Who Need The Blockchain, Where To Find Them And How Much To Pay Professionals

In 2018 the largest international banks are going to run your own blockchain currency is used for optimization of calculations with each other. By itself, the technology of the blockchain is becoming more popular among large organizations in the field of Sharapov. PR consultant Maria Lapuk learned where to search for experts for blockchain projects, what you need to find and what the average salary in this field. In the 16th century English society had a strong social cataclysm. Thousands of peasants were driven from their land and lost their habitual way of life because of the development of the technology of production of cloth.

Peasant land was turned into sheep pastures due to the growth of demand for raw materials for fabric. “The sheep began to devour people,” – wrote about this Thomas Moore. The peasants who lost their land, went to town to get a factory, working just for the food. Not to work was impossible, very soon laws were passed, according to which able-bodied, but disabled severely punished.

Thus, the technology of production of the cloth, launched a pretty terrible price, opened new jobs and created a working class. Something similar is happening now with the technology of the blockchain. Only under the threat of job loss now are white-collar workers from the financial sector. Futurists for years have predicted the death of workers from-for total robotization of all aspects of the daily life of the society.

However, while in many spheres robots are still far from being able to properly perform the work, and blockchain have become a real threat for bankers, notaries and registrars. Major international banks for several years engaged in the research and implementation of its activities in technologies of construction of the block chain transaction. According to the world economic forum, the total investment in this area amounted to $1.4 billion over the past three years. A year ago, Mizuho Financial Group, the largest financial holding company in Japan, announced the beginning of a project that uses Microsoft Azure and provides services as a service blockchain (the Blockchain-as-a-Service). The holding applies it to the processing of syndicated loans, the company.

In August 2016 the four major international Bank, UBS, Deutsche Bank, Santander and Bank of New York Mellon announced the creation of a new digital currency based on blockchain technology. Banks will pay each other these conventional units, not to wait for the completion of the transfer of traditional money. The cryptocurrency got the name of the utility settlement coin. Its commercial use will begin in 2018.

Like any new technology, the blockchain has created a new specialty. According to the head of the New company.HR Kira Kuzmenko, we can talk about at least three specific occupations, thanks to the blockchain: Speaking about programming languages, it should be noted that C/C++ is important for blockchain developers is because most of the projects written in it. A smaller part of the blockchain projects written in Java, although theoretically, as the programmers, to build a chain of blocks of transactions can be in any language.

Chances to find a job in the blockchain-the project a lot more developers who write in the native language without using frameworks. And, of course, nowhere without mathematics and knowledge of algorithms is a necessary base. About the value of practical development experience in Java, Golang, C, C++, C# and other programming languages also says Maxim Avdeev, hief Business Development Officer of the Fund Life.SREDA.

“The blockchain is a combination of familiar, long-established technologies (e.g., hashing). Just collected together, they give new properties, opening up great prospects for the products in the blockchain. In this regard, it may be useful to experience with distributed databases in General, knowledge in the field of modern cryptography, especially asymmetric, hashing and encryption,” he says. “It is interesting to observe how actively growing field of the blockchain is gradually changing the list of skills in demand in the labour market.

For example, previously applied cryptography did not use such popularity, and now many experts tend to fill in the knowledge gaps”, — shares her impressions Anna Mintz, HR head of the company Bitfury, specializing in blockchain technology — “in the top Western Universities has already appeared training on the blockchain, and the number of foreign recruiters focused their efforts on finding experts in this area. All these changes indicate that demand dictates supply”. According to her, the search for candidates in this industry does not differ from already known methods. Meetups, hackathons, professional communities, social networks, search of young talents among students and Olympiad “in mind”, the hunt for well-known experts and enthusiasts of the sector.

Say the same about it and other. Linkedin, conferences, specialised group. As an example, a good hunting Anna cites the case of the new York company R3, which was able to attract one of the first supporters of bitcoin, a former Bitcoin Core developer Mike Guerin. “In the Russian market there are the small independent teams that make smart contracts and cryptocurrencies create custom.

And small teams who sit and do the same thing, but in the “Alfa-Bank”, “Tinkoff Bank”, “Sberbank” and the Bank “Opening”. Only in Russia is now about 50 professionals” — sums up Kira Kuzmenko from New.HR — “if you right now need professionals, then try to outbid the team, but to motivate you need an interesting challenge. Outbid if you fail, you learn. Take cool programmers for junior position. Believe me, theyll come with pleasure if I get the chance to get a real experience”.

In her estimation, the average programmer is now receiving per hour $15-20, and a programmer with good experience in the blockchain – $60-100. But in order to get it you need to be prepared to offer good money and do interesting task. A few other figures Anna Mintz. Rust experienced developer in Russia receives about $4,000, and the youngest is less than $1 000.

Eugene Dworsky, head JungleJobs says about the following price range plug. The average salary of a developer in Russia is $2500-3500 in the US $10 000-12 000 in Europe – 8 000-10 000 Euro and Asia — $4 000-6 000. Now we fully understand why Russia has become a country of it outsourcing. About interesting problems and tells Anna Mintz.

We had a case where a developer who was making very good money even by the standards of California, moved into our European office on a salary of $3 000, citing the fact that he is interested. Very unclear, but very interesting, is, perhaps, most importantly, that say hunter on the blockchain. Lets see what will happen next.

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