night shift reduces the amount of blue color emitted from the screen. In Microsoft believe that this will better prepare the brain for sleep.

The user can enable night mode, set a timer for him or scheduled to run at the time of sunset. The user can place a video in a small window, which will be on top of other processes — for example, this allows you to watch the show during other activities. At launch this feature is only available in the standard application “Photo & video” Windows 10.

Creators Windows 10 Update will be available to the Dynamic mode Lock to automatically lock access to your computer as soon as the user moves away from him. Order will need to connect your smartphone or tablet with computer via Bluetooth — after that system access will be blocked immediately after the paired device leaves the communication range. At the time of this writing in the Russian version of Windows 10 Creators Update this function could not be found. Creators Update adds support for Windows 10 devices Windows augmented reality Mixed Reality, which will be produced by Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo and other companies.

In early March, 2017 Microsoft has announced a distribution of test devices from Acer developers. Despite the fact that the official Update release Creators to be held on April 11, Microsoft has published a version of the OS for testers with a number 15063 — according to sources The Verge, it will be distributed at the time of the issue of global updates.

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