Where To Look For Students Who Want To Win The Book, Not The IPhone

The head of marketing in the project “Foxford” Evgeny Lebedev about the peculiarities of promotion of educational services. Since 2010, “Foxford” conducts systematic work to find students who, in 13 years, imagine what they need to do to build a successful career.

Usually, the performance is pretty standard — to successfully pass school examinations, to enter a famous University to find a prestigious employer. “Pass the exams” in this formula means the result of 80 points on the exam. To understand this result in core math, for example, receive only 3% of all taking the exam.

Why we build marketing that is for motivated children. We have a product — we give a three-hour webinars once a week. The only way to convey a really deep knowledge on the subject. And such a product is suitable for smart students.

The word “smart” is not quite accurately reflects the portrait of these children, it is possible to add such features. Motivated, goal-oriented, diligent, proactive. If the student does not have them, then the parent will face a tremendous effort to get him to learn.

Generation Z are digital natives. All modern technology is completely natural, and it is difficult to imagine life without them. That is why the main channel of communication with such children — online. The task is simple — to understand where they live and how to communicate with them.

Look at the individual channels to find and communicate with children. When it comes to children, the first thing come to mind social network. All of our children sit in “Vkontakte”. But the tape was breaking from the abundance of content.

So you need to make an extra effort or additional budgets to convey your message to subscribers. We prefer to use the first option and regularly experimenting with content, mechanics activations and targetingami. Experimentally we were able to establish that the audience of smart students prefer a variety of contests and competitions.

The opportunity to demonstrate their abilities is often even more important than the prize. Several prize iPhone and iPad winners we never took. Some of the competitive mechanics are so successful that surprise even their authors. We launched #oxfordleave in the hope that it will be attended by 200-300 loyal disciples, because the conditions are difficult.

For 30 days daily exercise and record any activity associated with learning. Well, even if 300 people will participate, how many of them reach the end of three, well, maybe ten. It was a bit different. We have collected 1400 interested, 900 participants and 450 have reached the end.

And not for the prize. After all, we played our books and courses, not phones or game consoles. The motivation here is to Express yourself, to show your knowledge and tenacity. These are values that exhibit intelligent children.

Another way to engage the audience in dialogue and make them activity — simple childrens games. Crosswords, word game, battleship. All of these mechanics are more interesting than “make a repost, get the prize!”. Is the digitization of the environment which we have been in the courts and modern children there are offline and online.

Smart students are active students. We they began to form community with their own content. Memes, funny moments of the courses. Sometimes we are on hand when you need to quickly respond to emerging infopovod.

Traditional performance channels, and frankly my dear. What context is that the targeted advertising that Medica. To reduce the cost of attracting audience, we actively use mechanics special digital content projects. Special projects reduce the cost of bringing the student up to ten times.

His next special project, we include the international online contest “Foxford”. For two years it was attended by more than 500 thousand students from 17 thousand schools in 39 countries.

Students may not know that the “Foxford” there are courses, but about the Olympics they are required to know. We came in the partner school to visit with a story about the modern learning formats and asked: “Children, have you heard about the “Foxford”?”.

€? “Yeah,” the 8 hands out of 10. €? “Do you know what the “Foxford”?”. €? “Well, of course, the Olympics does,” — told us the children.

€? “A course?”. €? “What courses?” they ask.

A small digression. Mechanics with content special projects work for any audience. The project with the daily newsletter about the education and development of children allows to gather around our community of active parents. A fun test for the level of panic before the exam is suitable to audiences of all students.

To YouTube a huge number of children. But not those. Making culture popular bloggers with over a million people, we got 5 million views and 75 thousand transitions, 6 thousand registrations and seven sales. And Yes, we did everything right. Introduced native advertising, given free access, was carried out sowing on 15 bloggers.

Except one, then we dont know who our target audience. So if you are cosmetic or fan a brand, a way to popular bloggers you ordered. But the smart children also watch YouTube. So you can start accumulating them around.

We have created one of the most popular “highbrow” channel in Russian YouTube. Almost 120 thousand subscribers and over 10 million views of our videos. Yes, to Iwanga like to heaven, but we do not need. To search for clever kids is to focus on channels popularizers of science and education.

For example, Kurzgesagt or CrashCourse. Separately want to affect a communication channel, like email. Hes horrible in working with children. They barely read the mail.

At best we get a 10-15% open rate. And its all targeted children who registered and not the spam address database. Therefore, traditionally, the effective channel is gradually giving way to other formats of communication. Generally the most popular messenger in Russia — “Vkontakte”.

This information can be used in different ways. Spam accounts for sending messages, subscribing to the community with the ability to send messages in a personal managers who will communicate with the audience (50 messages per day), bots that will communicate with the audience. What about the other messengers. WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram.

The answer is — nothing. While previously, they actively use. There is only 5-10% of our audience. You can check yourself. Take a database of contacts (well, at least 300-500 phone numbers), add to your account and view who they already have in the messenger.

Generation Z is really born with his finger on the button. Social network for them — the main source of information and primary means of communication; YouTube — new TV; various games and projects — a new form of digital entertainment. It is necessary to understand and adopt for effective communication with children.

As for the smart kids, they are just children who already know what they want to achieve, and it affects all interaction with them. To communicate effectively with honors: The most popular messenger for chatting with children — “Vkontakte”. Communicate with them there.

Mail children do not read. Build the project to this audience. Immediately make integration with instant messengers. Send your speakers and case studies about advertising and marketing on [email protected]

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