Where Is Better To Live In An Apartment Or A Country House

Opinions and personal experience of entrepreneurs. A couple of years after the wedding, the question arose. House or apartment. And in the fall of 2017 it will be exactly seven years since we started to live 15 km from MKAD.

We have a townhouse with an area of about 300 square meters, six acres of land with gardens and sociable neighbors with young children. Pros own home. Fresh air (and the breakfasts on the veranda), the ability to quickly switch (with the computer on its own flower garden), the yard where the children play, no solid fences. And in terms of choosing a home in a good area, and convenient infrastructure (kindergartens, schools, sections, sports club).

Road to the ring road usually takes about 15 minutes. Then — the usual Moscow traffic jams. Week I expect so. Some days are home (I work at a computer, on the phone). A couple of days in Moscow (to appoint a few meetings in a row in the town).

The days of shopping are on the planned route, and the parsing of the wardrobe I do have the client at home. The problems with movements taking into account the developed habits and free graphics especially is not felt. Cons own home. Dependence on a stable income “above average”.

Utilities and common costs of maintaining a home is higher than for an apartment. Grounds maintenance, upkeep of the site and other expenses fluctuate on the average from 15 to 30 thousand per month. Separately gardening, snow removal and maintaining the house in good condition. Above and expenditure on social infrastructure.

Nice garden on the average cost of 60 thousand rubles a month, the school — from 120 thousand rubles per month, sports club — 100 thousand rubles a year, the sports section for the child — about 30 thousand rubles a month. Children in local schools tend to talk about “cool cars” and the latest model phones. The main disadvantage of living in their own house, and time for travel to Moscow. Any unscheduled meeting in the busiest hours can be stuck in traffic.

While you are young and keen to work, it is better to live in a city apartment than in a country house. Most importantly, so you can easily access to housing and places of work. To the office I drive for half an hour. All I need locations approximately equidistant, if you go from center. It is very comfortable, especially when the whole calendar is filled with meetings.

If you live in Moscow, you can do without a personal car, using taxis, car sharing and public transport. In the case of a private house of one more child. No car inconvenient and expensive spending. My parents live in a house in the city and happy with this life. They appreciate the calm, the opportunity to spend more time outdoors, landscaping the grounds around the house.

Maybe with age and my views will change, but for now I feel like a Metropolitan resident. The house is a self — contained living organism, which is often something breaks. The gas that something is wrong, then heating, then the gates began to open. In the winter you need to clean the snow and in summer to mow the lawn. The main costs are expressed not primarily in money, but in personal time.

I live in an apartment in a gated housing complex, and I like it. One summer when we went to repair, my husband and I rented a house in Aprelevka (Moscow region). We were tired to drive as I spend on the road at least three hours a day. Had to solve a lot of problems, which the resident of the apartment even to think.

Heating, pool cleaning, poison for mice, and so on. I realized that emotionally not ready for such changes. Besides, Im only 37 years old. Basic time is work. My friends and family also love to travel out of the cold.

If you spend less than two to three months of the year, it makes sense to buy it there. Great to have a cottage. Many Russians rent for the summer apartment in Spain with barbecue and pool. It would be good if Russia also had such houses or apartments. I live in Rostov-on-don.

Definitely, my choice — home. Im so spent my childhood. Students, many lived in rented apartments. Cant stand these “boxes”. Have been living with the neighbors (for the introvert it is a real test).

Loud music, fear of being flooded by those on top, or drown those who live on the floor below. The only advantage of the apartment price and availability as the purchase and maintenance of. In Rostov-on-don two-bedroom apartments cost between 2-2. 5 million rubles, the house of the same area from 4 million rubles. The cost of housing maintenance for the home owner is much higher.

The fact that the residents of the apartment makes the management company — takes out garbage, cleans the yard, clean the snow, repair the fence, cut trees and more — the owner of the house takes over. But the comfort is worth it. Live in a private house, as he was born and raised not in the apartment. I want freedom and privacy. The house has a small negative from the point of view of the entrepreneur.

To it grow. To sell the house harder than an apartment. And, accordingly, if the business will require relocation or as a whole want to change a field, region, country will be more trouble. I would house not bought, but rented. But in my area houses that would suit me for the price, location and layout, not for rent.

Purchasing house and living in it for some time, I began to realize that dreams about him and the reality are two different things. When I bought a house, I thought that I would be every evening sitting around the campfire, walk to the river. But everything turned out differently. The house is a constant work to maintain order and cleanliness in the building and on the site. You can solve the problem yourself or hire workers.

The first option destroys dreams, the second increases the maintenance costs. My house I bought at the Tuesday market. Chose the area in which he was born, near parents. To bring the building to a state of which I dream, according to preliminary calculations it is necessary to spend the same amount, how much was the house when buying. My husband family business.

Wholesale and retail trade of the Vologda products in Saint-Petersburg. When we opened the case, lived in St. Petersburg apartment. In 2016 in connection with the business left to Vologda. First rented an apartment, and then bought a small house in 15 km from the city, which is now live. Everything in the house for 100% satisfied.

Clean air, silence, sauna, 10 acres of land, a place for barbecue and Playground. From infrastructure only shop, but there are good transport links. To the city 20 minutes by car or 40 minutes by bus. The price of the house corresponds to the cost of one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartments.

The content of 50 square meters on two for the money cost as well as housing and utilities. Through the year we plan to return to St. Petersburg (again for business), and again we will live in the apartment. To find a house, you need to settle at least 15 km from the city — otherwise the housing will be too expensive. The best option for this city.

To have an apartment in St. Petersburg and a house in the Leningrad region. Distance is a significant limiter. Once again not to go to the theatre not to see a doctor, do not enrol in courses or trainings. And if your car is broken, to get home is the real problem. For 32 years I had to live in different parts of Moscow.

But then suddenly, relatives and friends moved to live in Moscow (Chernogolovka). It is a cozy academic village, which was specially built away from large suburban cities. In Chernogolovka has everything you need for life. The children here can walk themselves to school (Muscovites cannot afford such a luxury). The first few years I lived in an apartment.

In 2017 moved into the house. It has more space. It is possible to sunbathe on the lawn or fry meat on the grill for dinner. Our house is located near the forest.

Two hundred meters away — picturesque lake. Not to spend a lot of time on the way to work, I moved my office from downtown Moscow to Chernogolovka. This isnt an easy decision, but in the end I got few free hours a day that I can spend with the family outdoors. In my opinion, buying a house makes no sense. First, the cost is much cheaper to rent (we pay only 60 thousand rubles per month, including all utility costs).

Secondly, its easier to move to another dwelling if do not like something. Ive lived in different areas of St. Petersburg including the centre. In the end, we came to the consensus between the apartment in the city and country house. Bought a two-story house in the city.

Now there are proposals on the market quite a lot, especially in the Northern part of St. Petersburg. To own a home conveniently. You are your own boss and you are in their territory. You are solely responsible for the condition of your home and should not wait when someone will do something for you. If necessary, theres always something to finish.

The apartment is such freedom does not give. There are noisy neighbors, high rent, lack of communications and other cons. Thus the cost of a house will cost no more than four apartments. And facilities will provide much more. Choosing the area I wanted it green and the most convenient in terms of transport.

In the center of the trees are practically absent, and in the summer I go to office by Bicycle. In our area, very quiet neighbors. Even if someone celebrates the holidays, they are barely audible. The quality of the roads is excellent as the house is located in the city.

There is no question about the inconvenience of travel. No car can be reached by public transport. I have no home, but I have lived. Tried different options. Private house in the city centre, apartments in the suburbs and the center, apartment in the Khrushchev in the attic.

Came to the conclusion that it would be more comfortable to live in a private home. Now I rent a house with an area of almost 80 square meters. No one runs on the head and under the feet (in the attic was good, but the pigeons were stomping around like elephants), and most importantly, opened the door and youre on the street. In addition, I have three children. Fresh air and free space is very important for them.

Near our house there is another small. It is a temporary office of my company. So everything is at hand. Eventually I plan to buy their own homes. But first you need to determine the country of.

I had always wanted to own a house. But while with all to live in the country consider inappropriate. Two main reasons. Infrastructure and personal meetings.

Of course, I dont have constantly present in their own stores. But sometimes you need to quickly go to one of them. And to make it, living in the suburbs, very problematic. Moreover, in the next year we plan to open new points. So, now you have to actively choose units.

Office, banks are within one hour distance from our apartment. Also nearby are kindergarten and clubs that children attend. In 2018, the eldest daughter goes to school. We wish the school was high quality, and not just any kind of. Other major limiting factors is the availability of outpatient clinics, urgent medical care.

Perhaps the issues with infrastructure can be solved, buying a house in steep cottage. But it absolutely other money. And the cost of houses, and maintenance, and annual fees, and taxes. Therefore, while we remain in town and looking for a cottage for departures on weekends and on summer vacation. The days when business was tied to a specific place, ended.

The last four years I live in Kazan (men professionally engaged in hockey, and he has a contract with the local club), and my business partner in Moscow. We have an office, but due to the specifics of the PR business all work is carried out mainly online. On remote media, email and instant messengers. Someday we will return to Moscow. There we have a spacious one bedroom apartment in new building in the North-West of Moscow suburbs.

Good location, developed infrastructure, friendly neighbors. We have no cottages or land on which it could build. The market price of our apartment — about 10 million rubles. For this money you could buy a nice house ready or at least a section in a townhouse.

However, to get involved in your own construction, have neither the desire nor the strength nor the time. Maintaining a home requires considerable physical and financial costs. And still a number of issues. Who will take their children to kindergarten, school and clubs, how far away are the shops, are there any friends in the neighborhood, and so on. To live in your house is a dream.

If still it remains.

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