Where To Create A Chat Bot Without Programming Skills: A Review Of The Five Platforms


The use of intelligent assistants is important in various fields of business where there is a need for workflow automation. Bots can unload service support, identifying common issues and offering tips (in other words — the section “frequently asked questions” in real time). Consider another example — you the business owner to deliver food, chat, the bot may take over the function of a waiter for the reception (in the chat) and order confirmation (via phone). In fact, examples abound, the bot can provide relevant information on the status of the parcel (order), to advise on products, to book tickets and to search for information and pictures on the Internet. Bots the ability to solve problems and to aggregate information about customer interactions, thereby “learning”.

This simplifies the subsequent iterations, for example when you call the client can tell the bot something like. “like last time” (when ordering food in a restaurant), the bot will raise information about the previous order and send it for processing — fantasy. No, this is the real case in coffee shops and restaurants in the US. In the near future it will allow to reduce personnel costs — sounds scary isnt it.

Create your own chat bot with the desired functionality requires serious programming skills, or equivalent financial cost. Meanwhile, there are many platforms which allow to design the logic to “collect” your chat bot without any knowledge of coding. Some designers of bots there are convenient and necessary tools like. NLP (Natural language processing — the recognition of natural language queries) and AI (artificial Intelligence — artificial intelligence). Designers can easily integrate into the platform.

Facebook, Telegram. Slack, etc. Or work with a private interface that you can embed on a website or in a CRM system. Content review:

Flow XO. Type: Supported platforms: XO flow is a powerful cross — platform solution for creating bots without programming skills.

Intuitive editor interface allows you within minutes to set the logic of the future bot. The key advantages can be added a huge number of built-in integrations (more than 90) with various external services. The platform offers several tariff plans (free is not required), cost from $19/month. Rates include a limited number of iterations (interaction with bots).

Possible customization of the plan with the addition of new bots and the number of interactions. Recast AI. Type:

Supported platforms: Recast.ai platform based on self-recognition technologies natural language (Natural language processing), according to the developers – the platform can easily recognize the introductory user requests, highlighting the key phrases: The service has excellent multiplatform. Facebook messenger, Slack, KIK, Weechat.

Bots can be integrated into the web interface and handle incoming mail. A convenient interface allows you to create your bot for 8 min. (information from the official manual). The platform offers a wide range of development tools (SDK) for Python, NodeJS, PHP, Android, as well as the functional API. It is worth noting a large community of experienced developers who are happy to tell me the solution for beginners.

Pricing — free rate for developers, including an unlimited number of bots (which are necessarily laid out in public) and 3 of the basic plan to create private helpers. Tariffs also restrict circulation, it is also possible location of the bot outside of the area where it (in this case, there is a guarantee SLA). Manychat.

Type: Supported platforms: Manychat is not cross-platform solution. The service allows you to create chat-bots on the Facebook platform, while connecting them to corporate pages. Now customers can get the answers to the issues dealing with electronic assistant in the public chat.

It should also be noted that the platform does not require knowledge of code and are absolutely free. The logic of the Bot is designed user-friendly interface in a few minutes. Basing the environment on Facebook by easy interaction with the Corp. Pages involves setting mailings and notifications to users at a specified time. In short, Manny the chat is really a convenient solution for chat bot platform Facebook.

ChatFuel. Type: Supported platforms:

ChatFuel one of the first public online service for creating chat bots. At the time of writing the review supports multiple platforms — Facebook and Telegram, soon the developers promise to add — Viber, slack,, KiK and WhatsApp. The site offers a convenient and simple interface for designing and running the bot in a product. With the words of the developers built-in tool natural language (NLP) to understand a wide range of requests, and is able to situationally respond to them (passing the parsed keyword query processing the user-defined algorithm). To interact with customers ChatFuel already uses a few well-known brands — National Geographic, TechCrunch, UBER.

The service offers a free package (up to 100 000 requests), which is significantly superior to competitors offers (on average 2 times greater number of iterations for a free rate). In our opinion, now CADFAEL — valid optimal solution as the minimum — ratio functionality/price. Api.ai.

Type: Supported platforms: Api.ai — not exactly a platform for creating chat bots is an American startup, founded in 2010 by immigrants from Russia — Ilya Gelfenbeyn, Pavel Serotinum and Artem Goncharuk. In the beginning the team was engaged in development of voice application management interface (similar to Siri). 19 September 2016, the platform was acquired by Google.

According to the Vice President for development Scott Huffman, the acquisition of Api.ai is one of the planned investments in the technology of machine learning. To date, the capabilities of the API.AI is widely used by services to create chat-bots as external NLP-tools. For correct processing of incoming requests, the bot needs to convert the introductory text to clear the language for themselves — highlighting the key team. This is what happens “under the hood” of the service.

The “parsed” query is returned to the bot via an external programming interface, which then responds to key words, dates and actions on the basis of a predetermined logic. Logic, in turn, is configured in the service interfaces for creating chat bots.

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